Wednesday, December 31, 2008

On New Year's Eve.... till you're Monkey-drunk!!!!

Then call a Chimp-mobile to take you home!!! Have a safe New Year's Eve, and if you're in high spirits, for heaven's sake, STAY OFF THE ROAD!!!! Go swing from a tree, or a chandelier, or just pass out.

Now for the back story. These photos are from years ago, and the man in the left photo is my uncle, who would be duly MORTIFIED if he knew this picture was out in cyber-space, where basically anyone can see it. As I recall, there was a small bar in Mexico, Indiana and the bar owner had the pet chimp. This was in the day of treating the pet just like a human, and the little guy liked his beer! I recall being there once (I was VERY young--maybe 4?--monkey size?), and the chimp grabbed me by the hand and off we ran down the road with my irate mother following. I thought it was great fun!

Anyway, if ANYONE knows anything about the name of the bar or who owned it, I would love to know more to fill in the mental gaps!

Have a happy one tonight y'all!!!


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