Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Milo Helps On The Church Commission

After yesterday's great adventures with nature, I knew I had work to do, and it was in the studio. I wasn't sure how this was going to work with Milo due to the last adventures in the studio, and he had not been back.
But I just told him "Milo, we have to get to work, and if you're a good studio assistant, then I will pay you to help. Okay?"
Seemed to be the magic words. "What do I do?" he asked.

I reluctantly handed him a pair of very sharp scissors. "I need a rough cut on this tree pattern---you don't have to follow the lines---I just need the shape cut from the extra paper. Can you do that?"
He grabbed the scissors, plopped down on the table and started cutting. "Yep! I can DO this!"

And he cut and cut.........carefully around the design lines.......

.....In fact, he didn't stop. He kept right on going until the huge tree was almost released from the extra paper it was drawn on! A big tree for a little bug!

"Milo!" I said with a smile, "You did an excellent job! I'm so proud of you; you saved me a lot of time! Thanks!"
He just smiled that sweet smile. "It was fun! And I'm glad you let me help since I sort of messed things up yesterday........"
"Look Milo, we were both okay and so was the mower. We just won't try running anything with an engine. Can you get the Timtex for me? I need it unrolled......."

And he was off, struggling with the big roll......."Do you need help?" I asked.

"Nope! I'm done. It's ready for you to start marking." He eyed the wall where the major portion of the work was hanging. "You know, I've painted and drawn before. I can help put the finishing touches on some of that."
Hmmmm........he did good with the scissors, and handled the Timtex.....but paint? I waffled a bit......He didn't.

"You just load your brush halfway up the bristles, so it doesn't slop around."
And the next thing I knew he had suspended himself from the towels I had pinned to keep stray paint off the other portions.

When he finished touching up the edges of the sky, he hot footed it back to the paint and loaded up a brush full of green for the landscape......

"Just a little more up here......"

"....and I'll smooth this line too, to make it look nice."

"There!" he said with a bit of well earned pride. "I think it's a good start! Did I do okay?"
"You did much more than okay Milo---you did SUPER!!! You're very good at this. We had a productive time out here, and had fun too...yes?"
"Yep!" And his little bug-butt was heading for the house, where the cheesecake brownies were. It was a while before I got done for the day and went in to join him but when I did, I found him in the living room, contemplating one of my statues.

"Who is that?" he asked.
"That's a statue of Jesus, who is the Son of God. It's one of my favorites. It came from a church."
Milo sat for a minute rather quiet and I knew something was going on in his brain.
"You know," I continued, "The hanging you worked on today will be in a church too."
He still didn't say anything.
"Have you been to church Milo? Did Deb take you?"
He shook his head *no* very rapidly. "I did not leave the closet because I had heard what people thought of Millenium Bugs and it wasn't nice. I was afraid to come out. Everyone was afraid of us, but they never had met us. So I just stayed there till Mom decided I needed to see the world a bit." He looked at the statue again and then whispered to me, "Do you think HE likes me?"
I patted him on the back and smiled.
"Milo, He loves you, because He made you. And all of us. And everything on the earth and in the skies and beyond. Pretty cool, yes?"
Milo nodded yes as he was heading for his bed. It was early, but he had worked hard. "I think that is very nice," he said through a big bug yawn. And I knew those shiney little eyes would soon be closing for sleep, but his little bug-mind was going to be going a mile a minute.
I wonder what he will come up with tomorrow?



Anonymous said...

What a helpful little guy!! He is as cute as a bug in a ..... Well you know!! LOL!!
Have a Great Day!

Elena said...

Um...looks like Milo could be that artist mentor I'm looking for. Can you tell him I only have three days to find one and would he step up? Just loving LOVING the saga of A Day in th Life of Milo.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi MArilyn,

I'm thinking maybe he found his niche working in the studio---I wasn't sure at first....especially with those scissors! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Elena,

I am sure if Hilo thought hewas going to get a ride on a Harley, he would volunteer for anything! (which could be good or bad....)
Glad you're enjoying his story; his time here is about up!


Linda Moran said...

Absolutely lovely!! I want a Milo bug to sit on the top of my computer and look at me with those big eyes....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

Those eyes are something else, aren't they? I am always wondering what is going on behind them.....for better or worse, he's awfully cute! ♥


audrey said...

