Monday, December 29, 2008


Things are going fairly well. If you read "D-Day" then you should recognize the following photo as the wall-of-doom, uncluttered. The chair still needs the seat and arms upholstered, but that is for Spring. Just close your eyes and pretend that it is done in a lovely fake leopard print......yeeeeaaaaahhhhh!!!! (because that's what I have for it!) I bought some sheer curtains to hang over the shelving area--really neat . A white b.g. with these intense bright circles on them! FUN! It should help to keep the stuff on the shelves clean. (yeah, right, Anne. you bought them because you loved them and that was the only place to put them....)

While we're at it, I am including the cleaned out bathroom, which is excessively small, so the angle of the photos are wonky. Yes, I did the tile floor. That was not a pleasant job for someone with long legs......I could barely walk, plus it ended up costing me a fortune. Every piece, hand set........
I sponged and wiped the walls with a bronze paint, then stenciled silver Fleur-De-Lys. I painted the baseboards fancy too; don't know if they show up here.

So finally, since 2001 when this studio was constructed, I will have it all in order.
Which means the top half will fall apart any minute!
This is the back of the basement, which is overflow storage and has turned into an efficient area. Before it was just junk piles on a little plastic table (useless!!!!) and then on the floor. Now it is stuff actually worth keeping and up and in something of a state of order.
I did the small quilt on the right wall when I was working in a fabric store years ago. Uh huh, like having an alcoholic work in the liquor store.
I quit for my bank account's sake.
And I still wanted to have a place to live...... ;)
Now, the sad part of all this is I have DH home all next week,so I suppose my progress will be bits and pieces as time allows. I do a lot better with whole days to slave away!
Okay, enough.
You got to see my latrine.
Have to go water the parakeet before he pulls his bowl off the side of the cage.....


Jan said...

Wow! That is one fabulous floor! I had no idea. I'm glad you finally created this blog, now I will get to know you better. My bathroom floor is just plywood. I'm so lame. But there is art on the walls. So I'm not a total lame-o.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

That floor is my "Mona Lisa In A VAult". No one sees it unless I send a pic. I am hoping, maybe, if I get some classes going this year, that I can share it with others! But I do drag people downstairs...."Come see my bathroom floor!"
And art anywhere counts!!!

JulieZS said...

Anne, I love that floor! It was worth all the work. Oh and from one Fibe Pirate to another "Welcome to blogging!"

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Julie!
Thanks for the good words on the floor! Yeah, the blog is more fun than I thought and it is sort of a motivator on some things, since it is *out there*----I feel I have to follow up. Maybe I can get more work done now!

Dianne Adams said...

You're right....same shelving! Don't you love it? I loved your expression, "Wall of Doom"..isn't that why we put this stuff off? Good for you!

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