Thursday, August 26, 2010

Milo's "NO!" Day

I guess all kids have "NO!" days, and young bugs are no different. I am exhausted as I type this. These are select episodes from a very long "No Day"...... *sigh*

This was the angelic face I woke to, asking if we could go outside. Of course, it was a beautiful day. Just let me get my work clothes on and don't mess with the birds while I am changing.....Okay???? (hahaha, you believe you expect that face to listen? he has plans....)

And here we go.........I come down to this.......

....And this.......

.....And this.......MILO! NO!.......       (the parakeets were NOT amused...)

"Go put your farm clothes on and meet me on the porch; I have to set the chipmunk trap." My patience was a little thin, but then, I'm not used to little ones.....*deep breath*

"Milo, no, I'll get those for you..........."

"MILO!!!! NO!" Oh heavens, I have to get him out before he suffocates......

This is my fault. I walked to the shed for clippers, and he has natural curiosity........

"Help! I just wanted to see how it worked! Get me out!!!" (I am already worn out........)


"Milo, quit throwing crab apples at me! Get down now!"

The next thing I see is him running across the yard to the acre of corn....... "Miiillllooooooo.......NO!!!!!"

After falling in the weeds, I find the little goomer up a cornstalk, playing with the silk.
"Get down from there, NOW. And I have to get out of here--there is pollen and ragweed everywhere; I'm itching and can't breathe! Come on, be good.....let's go in the house and get a soda...." (any bribe to get him in....)

"Milo, you could have been lost for good out there, you know that? What would I tell Deb?" I asked, while gulping down a drink. "And you're all dirty, so young man, you're getting a bath!"
I don't think I have seen him move so fast as when the *B* word was mentioned.

"Nooooooooo!!!!!" says the bug, hiding in my orchids. "I don't want my antennae wet!"
"Well I have a remedy for that and it's called a shower cap. Come on. NOW."
I got the bath drawn and he brought his towel and scrubber and acquiesced to the little bug sized shower cap.

He seemed to be enjoying himself, even though he was trying hard not to show it.
"You need any help Milo?" I asked.
Ooooooookay.....we're just having a bad bug day.....

"Can a bug have some privacy to dry off???"
I go in the other room, and when he is dry, it is bedtime for Milo.
"I'm taking you to meet someone tomorrow that may be able to get you to behave a little better. So go to sleep, and rest up good." I lean down to give him a goodnight peck and he pulls the quilt up.
And all I hear is a muffled "NO!" from beneath the covers.

Am *I* ready for bed???  Oh YES!!!!


Ces said...

Milo will never leave Indiana now. It seems he has found a place he really loves and so much happenings over there. I see the cracked ground. It hasn't rained there? The petrichor would be lovely when it rains. This bug is surely spoiled. How are your nerves handling all these, dear Anne?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ces,

We have had rain--quite a lot--but with the clay soil as soon as the sun comes out and heats things up, the ground cracks. I would never have noticed that!
Milo seems to find more and more to get into; his little venture into the corn had me scared stiff he'd be missing and go through the combine......
What a bug.....


Anonymous said...

If I were the Parakeets I put a lock on the inside of the door & coax Milo back into the live-trap. At least then everyone would know where he is!! ROFLMBO!!
Thanks... I needed that chuckle!!
Have a Great Day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh MArilyn.....

I am so tired and sore from chasing the bug and falling on my butt in the yard.
I am ready to give up and let him just run amuck and deal with the disasters later on.....
No, maybe not..... ;D


Janet Ghio said...

I am laughing so hard!What a fun way to start the day-reading about Milo's escapades (not so fun for you or maybe not) anyway loved him and the birds--perhaps you should have left him in that chipmunk cage a little longer--oh no!! bug abuse!!

Marie S said...

LOL!! Boy can I relate to "NO" days.
LOL!! Hope you slept well and long!

Georgina said...

MY GAWD...I've been thoroughly enjoying your adventures with Milo. Well, lady, Milo seems like a handful, but then most little bugs are!! Maybe you can introduce him to a little of that famous New Orleans beer you so much love!! hahahahahahahaha!! Ok, now I'm really terrible!!

Great blogs on Milo..luv 'um!!

