Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I Give You My Heart......Literally!

After yesterday's list of things you didn't know about me especially the art/medicine career I coveted, I thought I would dig up this image of a fiber piece I did as a gift years ago. Tell me I shouldn't have pursued medical illustration! (Netter Wanna-Be!!!)
I can't help it; I love *parts*. I love how things work. Like the images in the corners that were from a stress test I had---I begged copies of the images---my heart at work! It was fascinating! I could see the actual beat, the inflow and outflow of blood, muscles working......it was wonderful. I knew it had to be put into fiber.
This is made from an assortment of techniques, both art related, quilting related and mixed media. A perfect rubber stamp, computer printed background fabric of DaVinci's skeletal drawings, the main heart image printed lightly on fabric and then completely redrawn with prismacolor pencils and enough wool batting put in so that it would have dimension. I used pigma pens for details, thread, embossing powder, beads, sequins, felt with tissue paper applied to look like leather......you have to click on the photo to see the details.
And that line running across the work is my heartbeat.
It makes me sit and realize what an amazing machine the heart is and what a miracle the whole of the body is, in health and in illness---large muscles and micro organisms---it is a work of beauty!
Sorry; I have to wax eloquently upon occasion here, due to the fact the DH has heard it over and over and I am not sure he shares the same interest and curiosity that I do.
That's okay.......my heart still beats for him too anyway! ;-)
Life, in all it's stages, is wondrous. See it. Enjoy it.
I bid you.....



audrey said...

Anne, congratulations on your Kreativ Blogger Award! Well deserved!!
Your Heart work of art is vey interesting and I think it is cool that by sharing this, you have given each of us a little piece of your heart.
It truly is an amazing machine that is taken for granted by most of us.
It is a beautiful, lightly foggy, autumn morning here in Virginia. Loving it!! I hope you have a beautiful day in Indiana.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Audrey...
I was out in the cold, wet morning grass, shooting pics of a quick sunrise that had the sky the most glorious shade of gold! Froze myself, got my feet good and wet but worth it.
Now it's just grey and looks like rain, which I think we are forecast for.
And I must-must-must work in the studio today; a couple of days out and I don't get caught up!
Have a good one!!


Ces said...

Heheheeh!~ Anne Netter-Wanna-Be!

That's a beautiful heart but be careful, if you give it away, you will need another one, so keep it and keep it well! I am in arush, so I'll be back later.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ces....don't rush too fast; you'll end up like me! (and I can always make another....story of my life....)


yoborobo said...

Bless your heart. :) You do indeed have a medical mind. Once, in college, I got my hands on some x-rays and put them in a stain glass window. Spinal columns, Anne. I know you would love that, right? xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

All I have are hip xrays...have to figure out something later to do with them art-wise.
Are you back on-line or just having moments here and there?
I'm just trying to get everything together to WORK, and that is worse than actually doing it.....


Linda Moran said...

Absolutely fascinating, amazing, wonderful, ingenious....not enough adjectives! And you're right - you need to ponder the close-up. I would really have liked to see this in person. You know, with Dia de los Muertos coming up, those hip xrays could lead to some interesting fiber......and I KNOW you have pieces of bones and skeletons just packed away...

Really amazing, Anne!

Marilyn said...

...interesting piece....
No doubt about it. The body is a miracle & a curiosity!!
Great Post!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Linda,

I am afraid this year, with all on the plate, that DOTD is going to be a small celebration here; probably just chocolate cake baked in my skull pans. Which is okay, but I will have to ponder the use of the multiple CT images.... :)
I need more bones.....


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Marilyn,

Yeah, it's definitely one of those odd pieces that you love or just wonder WHY---which is fine!
it was the piece that really made me look at moving to mixed media--had a good time with it and thought that it was time for a switch.
i think most artists reach that point somewhere along the line.
Have a great one!


Leslie said...

It's a great piece, I do not know what I can add to the other comments. The illustration is fabulous.

Should be interesting to see what you do with the hip x-rays, I am thinking something about a crumbling foundation, if it weren't so true...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ooooo Leslie, crumbling foundation. I need to remember that one. That sounds good....I'm wondering if the surgeon will be allowed to save the screws for me?
yes, I'm sick...... ;) (probably not; I'm sure it is considered medical waste....)
Thanks for the good idea---I'll ponder that!


gypsylulu said...

OMG!...only you would think to utilize your X rays...lol!
When i double clicked...I could not believe how awesome this is!..
excellent execution of all the parts! and i love the background of little skeletons..so fitting..
the center heart is magnificent.
Composition comes in there too...
perfection. I will be studying this over and over...so much to ponder...waxing eloquently is your style, gal...thank you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This was a gift for my previous physician. He, of course, thought it was pretty cool, and looked at it different than we artists do but it was a prized possesion.
I can only wax eloquently with DH for so long, especially about body parts because HE does NOT find all this stuff entertaining! I'll be looking at a microbe pic and he looks at me like I'm from Mars. I guess I just see the *art* in all of it....it's like quilting.
many small things make another thing, then that requires something else, and finally you have this melange of items that have created one object. best I can describe my connection between the two......

Anne.....nut case!

Georgina said...

Heavy stuff, sista!!! Love what you did...great stuff!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Everything I do, for the most part, seems to be heavy....too many connections!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!LOL!!
Such is my life.... :)


yoborobo said...

Anne - just when I thought things were humming along, the internet ground to a halt. Good news! Verizon people in India and the Phillipines are working on it. LOL!! I'm sure I will be on-line full-time soon. And you really should (when you get two minutes to yourself) put those x-rays to some creative use. Fabric transfers come to mind. :) xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Pam, I am sooooo sorry about your ISP. I cannot funtion without mine, well, I don't function all that well anyway! LOL! I sure hope they can get it running for you, or I was closer to let you use my computer!
Got DH's computer all up and running again yesterday (bad tidbits of program data) and am becoming a slight geek. Everytime I have people here to work on mine, they are young GEEKS (I say that with honor) and they explain everything and I ask questions. I've learned a lot.
I just know ISPs can DRIVE YOU NUTS!!!!!


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