Wednesday, April 8, 2009


This should be declared nothing short of a National Holiday. Yesterday, and the day before, I slowly and carefully made my way to the wet studio in the basement and I MADE ART!!!!
This is one of the pieces that I owe to one of three individuals from the blog post, oh, I cannot remember how long ago. In the time it has taken me to get THIS FAR, I normally would have had all three of the canvasses set with washes of color and ideas for each.
Well, I am delighted that this much is done! And sorry about the pic against the candle on the table but the photos I shot last night were unusable and I did not feeling like waddling out to the studio quite yet for the nice black background. Plus, for whatever reason, the color came up perfect in go figure. It really represents the piece!
I love the top and sides, using the multitudes of colors (fluid acrylics) laid on and wiped off for that old and weathered look. The dragon was stamped on first with fluid acrylic, then when that was dry, was restamped with a similar ink, clear embossing powder went on and I hit it with the heat gun. More texture, more age. Some things that are so simple look so incredible when added to other treatments.
The back is not finished; I laid in the colors I wanted last evening and will probably work on that some today, and then decide what to put in the niche. I have a few choices that I have sorted out but remain undecided.
Remember, for the three of you I owe art to----the art is made just for YOU and is created with the same amount of time and quality involved as the pieces I do for a collection to shop to galleries or shows. So if one of you thinks this looks like YOU, leave a comment and I will yea or nay it! And everyone, please be patient because I want you to love what you receive!!!
Now get out there and experience what I did yesterday--the complete and utter bliss of making art!!!
P.S. The chinese symbol on the front means "destiny" and after all I have been through, I think it appropriate!


Leslie said...

It's lovely, that is. Glad to hear that you are getting back to the swing of things. Woot!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I wish my swing was a little *swingier*!!! But still, it's okay! Had wanted to work in the basement today but the laundry, dishes, and---oh yeah---cleaning the bird cages are at the head of the list. The birds are done and so am I!

valmay208 said...

Anne,When there was a long period of time yesterday that I didn't hear from you I thought you might be DOING ART or out DRIVING (Again). Glad it was Art.
This is BEAUTIFUL, and since I am one of the people you owe art to, I would be perfectly satisfied if this were MINE!
You know I love oriental art and things occidental and try to have a Zen attitude as much as I can, live in the moment to it's fullest....
YAY!!!! For you and WHOEVER gets your new piece.
By the way, love the "Spring" pics. A touch of the beauty of nature... Reminding us that the Earth is bursting forth anew, or trying to, anyway.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

well, you certainly did make art!

I think this is pretty damned cool - I really like those metal what-ever-they-ares on the corners.

I really have to get it together to try to do some of your paint and rub off techniques ... I do a lot of alcohol inks and stamping with embossing - and it's so easy I tend not to experiment...never a good thing LOL.

you want to be a swinger? does your husband know?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

First to Tristan---Dang it! You made me laugh and spit on my monitor!
You would love the techinique with the work you do---need to try it. It is a hit and miss this at first, but you can cover mistakes, etc. Plus, I found on the Demco, if I work hard enough, really bad mistakes can be completely rubbbed off......
The mtal on the corners is metal tape for furnace ducting; buy some. you'll find a thousand uses for it!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Val.....this is the piece I am doing for YOU!!!I just have to get the back done, and it's not happening today, but soon!
Moi? DRIVE??????? ;)

valmay208 said...

YAY, YAY, YAY!!!!! IT will be loved and have a special place of honor!! But I'll have to do a lot of reorganizing(cleaning !LOL!) to find just the right locale for it....
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You are more than welcome! Glad you're happy!!!!! :)

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