Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Is The Scarf That Never Ends........la la la la!!!!

Okay everyone.....sorry for that nasty little earworm, but I have to tell you, after finally finishing this monster, which comes in at around 100" in length and waaaaay too much weight, I feel like I have sang the song over...and over....and OVER.
Sunday night I finally finished the last few stitches, bound it off in a rush and of course blocked it completely wrong, but it is wearable and that's all that matters. I had set a goal of having it finished by the 25th of January, and made it!
I have to admit, when I came home from the hospital, I was barely strong enough to do more than a couple of rows a day, and I just plugged away at it. Trying to follow a chart like this with *medicine-brain* was both frustrating, hilarious and required a lot of pulling out stitches and bad words!!! (probably more of the last one mentioned.....if truth be known....)
I was sure, about 2/3rds of the way through that I would run out of four of the yarn colors, so ordered an extra ball of each.
I now have the leftovers from the scarf, and MORE than enough for matching socks and a hat.......not that the socks are happening and I don't think the hat is happening either.
The close up below shows the two patterns that switch back and forth in the length of the work. I did fine on the flower pattern; the scrollwork was another story. Yes, there are mistakes.
I do NOT CARE!!!!!

If the knitting police come to visit, they'd better be wearing armor or they shall find an assortment of my old needles stuck somewhere that is most direly unpleasant! LOL!!!
This was like running a marathon. It was a test of endurance. And as I sit watching the few snowflakes swirling about, I am glad it is wearable for this winter.
Because, my gentle readers, my short attention span would never, ever last that long. And then I'd have to throw a fit about money wasted.....yadda, yadda. Most ugly!
I'm glad that option did not come to pass!
And now I am back to appreciating the quickness of socks, even on size 1 or 0 needles!!!


P.S. Thanks to my blog-grrrrls yesterday for their verbal support! Y'all ROCK!!!!  :-D


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

This is awesome! and the colors are pure magic.

You should make those socks - or leg warmers! This is the best pattern ever LOL!

Anonymous said...

Hey.... I have done this kind of knitting before & I can appreciate how tedious it can be. I did an afghan years ago when my vision for graphs was better!! I think the scarf you made is beautiful!!
Yesterday I did a pair of children's slipper socks from a 2 needle pattern I found on the internet. They are for about 4yr. olds & turned out real cute! Ta Da!! I can make socks....LOL!!
I am determined to use up my scrap stash of yarn & reduce the bins in my storage closet. I now have 3 sets of hats & mittens & 1 pair of socks..... More socks today!!
Stay Warm....

Linda Moran said...

Stay warm - good luck with the doctor - and wear that gorgeous scarf - just don't get the ends caught in a moving door...

Robbie said...

Anne, I'm way behind in reading blogs from my dashboard..busy spending $$'s and eating! But I love this scarf! The pattern is amazing and you are my idol to even attempt this let alone finish!! Kudo's to you! Ouch...seems like there are knitting needles poking out everywhere on your blog?? hmmm ouch..there they are again...you better pick them all up and start knitting again!

yoborobo said...

Isadora Duncan comes to mind - haha! It's a gorgeous scarf! I can't imagine being able to create something like that. The swear words that would spew forth from my little mouth would fill the heavens. :) Stay warm!! xoxo Pam

Ima Weed said...

You are a brave woman! The scarf is a marvel and was healing therapy for you no doubt.

marianne said...

beautiful! btw, do you know how to get rid of earworms? just sing yourself a ramones song- guaranteed to work...... of course then you have a ramones earworm, but those are generally less annoying:) happy tuesday!

teri said...

what an accomplishment!!!! I do not knit but my mother was a wiz at it so I appreciate what you just did! WOW!!!!! (a hat would be adorable)
What ya gonna do for Tuesday????

audrey said...

Unbelievable! I think it is great. I am loving all that pattern and COLOR!! Wear it proudly, Anne. DO THE SOCKS!!!!
I must go to the grocery store today. Waaaahhhhh!!!!
Have a super Tuesday.
♥ audrey

Leslie said...

Colours are fabbo, even the length can work for you, fold it in half and then pull the ends through the loop. Snug it up and off you go. Congrats on making your SELF-imposed deadline as well. Smart boy to bring you sweeties and roses, eh?

Deborah said...

OMGosh Anne, this is INCREDIBLE! A masterpiece of knitting. Boggles my wee little mind. OOooo I do hope that Silke sees this. I agree with Tristan: leg warmers to match.
Wishing you a happier day. **kisskiss** Deb

Silke said...

Ooooooo, GORGEOUS!!! And I know just how you feel about these kinds of patterns and the counting. You are inspiring me to get my darn sweater finished! My goal is to try to be able to wear it next winter! I'm committed. Or maybe I should be committed - there are days I am just not sure... Love, Silke

Georgina said...

I wouldn't know if I saw a stitch dropped or neglected...I know nothing about knitting except that it no longer is an art form for geezers. Looks great! Reminds me of a pair of thick socks I bought several years ago in some import shop in CA...they were Kurdish and I still have them...kept my tootsies warm during the cold spell.

So keep it up and I'm glad DH came through with chocolates and flowers. Frankly, I'd ask for way more!!! LOL

Love ya,

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Hell if I can see a mistake...this scarf is miraculous in color and pattern. This the scarf heals the whole world! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This scarf kept me soooooo warm when we went up north yesterday Mary Helen!
I quit my griping the minute I put it on. Plus when I stopped at a pet store for bird supplies, all the little Budgies and bigger birds seemed fascinated with it....I have been *birdie blessed*!!! LOL! I guess they liked the color.... :)


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