Other Adventures!

Well, a good deal of us in blogland hosted a little millenniem bug, who squirmed his way into our hearts, homes and left us wondering how to exist after he left!
Milo, dear bug, this is for you!

Milo's adventures at my house are preserved here, on his own little blog. Go read, be his *friend*.
What a bug......

And then Ces set to work with her pen again, in support of a friend struggling with breast cancer and the loss of hair that is part of the fix.
Thus, we all shed out locks and became

We're Beautiful Bald Babies!
And darned proud of it too! 

This was the last year for OWOH, hosted by Lisa at  A Whimsical Bohemian and it was a tour-de-force of fun people, fun blogs, a scramble about in general but lots of blog-lve shown out there! I had a grand time and hope that everyone who visited did too!