Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scarf...(ahem)...Surgeon Follow Up

Hey everyone! This is a quickie as I am pooped from the day out for the appointment. We had (of course!) blowing snow this morning so it was a bit longer getting to Fort Wayne but overall the roads were good. I was nervous for this first follow up due to not knowing exactly where I stood.
Okay---pun intended!!!---laugh!
From the room next door I here my doc gently scolding a woman about exercise, etc and I'm thinking, Oh Lord, have I been GOOD???? Puh-leeeeeze!!! (I have to admit after the last hip adventure with Dr. Jackass involved, I did have some trepidation about the appointment today.)
I got to see the X-Rays of my hardware, which was pretty cool really, and when the Surgeon came in he was very happy with my gait and my ability to do the ballet-bend to pick things up off the floor. The leg has good ROM and.......LOOK OUT WORLD!!!.....
I Officially Can DRIVE!!!!
LOL! I did not tell him I had been practising....... <:-)
So I have to pace myself, keep doing what I am doing, and then next month, we'll see where we are. He did find humor in my keeping the biohazard container and spent sharps for art; he just laughed and shook his head. That's fine. Obviously, at some level, he gets it.
And, I wore the scarf---that huge monster was exceptionally warm wrapped a couple of times about my neck; it was windy and extra cold up there. And DH and I had a nice time.....
So, if I don't check in tomorrow morning, well, you got double of me in one day and what more could you ask for???
Double the brain drivel, double the fun!
Now I am off for feet up, hot tea and maybe even a snooze.
Oh, I did start a hat with the leftover yarn. There will still be enough for socks for centipedes......oy.
Many, many centipedes...........


P.S.  Yes, this is the lazy way of *answering* comments......at least for today! If I totally missed something, let me know. It is quite possible.


Leslie said...

I love you too?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anne..... I was just checking email & my blog before bedtime & saw your new post!! So glad you got the "go"...just be careful!! Yeah... I know... you will!!
Have a peaceful evening!!
p.s. Yep, I am going to bed in about an hour... got my new Stuart Woods book "Kisser" & I plan on reading ..in bed... ahhhhh!!

Anonymous said...

Glad things looked good and you have been freed from the bondage of post-op. I am sure you see mistakes, but I love that scarf. Can't wait to finish my blackberries and get a picture printed.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey girls!

Yep, I feel like I have been let out of prison! Of course, that means grocery shopping again.....but that's okay! I'm going to be hitting the hay early tonight too; I can't believe how beat I am!
May take the knitting down, but would probably fall asleep and jab myself. I suppose I should stick with a book! LOL! Less damage!
Have a good one!!!

Anne......happy camper!!!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

It is always difficult to get from here to there when it is cold and the snow is blowing. Trust me you have been performing exercises...maybe just not the ones prescribed by the surgeon. These followups take so much of you so please allow yourself to get the extra rest you need. Take time and imagine me drinking my lovely cup of Joe from your Java Love coffee mug tomorrow morning. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Mary Helen,

I was indeed surprised after the drive, the cold, waiting, then lunch and a stop at a pet store to keep the *Peep-Meisters* in food how completely exhausted I was.
I had this ridiculous notion I was going grocery shopping today, but I don't think that is happening....I'm thinking rest and maybe studio. MAYBE.
Could be just rest. Leg kept me awake all night from being on it so much.
I shall follow your advice and dream or you enjoying the mug!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

So glad the weather did not prevent your going for your Dr appt, Anne!.it's always a worry this time of year...sounds like you got a good report!..so happy
you're coming along well!
and that your georgeous scarf kept you warm!...its amazing...all those designs blow my mind..lol!
XOXO, gypsy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Gpysy, they sort of blew my eyes cockeyed!!! Oh, it was a trial! LOL!
So naturally, I had to start a hat, that I'm making up as I go. I mean, surely I don't need a pattern???? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!

The Crazy Knitter

P.S. Yes, the report was GOOD!

audrey said...

So happy to hear things are coming along well and that you can DRIVE!! That is a biggy!! Don't go too crazy, girl!!
Your Doctor sounds cool ~ there are those who never crack a smile yet alone laugh along with you.
It seems you are going to be back in full mode soon and creating a storm!
YAY for Anne!
♥ audrey

Georgina said...

Oh no, beware IN, Anne is in the hot seat again!!! LOL Glad to hear you're healing up and your bionic parts are working to your advantage.

Hubby left for Albuquerque, NM today, so I'll be alone for the next couple of days. Am going out for a couple of drinks with an ex-boyfriend...hubby's not worried at all...my ex came out of the closet a few years ago, thank gawd!!! Seems he was the last to know!! LOL Anyway, should be fun...told him he's the only ex I'm staying in contact!! LOL He told me I was the one that got away...yep, far away!! LOL His family and mine are very close, so there's that connection between us. Now we're talking about caring for aging parents...oh well.

Have a good one and take care of that hip....no stilletos...especially the ones that Tristan has on his blog today!!!

Love ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey,

I made a quick trip to town for some meds and laundry soap.....I am so tired, I can't do ANYTHING!!! LOL!!!
Yep, the doc is pretty cool, which is good because I have had enough of the uncool ones.
Now I need to rest myself so I can get creative full bore again!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina!!! LOL!!!---You're just a mess!
I'm always in the hot seat for something....
While you are enjoying drinks, I'm going to be enjoying a nap and hot tea...not in that order of course!
Yesterday took the startch out of me, and I am still not back up to speed today.
Can't even think of something pithy to say....dang.
Have fun!


Marie S said...

Oh, I am so glad you are doing well.
I love the scarf too!!

Thanks for the compliments on my sweethearts.
Oh no Anne! LOL, I am not even going to tell you that clay makes a wonderous complimentary element to mixed media!!! LOL!!
Have a wonderful day! Stay warm.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thank you Marie for NOT telling me that!!!! LOL!!!
My extent has been paperclay, stamped and cut or broken, then painted or inked. And I do L-U-V what it does for a piece!!!
That's why I have delved no further....I know myself too well! LOL!!!

Anne....up from sleeping the afternoon away and accomplishing nothing!

Silke said...

Yeah, wonderful! I am so happy for you!!! You got good marks AND get to drive. You've got to be just thrilled!! And nice you got to wear the new scarf! :) Hugs, Silke

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