Sunday, February 15, 2009

Creative Every Day

As usual, I am doing this backwards. I am linking to this site (sidebar) and need to go officially join. It is a great challenge because it is not a hard nosed, in your face type thing. The expression of creativity is broad, as it is in real life.
I think most of the folks that follow this blog qualify for being creative every day. In fact, it may be something I promote to Co-Op; to see how we create---what we do, what we consider creative and what we don't. I think a lot goes unrecognized and it is not always art that is creative.
The older I get, the more I would like to say I lead a creative life. That broadens the term even more, but at present, besides my own projects, my creativity is in establishing it in others. To inspire, to teach, to help, to listen. It is looking at being creative and doing so with depth.
I am not a challenge person where every day you have to make a *something* and post it. While this might promote good work habits in some, in me it usually means I produce junk that goes into the *circular file*. I want substance.
So now I will pop over to the CED site and get the blog signed up, and see if indeed I am Creative Every Day!
(moving the desk doesn't count...I know....dang.......)


Leslie said...

I shall have to check this out, thanks as always for making me think and consider.

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