Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Old Art........

......is better than NO ART, so today I'm selecting something I did last year to post. I have a load of work ahead of me and if I don't do this the lazy way, I will have nothing to post about. Have had a lot of computer work to do; you know, suddenly, you have a pile of e-mails, business, etc. and it all needs attention at once. That was yesterday afternoon and evening.
This is one of the 4"x4" canvas panels the Community Artists Co-Op put out into the community on our first round last Spring/Early Summer. All the members did work---it was an eclectic mix and was fun to see people when they "found" the art and the little note that it was theirs to keep!
I hate to admit I had a hard time parting with this one.....there was just something about the color and glow that kept saying "Keep me......" And, I discovered, it was most difficult to photograph!
It is mixed media; the poppy is watercolor paper that has Prismacolor pencil on it, then applied to the b.g. with Golden Gel Medium. I used fluid acrylics too, and ink and acrylic craft paint. It is one of those odd combos that WORKS...once you figure it out, or, just quit worrying and DO it!
So I hope you enjoy this little piece of Summer in the depths of this weird and wicked Winter. Enough already! Let's just have cold, and a bit of snow, and move on!


Jan said...

I wish I had been the one to find that gem. Summer flowers seem so far away right now. Thanks for the reminder that it will return.

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