Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Back to the box canvas and texture....

I know, I know....I bounce from one thing to another. Sorry--that's sort of the only way I get things done here. I don't have a lot of specific time for only one thing, and when I do, boy, is it wonderful! So before I lost my train of thought on this project, I got back to it today.
Some of the work was done previously, but needed retouching.

The small pieces of stamped tissue were applied with gel medium, but it dulled the inteference color, so I had to wait until it was completely dry and then reapply some of the paint with the starry stamp. It came up nicely; actually, it shows more here than when you are looking straight on at it.
The next issue was the back of the canvas, and granted, I am asking you to with hold judgement until I can get a few more steps along.......

.....it does have the look of something Chinese with the choice of colors but trust me, not even close! The inner part was what I was happy with; one coat of acrylic in a rough wash style, and then two coats of two different fluid acrylics to give it a depth and glow. The heavy coats of gesso let me paint and rub and lift, getting a very aged look.
The odd thing was I had a difficult time getting this red to photograph. I tinkered with it in my photo program, and it still is not the exact color. It really is a burn-your-eyes-out red orange, more on the red end of things.
Anyway, just like a soap opera, stay tuned for more!
Today is PT and the check up with the surgeon, so it definitely is a *No Art* day, unless it becomes an *Art Supply* day!
Hmmmmmmm......... ;)
Now go do something creative!

P.S. As an idea of what visual texture alone can do with the eye/mind connection, go visit Linda at Marbled Musings for her textile work........it is all a matter of fooling the eye, to some extent, and processes we employ to do it.


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

That golden texture is exquisite...I know I was a king in a former life - I just love gold! (and of course, having people do what I them to do).

I can't wait to see this finished piece. I have never added stamps to backgrounds and I know that it creates a lovely depth. I really must give in to some of these basic techniques that are so successful in your work!

I also am amazed at the real 'gold' colour you're getting. When I want that authentic gold colour, I add gold or copper leaf flakes. Your way is so much more beautiful and integrates much more successfully.

Have a good day with PT ... and buy yourself some art treats!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh hey--I am somewhat together and ready to hit Hobby Lobby FIRST!!! You can see my priorities.... ;)
I am fond of gold, when it's done GOOD. I think you will be surprised with this piece when it is finally shown as a whole.....totally different maybe than what it looks at present!
And yes, you were and ARE a king Tristan! We all know that!

Leslie said...

Where our Muse takes us, eh?

The gold piece is gonna be amazing!

Linda Moran said...

I am really enjoying this journey, to see how your piece develops. Very different from what I have seen before - intriguing!!

And - thanks for the plug! I'll get a full-size up soon.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

My muse seems to always be on a course like in Family Circus, when Billy was told to go *straight to the store*.........it just goes where it wants and I have a hard time controlling it!
Linda--I think the marbling and this have a lot in common in that it is all to fool the eye to think it is something other than what it really is. Like really good faux finishes in homes, or quality faux skins fabrics (snake, alligator,etc). It's all about the end product representing something else in a glorious way; you don't notice or don't care that it's not the real thing.

Georgina said...

I love it!!! So what did the doc say?? Oh bother...they're a necessary evil. Hey, go to my blog..have surprise for you. Actually, I've tagged you!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Have not been to see *Mr. Personality* yet.......grrrrrrrrr....and my PT got rescheduled so I was able to do an Art-Run to Hobby Lobby.....
Going to your blog NOW!

Jan said...

This is coming along great. Love that texture. I saw some of those interference Golden paints at the art supply store the other day and almost bought some, they are so cool! And I don't even paint!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Intereference paints are FUN; I bet you could use them on fabric with some success. I got mine on sale, which made me happy. Of course, that probably means they are discontinuing certain colors.....

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