Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Art Redux: Getting Serious

Continuing from yesterday, while most of the day got away from me and I truly ended up with little art time, there was still progress made. Decisions. About colors for the clay, about the halo, about darkening the edges and beginning to gently and slowly bring up depth in the piece.
First off, the reds chosen for the clay parts were drawn from the reds in the Madonna. The large squares are a bit rustier red and the small pieces are alizarine crimson. There is subtle difference, though after the wash of gold is added atop, it may be difficult to see. Both colors really are in the folds of the clothing.
I chose a light, bright gold for the small tiles and a darker, warmer gold for the corner pieces; there had to be some visual differentiation or it would get too shiny and there would be nothing to contemplate. Somehow it sort of reminds me of abstract pieces of a dissected rosary.....
It is a bit odd how, after adding reds and golds--even before I darkened the edges, the yellow-oranges had been toned down visually. They suddenly were not quite so *in your face*.....or Screaming Mimi bright! It was beginning to fit.

The final alteration for the day was cutting the paper halo away and replacing it with gold paint. The dark ink added to the sides of the piece picked up texture provided both by the gel medium and the stamping, which was a pleasant surprise.
Now I feel like there is a direction to the work, more ideas are coming to me as I examine it and it is quite honestly, fun!!!!
I hope your little lost projects get a chance for a second glance at daylight---who knows; there might be a masterpiece waiting to happen! So go grab that stuff you've hidden, make art and have a wonderful, creative and fulfilling day!


teri said...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I can't wait to get down there and start gluing things!!!!
It's so cool when it all comes together......and I wish that would happen a bit more frequently! ;)

gypsylulu said...

Brilliant for sure...
Its really together now, Anne!
I am loving the symmetry of the flowers and butterfly at top..
plus the gold squares...her halo softened..
For one who has painted only with the acrylics on a regular canvas
this is most exciting! I must pay attention again to what you are using..as to the glazes etc. So many new avenues! thanks for the inspiration!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

All I can say, to thoroughly corrupt and bankrupt (at the same time even!) is Golden gel mediums and Golden fluid acrylics! I use regular bottled craft paint for the backgrounds on the clay, but the fluid acrylics have punch you will not get elsewhere. And it takes sooooo little.
I bought I think three bottles to start with (due to budget) and fell in love. Then one of my friends pointed me to an eBay sale of a whole slew of them, and though expensive, it figured out to be half the price and some of them were quite expensive colors.
You would have a ball with them!!!
And yes, the paper halo gone makes a lot of difference! (and I was scared to death to cut it off! HA!)

Leslie said...

She's gorgeous!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thank ye!
Sh'ell be *gorgeouser* tomorrow.....hopefully! :)

audrey said...

I'm loving it. Since you've toned it down, it is softer and pulls you in. It is going to be spectacular.
I picked up my paint brush yesterday, finally! Started a tree painting. It felt SO good to be creating again. Happiness...

yoborobo said...

Ok- I have a sudden urge NOT to paint with screaming mimi colors ever again! This is beautiful, and I love the moth above her new gold-painted halo. You have inspired me to try some new things (that will cost me money - LOL!). Great work, Anne! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes! Yes! I have corrupted another person!
To quote the Grinch;
"Let's go home Max. My work here is done."

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Pam, I reallly LIKE screamin' mimi colors---it was just that they were NOT working with this.
I love the pull of dark or neutral against bright or uber-bright. It's all balance, and of course, the content in the work.
If I had a different image on here, the oranges might have been fine......it's in assessing what you're working with.
Sometimes I hit the nail on the head....sometimes the hammer hits me.
And besides, I absolutely LOVE your work and the colors of your paintings are perfect for the content. They wouldn't look *right* in my colors. (I love your Calaveras!!!)
It's finding the art identity that we all have, and then pushing forward and slowly expanding it. I did not used to work like this at all.....it just was a natural progression.

Linda Moran said...

Wow! Just when I think it can't get better, it does!!! I am amazed at what you do!!!!!!

Jan said...

Is this on one of your framed canvases? Just curious. Because I'm thinking there might be a whole 'nother side you haven't even shown us yet. This side is looking fabulous. I haven't done any creating lately and am beginning to get the urge again after following your process. Thanks again for sharing.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

This is just a flat canvas panel; the cheap type. Thankfully, thee will just be ONE side because I think I'm going to be all *thunk* out by the time the front is done!!!
Although, it would have been interesting to have seen this on one of the deep canvas pieces----it would have been totally different.

marion said...

Umm... what I want to ask you is, what is your intention for this piece? Particularly, are you aiming at a particular relationship between the viewer and the central figure?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The intention of the piece is to use an assortment of images that are specifically associated with my work and find a pleasing way to build something that has visual depth.
Whether or not the figure calls to the viewer is one of those things I leave to the viewer. It's an element, though for me there may be more involvement.
I prefer having it out of the center frame and letting the piece be a little top or bottom heavy---by the time it's done it should all work out.
If not, it still looks better than it did when I started! And it was fun getting there!

A Stitch In Thyme said...

This is fabulous!! Absolutely beautiful.. very creative!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks----was hoping to have more time to work today but had to do some errands and went to lunch and the heat got me.
But there's always tomorrow to work!

gypsylulu said...

Just getting back here, anne!...
thanks for the info....NOW...tell me about the glazes again...
thats not the gel medium..or is it?.. I'll take notes this time, i promise.. lol!
I have had to leave my pc off a lot today..these storms keep cropping up!
I am assuming the squares are the paper clay in this piece?...anything else?
I love it more each time i look!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I use both gel medium and Goldens GAC 200 for a glaze to mix with the fluid acrylics. Sometimes you have to just go to the Golden website to see all the products they produce. I own a lot. So it helps me narrow it down when I know which you want info on.
The squares are the paper clay, stamped with a rubber stamp, then painted a couple of times. I put on regular acrylic craft paint, let it dry, then dampen an old wash rag and scrub off the color I don't want, to add a second or third layer of color.
I also used ink pads; dye, pigment and Staz-On for different shading. That is a matter of experimenting and seeing what works for you.
This is a process of experimentation. You have to start with the background papers, then start building more and more. Eventually you will have a texture you cannot achieve with simple collage medium due to the heaviness of the gel.
I love tinkering and adding and pushing it as far as I can make it go. Hopefully this one won't go too far and flop!
I may take two days off; tomorrow's blog post is pretty self-explanatory.
Now go have some art fun!

gypsylulu said...

Ahhh...again..thanks, anne!
I will make notes here...
I am torn, as i start some classes on Fridays beginning in Sept... using watercolors...at this great art center out in the country here... they will be doing some mono printing too..
it is going to be great getting active again..after 5 years of digital art! But i do love what you are doing here too....i want to do it all! lol You have certainly introduced us to new things...and i thank you for sharing your knowledge with us, Anne!

gypsylulu said...

ooops, meant to add a link to this art center..its used for one of the stitchery guilds too...
but a wonderful place to meet and paint...


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

just wonderful - love the small clay pieces and the halo is more beautiful now. But, especially, the background is a knock out - it looks hundreds of years old. Brava!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thank you Tristan---that was what I was trying to say and couldn't get the words out of the mouth! Yes! I want the background to look old, old, OLD!!!
Am going to use the glass glitter when I get the pieces all secured---a small ring around the outer edge of the halo.
I'm excited! :)

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