About The Blog-Mistress


I am a mixed media/fiber artist fighting ovarian cancer like a madwoman and living in the hinterlands of Northern Indiana. For a goodly while, my real money came from making liturgical hangings for churches; designs based on the styles of the churches and always finding a way to work within their budgets. It was GREAT. Satisfying, pushing my limits of creativity and invention, a feeling of spiritual warmth seeing the pieces in situ.
All this came to a screeching halt in November of 2011 when I got my OVCA dx. Since then, I seem to have specialized in working in various creative forms of chemotherapy!
 I have a long history of traditional art media, then switched to fiber as my main source of artistic expression. Somewhere along the line, bits and pieces of mixed media began popping up. I knew then that that would be the end of regular fiber art....I'd become hooked on mixed media and the possibilities the medium presents!
I also did a lot of photography, for my own enjoyment, and my frantic, mad sock knitting experiments find a home here too.....yep, it's a hodge-podge, but it's MY hodge-podge and for the most part, I have a good time with it, and hope you will too!
While posts are less frequent now, normally I manage one good Blogger Rant per Quarter, or more often if necessary. I say what you think. YES~~that too!
Cancer may have changed my life, but it has not changed my spirit. 
So *f* you, Mon. Cancer. I don't have time for your hooey.
I have things to do, say and create.

I swore I'd never start a blog, but at my husband's suggestion, here it is!


Anne M. Huskey-Lockard

Artist, Knitter, Photographer Wanna-be, Goddess of Gel Mediums, Kick-Ass Cancer Fighter
 and all around Ne-er-Do-Well At Large