Friday, March 22, 2013

Finally~~Finally! The Frida Box Is Done!

Some pieces of art go through long dry spells where it seems they will never be finished, and I must admit, this was one.
I began this box canvas before my CA diagnosis. At the time, dealing with little skellies was no big deal, but when you get hit in the face with your own mortality, things change.
Well, for a bit. As my friend Pam put it, "You lost your Skelly-Love for just a minute?"
Yep, but it's back full force.
I honestly had NO IDEA where I had planned to go with this piece after the LONG break. I just had the Frida figure, a background and a big mental BLANK on what to do.
So, as usual, I sat back and let it talk to me.
What was Frida. What would represent DOTD? What would be good as an imitation of her Blue House?
Layers and layers of texture and paint and stain go into these things, and honestly, I cannot describe the PROCESS, but I can post enough photos to give you an idea of how we got from a plastic Halloween skeleton to finished art, that, I must admit I am absolutely delighted!
So here is a photo essay of the making of this, at least the last part.


Any questions? Ask.
I love sharing!
And I am glad I have a little ART to show off!


Monday, February 25, 2013

The Sun Shifts....

There is a small portion of the year when the sun begins it's southerly movement in the sky and I have moments when my living room is ablaze with pattern and light.

 This house of mine, with color everywhere, and red especially, begins to GLOW. It is always a quick run for the camera, as the moments pass very quickly.
What was golden in one second moves to a clearer lemon-light then next. Not enough time to capture everything I'd like.

One of the few times a section of my hall not only gets light, but magnificent lighting that turns my little gallery into a dramatic abstract all it's own.
Oh, how can you top shadows so intense? 
They have a life of their own.

And though I have photographed this before, I am always amazed at the subtle differences caused by light.
Magically appearing and then gone.
Everything becomes a canvas.
The sun paints.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Life On Hiatus.....

Sweetheart roses from my very best Sweetheart, Gary, for Valentine's Day. Love you!
.....again. Back in the chemo routine, which seems to consume most of my time, and what isn't spoken for with that is taken up with the necessities of everyday, PLUS, occasionally, some studio time. (which I sorely miss, btw)
Have to apologize for the long lapse in posts, and honestly, posting from here forward will be more erratic than my *normal* erratic~~yep, figure that one out, lol!
Still in all, tho I did not want to have to sit in that chemo chair again, and knowing I would anyway, LIFE IS GOOD.
Every day is a moment to find something beautiful to focus on and sometimes take notes for later creativity. It's not what you're going through; it's how you choose to manage it. I am bulldozing forward. I know of no other way to function.
So occasionally I will pop in and update~~cannot promise how often as I am quite jealous with my time and if I have something most enjoyable as a possibility, or fighting with my old nemesis Blogger.....ummmmm.....I think you know which activity will be chosen.  ;-)
I do miss, as I've mentioned before, visiting blogs and commenting and heck, even posting here. But I have to make concessions.
It's okay, and it's all good.
Blogging is fun; Life is vital.
I wish both for all my readers.