Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Work, work, work.......mini-rant.......work, work.....

Breaking News! Go to yoborobo for a delightful Halloween giveaway! Now!
(and now, back to scheduled rant....)

.....ACK! I am in a state of getting further behind rather than any ahead, though I must admit yesterday had it's UP moments.
Like when I was UP crawling on the cutting tables, trying to get the batting and fabric all in order, marking edges and then hitting everything with the temporary adhesive, that I am quite sure will require another can for the completion of the second banner. And did I mention that only half of the work surface is real table? The rest is home exterior foam insulation on two rickety metal ironing boards. That works fine when one stands at the sides and works, but crawling atop it.....no. Bad idea.
I am back to the exercise of crawling UNDER the table to get from one side to the other to work, which seems safer at the moment than trying to flop myself over the top. This hip business is, well, a great nuisance! And a pain in the arse...and groin too. I know, way to much info....la, la, la, la, la.......
I also had the dubious *pleasure* of spending (wasting?) I don't know how much time on the phone with a customer service rep from one of the very MAJOR credit card companies, who got themselves in deep financial ca-ca, so to bail themselves out, they have passed it on to the honest, paying users of said card, to the tune of 29.9% interest rate. Yep. Loan Sharking is legal kiddies! If you're corporate, and you've screwed up, you just pass it on to people who have done right by you since 1990. The person at the other end---and I do mean OTHER END, because he could barely understand my language and I could barely understand him!--- kept trying to get me to transfer a CC balance onto said Loan Shark Card. I kept telling him I wanted a lower interest rate and I did not carry a balance!!! He was clueless.........it was a perfect case of Catch 22.......around and around. I hung up. This was just a broad, across the board interest rate raise before laws come into effect to STOP stuff like this. Ai-Yi-Yi. Where is my USA???? Who abducted the Country I so loved growing up? The honesty? The work ethic? Oy.........
Anyway, back to the work.......I guess, in protest of said company and their policies, that I will have to ask more up front from churches I work for, to make sure all the costs are covered and use a debit card, thus avoiding adding another third onto a commission price. See, this was all going somewhere. Everything I order or consider will have to be firm in stone, which hurts my clients as well as my creativity.........I really, really detest big business. May they have the fleas and fire ants from a thousand sandy acres firmly take up residence in their nether regions. >:-)
So I'm back to the banners, which thankfully all the supplies are paid for, and the second set too, where I have paid for everything needed. Then when delivered, the cash into the account to be saved for the newest commission, a lovely wallhanging for a more modern church......I'll post the sketch when everything is finalized.
Okay, I'm off my high horse now. Or low jack-ass, as the case may be.
That wasn't even a rant......how pitiful!
I am definitely aging....... >:-(
Off with ye---find people to enter the big milagro box give away. We might as well have a little fun from the good old days of CC purchases, which are, officially, no more.
As always.....



Gayle Pritchard said...

Well, I thought that was a darn good rant, and only echoes the experiences I have been having, as well. Minus crawling across the table top, that is. I haven't resorted to that yet, and hope you will refrain from that in the future.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL!!! Gayle, that's the only way I can do some of the work on these silly things! Crawling under is a no option, as the whole end of the studio is blocked to accomadate the length.....it's like a circus at the moment, I think!
Ah, it was a rant, but not a *Classic Anne Rant* that could go for pages.....which is good!
Hope your work goes well!


yoborobo said...

Oh, Anne - that was a fine rant! Complete with fire ants and fist shaking (yes, I could see you shaking your fists!). We just went through a similar exercise with the tech reps for Verizon: India, Indonesia, Mexico. The only world tour I'll ever go on! But yours is worse, 29.9%!!! It just fries my grits that these corporations can do this. ARRRRRGH!!!! I'm so sorry. xoxox Pam PS Stay off that table, young lady!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

You know, today it's rather funny. Yesterday it was NOT. I lived in the pre-credit card era, and can again. It is just infuriating that companies can so insulate themselves that you never really talk to *anyone* who can/will do *anything*. DH has a card at 13% or some low rate....if I must, I will use his.
It just annoys me because I can do nothing.
I'm with you on the world tour....OY! Not what I had in mind.
I will not be on the table today---in the kitchen instead.
Tomorrow? No promises!!! LOL!!


Marilyn said...

Oh believe me I have had the same rant about CC's. They are the lowest form of financial butchery! We had one who jacked our interest to the stratosphere so we paid it off & dumped it!! Maggots....
WOW, my rant.....
I feel better now.... It was nice talking *at* ya'!! LOL!!
Love Ya'

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes, your description is quite adequate. And the funny thing is the *person* I talked to yesterday kept telling me the increase was to provide BENEFITS for ME.
How, pray tell??? I wanted to go off on him but thought why?
I'll keep the card but not use it. End of story. Eventually, this will all come back on them because people will default and those with no balance won't buy....so think about it. DUH.
And another rant! LOL!!!

Anne (we need a *rant award*)

Linda Moran said...

Good rant! I am so anti-banks - our credit card interest is 9.75 percent - but our credit union has a zero rating and is no longer in Tucson.... I do hate the usurious fools - and you're right - I don't like what this country's become.....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

Yes, it makes me wonder what will happen, though it seems a retread of the great depresion is upon us....
Yesterday was one of those epiphany wake up calls of how I will change my own habits to cobat what I don't believe in.
One by one...people can make a difference.


