Thursday, April 9, 2009

What goes into the back of a piece...... not always an easy decision. I got my order from Manto Fev and there was this cool piece of yellow with red print joss paper, so that was a given. And for the sake of Wabi-Sabi, a small shell that has one side broken away so that the interior is perfectly seen. Those were easy. And the paint was fairly easy. It usually is simply because of the multitudes of layers. If I'm not happy with the original color, I start rubbing in others, and then a nice patina comes up and it's a go.

I suddenly had this complete mind-block as far as the rest of the contents.
Yes, it will have the little string atop that looks like a string of prayer flags but what then? Is it just that I have been out of the studio a while and mind is not on auto-pilot? Is it that I have found myself exceptionally physically and emotionally tired for two days and that is showing up in my work? (hmmmm......listen to that one Anne.....) Or is it just a minor case of Artists Block.
Someone needs to invent an Artists Laxative. You know, it blows the blocks out. Then you're fine and you start doing wonderful, fresh work again! I honestly, truly, with my whole heart believed as I slowly descended those stairs that this piece would be finished today.
But it's not, and I have worked in the medium long enough to know there is a reason, and to sit back and let it stew. Work on something non-art-related, take a nap, do some computer work, look at the tiny green things bravely forcing their way into the still-cold air. But leave IT alone.
At least for now.
Or the next ten minutes.
Or after more coffee.
Well, that doesn't mean you can't be having a deliciously, deliriously, creative day, now, does it???
Can you do enough for both of us? ;) I would really appreciate it!
***And by the way, this is what the worktable looks like when things are *in progress*. Actually, this is a pretty clean example. Sometimes I can't find the plastic cover, there is so much spread about. I need all the possibilities (in other words, JUNK) right where I can see them, even if there is only the slightest chance they will be included. Then I can't stand the mess and I clean everything up. I think I know how a Yo-Yo feels..........but it works!


Leslie said...

Snort, an Artisite's Laxative! I so know what you are talking about. That piece is looking really interesting.

Leslie said...

OMG, I beat Tristan to a comment!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, then this is a National Holiday because, yes, Tristan is usually the first! But I think he was going camping, so I don't know if that meant that started TODAY or if he still isn't feeling up to par.
I really vote for the Artists Laxative----gets rid of those pesky blocks and you're back to your normal artistically flowing self overnight!
And gentle on the system too!!!
LOL!! LOL!!!
I need mental care........

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...


somebody beat me to the first post - and I'm usually so diligent on keeping up with my favorite blogs LOL. Jon let me sleep in this morning. That happens once a decade LOL.

I love the idea of an artists' laxative - sorta like Dump-the-Block.

Maybe not.

That sounds painful.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

How about "Block-Buster: guaranteed to work in one dose!"

Or the good old fashioned (and I kid you not) "Black Draught; take one wineglass full at bedtime." I have one of those labels from a Manto Fev run....

And since SOMEONE got to sleep in, it should be a National Holiday!!!! Some of the rest of us were up before 5 a.m.

harrumph! And hope you're feeling lots better!

Vicki said...

I'll take some of the Artists Laxative, along with some Shutterbug Energy Elixir! Sorry, Anne...I don't believe your workplace is that neat when you are working! Remember, I've seen your studio! ~8-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Seriously, since I moved to that small area, it is a whole lot neater because it is a small space. I have everything labeled, know where it is.......most is within arms reach, I don't need as much, my paints are in little wire carriers. It was a good move down!
Now the SEWING studio......OY VEY!!!! That's another story. I'm ready to dump it all and start over......or just throw it all on the floor and start a fire or call the dump truck.
Actually, since I was working on the Banners before the fall, it's in pretty good shape too, which is why the weather has been horrible! LOL!!!!

valmay208 said...

Okay People, enough talk of LAXITIVES !LOL! I wanted to wait until I actually saw this work of BEAUTY before I posted. Little did I know it would be coming home with me TODAY. The pics DO NOT do it justice; layers of color complex, some angling towards the light to be truly appreciated. Textured dragons surround and protect MY Buddha; symbols of "Destiny" on the front and "Peace" in the back; meditation mantras...spiritual guideposts.
A stone, a shell, and seeds from the tulip tree; things of the Earth; natural and perfectly imperfect--Wabi Sabi!
Thank you Anne, I LOVE and will CHERISH it!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And tomorrow, we will have a pic of Val and her piece of artwork!!!!
Thanks Kiddo---so glad it has a good home!!!!!!

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