Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Late Morning....and a Walk Down The Road a Bit, Chatting

Today is officially a *couch day*. Had a guest for dinner last evening, spent all day in the kitchen and paying for it today. The food and company were most delightful....I ate entirely too much and frankly am ashamed of it today as I sit here feeling like an over stuffed Jabba the Hutt. Anne....have some control!!!! But New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and pimento cheese buttermilk biscuits, even without the other items....oh, no control what so ever. OINK. Utterly heaven.....I love Southern cooking, especially anything from New Orleans! You should taste my gumbo.

And did I mention I did exactly what my poor mother lectured me for years NOT to do? I was putting the beaters in the hand mixer while it was plugged in. Have done this all my life. Well, my right fingers got stuck in the blades and let me tell you---IT HURTS. I shut the mixer off trying to figure out how to extract them, the thumb slipped again and WHAMMO! Further in. (you know, if you're that dumb, maybe you just should wear the mixer as an odd hand ornament for a while.......)
Today I still have useless fingers and red welts. I am indeed a walking disaster area. Humorous, but disastrous none the less. The hand's just really mad.

Thanks to all of you who have promoed the box of supplies give away. The response has been amazing and I am excited about getting to actually pull a number to see who wins! What fun! Maybe I should put together a second smaller box so I can pull two numbers......believe me......I could do that. I still want to win Mr. Skelly at yoborobo's give away.....he would be soooooo loved here! ;-)
Also, big and hearty WELCOMES to a couple more followers!!! Glad to have you aboard and I promise, the content will improve......not today, but it will! ;-)
When I have some more time, I will count how many entries I actually have. That's for another day though. Today is feet up, knitting, bad movies and trying to get everything from the hip down back in working order. Oh, and dinner for tonight as there were no left overs. You must be joking.....
The photos were from one of my rambles the other day; the pin oak is in my yard and the morning light sure was setting it afire. I was out in nightclothes, as usual, shooting pics of it. Thank heavens I live in the country. Obviously me behaviour would get me kicked out of a subdivision quickly!!! And we wouldn't have pretty photos to share, so this is best!
Until tomorrow, when I can have something more than brain-dribble to post here.....have a creative day, enjoy the cool and shortening days of Fall and to all of you,



Georgina said...

Hey girl...thanks so much for the a.m. laugh...I'm sorry but I'm one of those dopes who giggles when I see someone fall on their face out in public...I know, how sophomoric, but we all can't be sophisticated!!! I can just see you with your fingers in the mixing blades. How many of us have done this??? Many!!! I'm notorious with a knife...I gave up my dreams of being a hand model years ago!!!! My ex once told me it was something in my blood..couldn't help it....the Aztec god Quetzalcoatle demanded his blood sacrifice and I suppose I've spoiled him...he takes lots of my blood!!! He needs to supply me with some band aides...always running out!

Anyway, hope you get your "deditos" (little fingers) back on track and working in the studio. And stay tuned to's their 30 days of Halloween B-movie it!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah Georgina---you are me exactly!!! I see someone take a pratfall and bust myself laughing! Today I am laughing about yesterday, other than the residual pain....I mean....DUH????
I'm with you on the blood sacrifice thing...I have appeased many old gods......the blood has flown, and I like my knives SHARP. (DH won't use them)
Off to the couch for bad-movie time! Whooo-Hooo!!!! :)
I love-love-LOVE Halloween!!!!!

Stumpy (well, thankfully, not really)

Olde Baggs n Stuft Shirts by LindaOma said...

You two are like the frick and frack of the blog world. You make me laugh. Too fonny. I would say let's make it a threesome but then eyebrows would raise and we would all enjoy the odd looks too much. LMAO.

Blood sacrifices eh.
Every doll I have ever sewn has had some of my DNA included, free of charge. Can't use small pointy scissors without a nick someplace.