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Fleas and fire ants in nether regions? A woman after my own heart! (Is it alright to admit that I laughed when I read that?). As for credit cards, don't get me started.
And please woman, stay off flimsy tables!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh yes, everyone should laugh at it because I am sure more than myself experience things like this.
It was meant as NOT NICE humor!!!! >:)
I am off the tables for today....tomorrow I cannot promise....


audrey said...

Yipes, lady, are you trying to do something to your OTHER hip? Being ON the table is bad enough, my friend, but it sounds like you are doing many types of contortions!! What we won't do for the sake of creativity. (:
Take care of yourself.
My CC company decided to hike my monthly payment from 2% to 5% and make other changes, too. So rotten for those of us who pay on time and never miss payments. I like Marilyn's sweet description of them ~ maggots!!!!! Of course, I called and tried to be nice ~ to no avail. I am dumping them ASAP.
If we could all dump them and they would have no customers, they might change their tune.
BE CAREFUL crawling around!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Problem with dumping cards you've had a long time is that affects your credit rating. So I choose NOT to use it, but to keep it.
I get sick of their games....it stinks.
Yes, I'm trying to be good.....it's just hard for me!


Vicki M. said...

I second the rant!

Deborah said...

That was an excellent rant. I give it 10. Now I am off to visit your work. Many wishes for a peaceful and productive day.
**kisskiss** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well girls...I have not ranted in a while, so maybe this one was building up and thus, had readable value.
Sometimes it's just brain-dribble..... ;)


Leslie said...

An Anne worthy rant indeed. Big Business is on my Pet Peeve List already, so I get it. Love the contests...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm trying Leslie....it's hard to get up steam these days, unless of course it has to do with New Orleans..... ;)
Your poor friend on FB......
But that was a HOOT!!! And a good one too---LOL!!!


Lynn Devine McDonald said...

Ohhh, Count me in please, what a wonderful giveaway!!!! Have a good one!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You're in Lynn!!!
You ARE official now...LOL!


A Stitch In Thyme said...

As far as rants go, you did just fine. lady like too!! I have a question for you - I would like to start painting again (roses, flora, primitive type). I would like a good book on roses or mixed pleasures if you will... can you suggest one or two? I need to learn tasks that are not exceedingly difficult due to my hands and the ever changing pain/stiffness I get at random. I can always fine tune my art later no? :o) When are your comissions due? I do not like getting behind on anything, NO, I mean ANYTHING.. drives me bonkers. So, i'm spiritually going lift you up on high.... now relax and let your mind and hands do what they do best!! Hugs. Tammy

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


I will see what I can find on roses. One reason I switched to mixed media is it is easier on my hands. I'm trying to think....one of the folks who enteres the giveaway dose more primitive work---let me look this evening and I'll get back with you off blog.
The banners MUST be delivered before the beginning of Advent, which I think (got to check the liturgical calender for the year) is the first Sunday in Dec.
I'm like you---I cannot stand being behind. So eventhough I know I have to take it easy, I know I have deadlines to meet too. Sure you understand....
Thank you---I do appreciate it!


Georgina said...

Oh hell woman, now you've got me spewing!! The same thing happened to me and my so called customer service rep spoke English!!! Just as clueless...dealing with people who are dumber than a burnt stick, a sack of hammers, a pregnant earthworm...ok, now look who's ranting!!! I finally used mine when I went to Austin. I got the bill today and just about fell off my saddle....then it hit me, I also bought my mother's airline tickets for her Christmas getaway to visit my little brother, Brunhilda and the spawns in CA. Whew, was that a relief, but I'm going to pay if off in one payment and "so long to bad rubbish!" Or at least when I'm going to need it, which is rare these days!! Thank heaven's for my little debit card!!! That's the only plastic I swipe!! Well, time to go on to bigger and better....ooo, the SyFy channel is having a monster marathon..must go get my zombie fix!!!


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I so love your wonderful rants and the continuation with all the others who share ranting as an Olympic competition and I can't help from smiling. The big guys are maggots and I am not sure the country can survive this feeding frenzy from the loan sharks. Hammerheads...maggots...slugs ...leeches... they all are a requisite for the so called recognized "big business" and yes if you quit your credit rating will suffer. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ah, hahahaha!!! Georgina, you do have excellent descriptions!!! Evidently I hit on a sore subject wit all of us! Yes, my little piece of Plastic-Hell will be going into mothballs. If I desperately need it, well, it's there. Otherwise, debit only and screw these big companies. I see this as a foolish move on their part---just a drop in the money they handle. But maybe they don't want customers who pay the bill in full, eh?
I crashed and watched "Needful Things"---a dark fav of mine. It was good rest and knitting time!

Anne.......don't let the Zombies near your brain dear!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Mary Helen---
Ranting as an Olympic competition.....perfect!!!! Never thought of that! I am thining, right here on blog, we could come close to some medals. Someday, when I am sure I won't scare everyone off, I'll get on one of my REALLY GOOD ones! Folks that are here and have known me a long time are quite familiar with them.....they range between pee-your-pants hilarious and flat out frightening, but usually TRUE. (that's the frightening part)
I can't produce them for the amusement of it---it just happens.
Like a volcano blowing. ;)
Off to the couch....my new friend in life, at least till mid December!!


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