I have been fortunate to receive an assortment of blog awards; this is their home. I thank every person who felt  El Milagro was worthy of recognition.
I am sure in my absent mindedness, I have managed to miss a few, or get something wrong, but it's still nice to know readers enjoy this enough to send an award my way....

Thank you Tristan for getting the ball rolling!

Gracias Georgina!!!

Thank You Marianne!

Graciously Presented By Emily Rabbit;
Thank You Emily!
(and KJ for bailing you out....)

Thank You Sweet Silke!!!

Thanks Tammy!

Thank You Susie!

Thanks Ever So, Marilyn!!!

Special Thanks To Vicki & Susie!

And Again Susie, Grazie!

Thank You Leslie!

And Thank You Jan,
Who Has Brought Me Much Sunshine!

From dear Pam, at Yoborobo~~
Thank you for your friendship and inspiration!


Thank you Jan!!!

Thank you Tristan!