Monday, February 16, 2009

Art for the jurying

This is one of the small box canvas pieces I am taking for consideration in the Nine County Art Show. I have grown fond of these because there is so much that can be done with a relatively small amount of space. They are painting and sculpture all at once; traditional and mixed media---quirkiness and elegance. I enjoy letting the canvas decide what it wants to be. This particular one speaks of the Duality of New Orleans--the front, the lush verdant plants and architecture of the French Quarter and the back, the reality of the Bayou---beauty in the constant change of the landscape. The waters, the trees, the life and death, the low water times when things surface.
Of course, the connection between both sides is the constant growth of plant life and the constant decomposition of anything man made in the
unforgiving heat and humidity of Louisiana. It is a tough, strong bunch, animal, vegetable or mineral,that survives in the swamps. And indeed, New Orleans sits atop a swamp, with fine grit everywhere--silt from the Mississippi River. There is constant change; the landscape is in flux.
I wanted to evoke a feeling of age, discovery, and being tied to the earth.
I tried several times to get a good photo of the back-side box contents and it just would NOT cooperate. So you get a 3/4 view.
Yep, there is a broken bone and a shell in the back, some wire, small pebbles, etc. Things that could be found along the edge of the bayou.
I would love to inspire others to try this process--the worst part is preparing the canvas. Actually, I have some more to prime, so maybe that will be a tutorial.
Maybeeeee.............. ;) If someone asks nicely.
At any rate, this is about 4" x 6", so you can see that there is a lot that you can pack visually into a small package. Please click on the photos to see them up close.
And if I can get a decent pic on the inside, I'll post that too. Don't hold your breath on that on. Unless you like looking blue!

P.S. Okay, this is not great but gives an idea of the inside of the back cavity....


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

those really are little miracles of art!

I love the duality concept - and they are, indeed, packed with visual interest.

I'm especially fond of the 'back' side.

Is the outside frame decopaged or painted? It's beautiful.

... and just for the record, the last two photos aren't linked to enlarge.

Do you take this to be juried, or send photos?

Leslie said...

Oh, Anne, I absolutely fell in love with the first pictured one and then came the next one.


They are wonderful... Congratulations on the beautiful works of art

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks so much!!!! They are devils to make but I love them and I guess I am anal enough to do them!!!! LOL!!!!

Jan said...

Fabulous. Things like this should sell faster than you can create them.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Remember Jan, I live in Indiana....... ;)
I wish. In my little dreams!!!!LOL!!!!

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