Awwwwww....Milo is a sweet bug after all. And very helpful when he wants to be. I wonder if he'd be willing to paint my kitchen walls for me? All one color - no art involved. Ask him, would you, please? hahahaha
Enjoy your last few days with Milo. There HAS to be a tiny bit of naughtiness that might emerge before he leaves your house..??
♥ audrey

Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Looks as though Milo has found his 'thing'...he's a bit of a budding artist hey? ;)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey,

Yes, he is quite sweet when he wants to be, but I don't think he would do good painting kitchen walls. I have a feeling there would be hand prints, nose prints.....all sort of prints in there!
I am know when kids are GOOD for a while, well, there usually is mischief somehwere along the road.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Shelley,

Yes, it appears he is a bit of an artist, which might account for some of the other behaviour.
Not the *I* would,la,la,la,la..... ;D


Janet Ghio said...

A studio assistant. Nice!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, yes Janet,

But I have to admit that sometimes I was a little afraid with the scissors.....
and when he headed for the paint, well, this *IS* a paid commission...
But he did good! ;)


Jan said...

Who'd have thought that Milo would be such a big help? He just needed to be given a chance. You are a good bug mom. I hope your birdies aren't jealous.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

The birds are not too happy with the amount of time I spend with Milo, but he is a visitor, so they need to adjust.
Yes, he was quite a help and that artistic side reminds me of some other ornery person I knew...when she was much younger.....hmmmmmm....wonder who??? :D


Marie S said...

Maybe Milo just might have found his calling??
Hmmmmm I wonder.

Quilt Rat said...

Anne........I WANT what you are drinking!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hmmmmmm Marie,

I wonder too! Milo is extremely versatile.....which is both good and not so! LOL!!!
We'll see what he's up to tomorrow!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jill!

I'm not telling......I deny everything! LOL!!! I vaguely remember the late '70's and early '80's! hahaha!!!!


Deborah said...

Anne, I see a children's book here!!! How cute!!! I had NO idea Milo could paint like that! Beautiful. Milo certainly is photogenic, isn't he? Sorry I've been missing...daughter-in-law in town for court stuff.
**blows kisses** Deb

Arija said...

Oh lucky you to have such a talented assistant!

Thanks for your comment. Lace knitting with very fine wool is fun and when it is very, very fine, the mistakes don't show except to the knitter.
I once got hold of a weaver's spool of the finest mohair imaginable and knitted it with an accompanying thread of matching cotton, into a ring shawl. It was quite large and when folded down, as big as a folded handkerchief. When asked what a ring shawl was, I would take off my wedding ring and draw the whole thing through to the amazement of onlookers. It was wonderfully warm as well.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

Milo seems to pick things up quickly---I am guessing since he has visited many talented people, he just absorbed the knowledge, though he was quite comfortable with the paintbrush.... ;)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Arija,

Yes, I have been lucky to have that little talented assistant! Though he does keep me hopping....
I am duly STUNNED at your ring shawl; I would love to try a scarf like that, as I know my hands would only allow that much knitting. If I was closer, I would be like one of those pesky opossums, sneaking in for that beautiful piece you knit! ;)
Do take care!!!


Arija said...

Anne, a ring shawl I am sure you still can knit. I damaged my hand badly while speed-knitting lacy blankets to help out my daughter who was selling her work through an an art studio in Sydney. She over-dyed them in her special eco-friendly way and was able to put bread on the table for her children.
The sinews in my hands contracted and thickened into knobs. After a few years I was able to knit again but have to pace myself.
I am sure that your hands too could handle gentle, loose knitting.

Cheers, Arija

Arija said...

I have never heard of a pattern for one. I just had heard the concept and did it. The only important thing is very, very fine wool, about size eight or slightly thicker needles and pulling each stitch into a loose 0 on the needle. It is slow knitting because of the super looseness but otherwise fun to do.

Looks like I'll have to knit one and post it complete with recipe.

Sandy said...

What a cute post, loved it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, Arija, I think I know what you mean, but a recipe would be better too! :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sandy, that little bug is keeping me hopping and running. Who knew little legs could go so fast and get so much done?
Not me! LOL!!


Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Looks like you're teaching Milo to be a great artist!
Happy creating,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna,

I think Milo has picked up a lot from his many adventures...he just needs a little art-time.
(and I need a little *quiet* time! LOL!!!)


Robbie said...

You and Milo are having waaaaay too much fun in the studio!! But you are being productive..soooooooooo

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Robbie.....

I'm not sure how productive I've been, but I feel like I have lost a few pounds trying to keep up with Milo so I guess in the end, it's all good!!!


Cori G. said...

Hi Anne,
This is such a darling post about Milo. I had no idea he could paint so well, but then I guess he has a great teacher ;-).

xoxo Cori

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Cori,

Milo seems to have a lot of talent...a lot of mischief too---he just needs to funnel it in the right direction! We're working on that.... ;)


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