Love ya, lady,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

I am thinking the chipmunk cage might have been a good idea!
OMG......I am exhausted and I hear little bug-feet in there right now, looking for mischief.
I think I'll take him on a road-trip today and see if that doesn't get him calmed down.
Where's my nerve tonic..... ;)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marie,

I *KNOW* that you can relate to NO days! LOL!
And no, I did not get nearly enough sleep.....hip decided to keep me awake after the fall in the great outdoors chasing the bug....ACK!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina,

I love Milo, but he's had his share of brewed substance after that disasterous second night---no more!
Besides, he will be going home to his Mom soon, and I need him in good shape! (although, I might be the one going for the Abita!)


Deborah said...

OMGosh Anne!!! This is SOOOOOO funny! Your photos are fantastic! Love the lighting. You are such a good and serious Mom Bug. Do not introduce Milo to beer...he was sent away for spending too much time at the Cantina! Is it just me, or is Milo getting into more trouble than usual? Maybe it was that month he was lost in the warehouse... **kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deb, believe me....I found out how much beer he can drink before he falls flat....
I think he misses home.
But he'll be on an outting today and maybe this will be what he needs.
I think so!
(basically, he's a good bug.....)

Anne....utterly exhausted......

yoborobo said...

Yep, that's pretty much what it's like to have a toddler. Your head spins in a circle all day long while you try to avoid disaster. :)) Oh, Milo, what memoirs you will write. Someone needs to put all the Milo pics into a scrapbook for him - hahaha! Good luck with him today! xox! Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah Pam, SOMEONE does!!!
Andwhoever would like to do that, please raise their hand! hahaha!!!
Me arse is dragging....I have to go see what he is up to now....


Diana Evans said...

oh Anne!!! how sweeeeeeeeeet!!! he looks like he is having a blast!!! nice bath!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Trust me Diana,

Milo is *thoroughly* enjoying himself.
Even if he issaying NO! a lot.....I think it's just a phase they go through... ;)


audrey said...

Anne, as tired as you might be, I think you are going to miss Milo when he goes home. I know I'll miss your MILO POSTS. They have been a treasure.
♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I hate the thought of life without the little guy--he sure has beena handful and a half, but boy oh boy, he's made for entertaining reading! ;D


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Hmmm - maybe the live trap should go along with him to his next stop? At least then there might be a little peace in that household. Can't believe one little bug can get into so much TROUBLE!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

I seem to recall a girl who was once short (she's not now!) who would get into maybe Milo is just channeling ME! LOL!!!!
No wonder my parents had grey hair.....


*Ulrike* said...

Ok Anne you are having way tooo much fun up there!!! I have read all the Milo stories, and he has been having quite an adventure. Since you are doing such a great job with Milo think you can teach our "foster" dog?!!! Do I hear you screaming and running for cover?!!!!
I'll check back again for the adventures of Milo!
Take Care,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes Ulrike, YES!

You do hear me screaming and running/waddling for cover!!! Milo is one thing.....I've never been able to train a dog! (heck, it's taken 25 years to get the DH semi-trained.....)
I am sorry, you need an expert.
And that's not ME! ;D


Jan said...

I'm a little late with my comment today but enjoyed the further adventures of Milo. Poor Anne! As my grandma used to say to my brothers about me, "You boys run that poor girl ragged!" Reminds me of when my nephew came and stayed, couldn't take my eyes off him for one minute or he would be into something else. Give him some Benadryl!

Elena said...

OMG I just wake up and need to know more about Milo. Just love you two!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMGosh Jan......I am sure *I* am the one who needed Benadryl. Yes. Me.
"BENADRYL, take me away!!!"
Yes I am dead on my feet..... ;D
Yes I will miss *the bug*.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Elena, sadly, his stay is soon to end......
Enjoy the Milo-Moments while you have them! ;)
(and I think I'll take a blog break for a week when I finish this......)


Deborah said...

Again, I love all these shots. It looks like something from the Disney It's a Bug's Life! I still can't get over how photogenic Milo is.
**kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deb, he was great to shoot! It was so much fun putting things together, other than when I fell on me arse in the yard and was awake all night with the fake hip hurting.....
He was hard to keep up with....


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