And Anne.....I wouldn't vote to throw you out of the subdivision. I would ask ya what kinda pj's are we wearing to view whatever. My neighbors have just given up and started acting like I'm invisible. Their right.

Blessings and goats to you too lovely, crazy ladies, Linda

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Linda,

Hey, we have to keep the world on their toes and everyone laughing with our misadventures, or misdemeanors, as the case may be! LOL!!!
I still think I would be asked to leave a subdivision....I discovered the other evening that the PJs I had been out wandering in had the seat ripped comments please! So it would NOT be good. I am not a *gated community* person unless you consider the sanitarium!!!! That's pretty much where I could wander unnoticed.
And yes, every single sewing project could be linked back to me due to excessive infusions of DNA.
Off to lounge.....

Fancy-Pants... >:)

Magpie's Mumblings said...

While we're talking about nightgowns and neighbours...I know this falls under 'too-much-info', but here's another giggle for you. I (gasp) only wear my birthday suit to bed (I know, you're grossed out already). At the last minute I had to drive my DH to work in the morning, winter time, so I threw on my housecoat, my winter coat & boots and off I went. (As a little aside to the tale, we lived on a street that was a busy walking route for the local college kids, mostly guys). So, I arrive back in the driveway and attempt to exit the car. Being a klutz, I managed to get my unlaced boots caught up in the wiring for the tape player and, in extreme slow motion, fell out of the car into the snow. One foot was still in the car and the other outside with me. Four sheets to the wind shall we say. Believe me, lying there, trying to extradite my foot while laughing like a loon, attracted the notice of every single guy walking by. Not ONE of them offered to help!! Where is chivalry when you need it?

Anonymous said...

Don't want to chuckle at your misfortune but OMG Anne... That is something I would do. My Mother always said my head was in the clouds!! Hope your hand feels better soon!!
One more game & the Yanks go to the World Series!! WOO HOO!!
Have a Great Day!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

ROFLMAO!!!!! Oh, not too much info!!! So funny!
I have hit the point of *temperature-fluctuation* in the old bod.....occasionally I wake up and sometime during the night I have gotten myself up, disposed of the PJs and then wonder why I'm COLD in the morning, and how I got that way!!!
Oh geez....I am still laughing at your caught foot! I will have this visual all day!!!!! LOL!!!!!
Ain't it great being a woman, and not caring about sharing the things that would MORTIFY you as a teen???? YES! It is!

Anne.....laughing..... :D

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Marilyn,

Yeah, I was up watching the Yanks last evening---A Rod is doing so good and happy for him!
GO YANKS!!!!! (I don't watch any other baseball but the Yankees...something so, oh, I guess historical about the team)
Laugh my dear! I swear--I am just a walking disaster area! DH once told me if I had to go to ER for anything he would be accused of battery.
I told him just to get my fiber friends, let them pilfer the studio and they would testify in his behalf.....LOL!!!!
Off to bad movie day!


Sophia said...

What beautiful photos..gorgeous color. Makes me want to jump right in the photo and go for a walk myself. :)

And so sorry to hear that you got your fingers caught in the mixer blades. ow! I will definitely keep that in mind when I drag my beater out to start baking for the holidays!

audrey said...

I'm sure glad I didn't leave a comment early in the morning ~ I would have missed all this humor!! Great stories ~ we could fill an entire Blog with stories that would keep us laughing all day if we all joined in!!
Beautiful photos, Anne. I hope your hand feels better real soon.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Sophia,

I wish I wasn't such a lazy sort and actually raked fall leaves so I could take a running jump into them!!! I miss that! (not the raking....too much yard...) baking! Yummy! Do you need a *test elf* for tasting? :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey......
Oh my, this is a comment day to remember!!!! LOL!!! I think that's one of the things I have enjoyed about the blog---we start on one topic and away it goes---sideways, uo, down and FUNNY!
The hand is good; still a little pain and numbness in the fingers but I can KNIT, therefore everything is fine. ;)
Have been trying to spend the day quietly on the couch but the phone keeps ringing (same person....AHHH!) so I finally gave up and came out to the studio a bit to check the computer. I might even shoot some pics....
HAve a good one, and you can join in with the Pajama Confession Party too!!!


