Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Surviving the drought.....

Eventhough we desperately need rain, I took a stroll around the yard while DH had pity on me and watered the small trees we planted back when the soil was soft. (seems like years.......)
I found some hardy survivors, happily showing off their colors and selves!

This salmon daylily is a favorite, given to me by one of my friends. The clump needs digging but my leg says no way--not this year!

My surprise sunflower, surprising me again with a multitude of smaller blossoms coming out at the points where the leaves meet the stalk. The close up on this one is fantastic! How incredible this simple plant is!

And this busy bee doesn't seem to mind the dryness; nor does the decorative thyme it is searching for pollen. I was treated to several shots---the bee must be like me and enjoy the click of the camera!

A pink phlox, slowly opening and still bright with color. These must be the first buds open; they tend to fade as they are exposed to the sun.

And yes, my favorite, an old fashioned double orange daylily. I have dragged starts of these from all over creation. I am pretty sure the first came from Grandmother's or Great-grandmother's. When I move, everything goes!!! There is history and family and friendships in these flowerbeds and it makes the blossoms even sweeter. I walk and see people long gone, people who still actively garden, folks who have had to give it up and in the process shared their precious plants to keep the genus going.
In passing the roots along, they pass love and happiness and joy.
May your garden be full........always.


Jan said...

These are lovely. I too have plants from friends and family and when they bloom I am always reminded of who they came from. My valerian came from you. It is rather wild and over grown now but still flowering and surviving.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

The monarda is doing surprisingly well that you sent me; I thought for sure it would be cooked, but all that water we got early must have done the trick.
I'm not complaining!
And I don't think you kill matter how you try..... ;)

Leslie said...

Again, great eye candy and I love the history. BTW: Reminder, reminder, reminder. You owe me some art...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes yes yes.....the muse has left me. Will write off-blog.

gypsylulu said...

ahhh, I love the double orange day lily!.Glad your flowers are nice to have the good memories too..

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Gypsy---I wish I could save that double daylily all year long!!!
It's huge, and I don't know why!

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