Monday, August 10, 2009

Back To The Art At Hand.....

After a break for life and all the other distractions, this is where I am with the previous Art Redux piece. I've made clay, pulled images and culled down to some that have been cut out, added gesso with a highly sophisticated tool (my finger!) and wiped most of it off so I would have it only in the marks made by gel and brush. And I found two images with a face, and the one of the Virgin is the one I plan to use. I also did some very light rubber stamping on the background.
You see, as I looked and examined, I discovered that the reason I had those three images shoved so far to the sides was I had just received a delicious shipment of papers from Manto Fev and I soooooo wanted the text in them to show up. I wanted the collage to be about the background, and when I went to put in the foreground, I was lost.
So it was a big jump to start adding (even though it is just laid on at this point) and then whiting out and stamping. Because those luscious foreign alphabets would be obscured. That was the issue. The piece had sat long enough that I knew what I was doing was going at it backwards, and I had to forget it and deal with a lush, intricate foreground. Then whatever shows through, shows through. (whew!!!)
It's like in life, when you can't see the big picture for focusing on a couple of small details. You rehash the same information over and over and over and the same answer results.
Once I got a bead on what the *problem* was, the other issues pretty well straightened themselves out.
Yes, I need more contrast. No, I don't know if the halo stays. Yes, there is something completely incongruous about the combination of images. No, yellow orange is NOT my favorite color. No, the close up is not even CLOSE to the real color, but I couldn't move it for better lighting. Click the upper photo and you should see what it really looks like.
But something wonderful is in the works, and I am excited!

And there is a title in the works too.....either "Madonna of the Flowers (or Garden)" or "Madonna of the Moths".
Or maybe I will change that again too. ;-)
This is when art gets very exciting--when it is all this great gumbo of possibility and you want to dive in for hours and not re-emerge until it's done!
But I have to take DH for a rental car to go visit his mom, and then there's the yard........and it may wait. I think Art trumps Yard.
Have a wonderful week---a big welcome to my newer followers and above all else, have a creative and beautiful day!
I bid you, as always.....



yoborobo said...

Oh, Anne - I am loving where you are going with this. And I LOVE those colors (in the top picture). You are going to have a hard time walking away from this one! :) Happy day - xox Pam

audrey said...

I can see that this is going to be awesome when it is completed. I like paintings with the Madonnna as the subject - actually, I purchased one recently at the May Roanoke Art Show - I must show that on my blog.
I'm getting off the track....easy to do with all the thoughts running through our heads all at once.
Back to your WIP. I like the elements you plan to use. Can't wait to see it complete.

teri said...

Anne - I like the process of getting there with a piece - it's the journey I love. Your end results are going to be very pleasing because you are thinking it through! Stay out of the heat (no yard work).

Leslie said...

Wonderful, I love the Madonna of whatever she'll be.

BTW: Da loves Grace and St. Stephen's. He's verra impressed by the talent of my friends, you in particular!

Jan said...

Always interesting to be able to follow your process. You follow your muse so well. Good work.

Bunny said...

Thought of St Theresa when I first saw your image. Not sure you need the halo either but then again I am not as much of an artist as you are. Love watching the process though.

Bunny said...

Thought of St Theresa when I first saw your image. Not sure you need the halo either but then again I am not as much of an artist as you are. Love watching the process though.

Linda Moran said...

As always, I am entranced by what is happening with this piece! I have a small package headed in the mail to you today - some "texture" that I found while cleaning, and my first thought was "Anne could use these."

Alexandria said...

Gild the halo!!! Scribe some rays into it.

It would help draw the eye to the Madonna.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey all!
I knew if I did some errands this would be full of comments! DANG!
This has become something that is really working at me to finish quickly but I know how long it will take, so I am telling the brain to slooooooooow down!!! LOL!
I'm thinking, in the halo department, cutting the paper off and either using glass glitter or gilding. Not sure. The surface is really rough so the glitter might be better. There really is a LOT to do on it, and I need to mentally figure out what comes first. Sometimes that is the hardst part---dissecting the whole into the order of work, being from the back forward. So it could get interesting.
And Teri, I'll wait till this evening to needs it even with the lack of water. So if I don't post tomorrow, well, come see if I've smacked myself on the tree again or keeled over!!!
DH safely on the road so I have a couple of days for art.
And now I'm off!!!!
THANKS for all your input on this!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW!...I'm loving what i see here, Anne!..It's so exciting to get a piece to this stage. I can see its like a juggling act to know what should come next!...
hmmmm, of course you know i love your idea of the glass glitter !
You go, girl...enjoy your free days! ha!
xoxo, gypsy

Flor Larios Art said...

I love this one!

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