Leslie said...

Okay, if it weren't for bad luck... You need some Nawlins juju, ma cherie..,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I need a gris-gris bag. I need a ceremony to cleanse this bad luck off me. I need a few pins stuck in the right places for healing.
But, we get laughs instead!
Okay, fess up Leslie---what's YOUR pajama story????


Deborah said...

Beautiful photos again. So sorry about your hand, but look at it this could have been licking the beaters....

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Anne,
Ah, so you are creative with writing as well as in your art.
You tell such a funny story.
I'll be back to read all about adventures.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deborah---HAHAHAHAHA!!! My husband might have found that better---peace and quiet! My though was at least it wasn't the heavy duty KitchenAide mixer.....I could break EVERYTHING with that mama!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Anna,

I think it is my Southern Blood---we are REQUIRED to tell a good story....or maybe I'm just full of it. <:)
I just want to get some ART back on here! And life is not exactly cooperating.....Ah well.
When it's right.


Lady Good Nectar said...

This is the time of year when I was born and what I love so much. look at all these fabulous pictures. They are absolutely intoxicating indeed!!! I love them all! They brought such a happy smile to my face and so did your words. Okay I will go ahead and admit that I cried all the way through reading your comments. I'm okay now he he he! Your words were like honey. So very healing and encouraging and I really appreciate your kindness and your wisdom. Thanks so very much you have really touched my heart. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

yoborobo said...

Anne - Your lifetime membership to the Klutz Association is in the mail. There are no benefits to membership, but when you do goofy things in the future, you can comfort yourself by reviewing the roster. You will notice that I have had the honor of being president many times in the past. :) xoxoxo Pam

Ces said...

Are you making me jealous? Your Autumn foliage is gorgeous whereas down here we are perspiring like hogs. Everything is still green though so it's okay. Hahaha. Yo crack me up!

Ces said...

BTW, the only thing that I would have wanted after seeing all the four oak awards on your blog's sidebar (Renee, Bella Sinclair, Deborah and Arija) is I wish I would have known you earlier so I could have personally given them to you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Lady Good Nectar!

I hope today is a good day for of the talented brush! Am most glad you stopped by and found something to connect with; I'm still craving a big pot of gumbo as it is cool enough here to thoroughly enjoy it (tho I'd rather be sitting in the French Quarter enjoying it....)
Fall is a magical time of year---I so look forward to it. Nature puts on her taffeta rustly petticoats and parades about.
I could have done without the finger smash---but then it would not be ME! LOL!
Visit as the muse blogging has been less than stellar of late; too many commitments.

Anne....with Kleenex handy!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

We can have a Co-Presidency on that one! HAHHAHAHA!!!!!! life and accident list. I guess it was inevitable that the hip was coming at some point.....;)
I need to load some pics or something for a post about behind, trying to catch up on rest and then its sewing today.
Maybe I can run the machine needle thru the finger....but I've done that often..... :)

The Prez

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Ces!

Yes, I am doing my very humanly BEST to make you jealous! Is it working??? ;) I have to do something to compensate for your whiz-bang ability to crank out the Nymphs!!!
And I am sooooo proud of the four awards.....I was fortunate to have friends that thought enough of my blog to pass them on, which ultimately meant we met!
Oh, I found two tubs of acorns in the wet studio!!! I thought of YOU!

Anne.....Nutter, not Netter, I guess.....

Ces said...

Thank you dear Anne for sharing these beautiful Autumn foliage.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My pleasure Ces...there used to be a woods across the road that was full of oaks and other old growth...was bulldozed.
Those were the days that I had endless nature pics to share.
My heart aches thinking of it.....


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