Thursday, March 19, 2009

Le Bas Rouge....or Anne's insult to injury

I am hoping the French translator I used was correct---some things sound more elegant, more gentle in French. There is a certain panache to what is really being said.
And Why, might you ask. is there a picture of a red, glowing lamp in this post?
Weeeeelllllll, one thing has to do with the other. This is not an art post---this is a "Joys or adventures of recovery" post.
I am, on a good day, allergic to numerous things, and have lived with it so long that when I go to visit a physician I can blither out the meds by heart and tell the dentist not to use this or that----it's just life.
Having never had surgery before, I was dumped into a world of items that I was clueless as to their ability to do odd things to me. (and not in a fun way either.....)
Tuesday I was cleaning up--a bath pretty much like the budgies take because the incision cannot get wet---and I kept feeling what appeared to be welts upon my nether regions. So I waddle into the front hall tree, (the nearest full length mirror I have) and sure enough, I don't just have a massive allergic reaction to where the dressing was taped on and ripped off, taking skin with it, I am red EVERYWHERE.
Like the little lamp in the photo and the red wall behind it. Up my back, down my legs and blisters the size of my thumb.
---An Aside---
I cared for my ailing parents everyday for three years through numerous surgeries, critical health problems, cancer, just plain gross things, etc and have seen a lot, and for the most part, not much bothers me. Take that into consideration....
---Back to adventure---
As I was standing there, I just started crying because I knew this was NOT GOOD. So we made a trip to my Doc, and when he looked at it he said, "I have never seen such a massive drug allergy reaction in my life." (me either....) Then he asked how PT was going and I said "What PT???"
So now here I am, on steroids to get Le Bas Rouge cleared up, spent most of yesterday with the Physiotherapist and the home health care nurse and also allowed some time to whine and feel sorry for myself.
Or maybe that's the Medrol dose pac working on me. Who knows. I think I feel better. This is just crazy.
I miss my art terribly and cannot get to any of it.
And my e-mail has only been working sporadically, so my link with the outside world is interrupted.
So to close with a bit of self deprecating humor, I quote from the old standard.....

"Shine on, shine on Harvest MOON, up in the sky........"

I kind of think you get the picture.......or at least as much as you need to. Some things are better left under wraps!!!! ;)
Love and art and creativity to you all, and thanks for the cards and well wishes. They do mean the world to me.
Now go be creative and use the day well!

P.S. And please, have a laugh at this!!!!


pikchic said...

I've been trying to email you and now I realize it must not be me it's you, hahaha. Just wanted to let you know we all missed you at the meeting last night. After reading your blog I've got to tell you something funny that was said there. Someone asked if you had sent a project for the "decay" theme, Carol replied, "Right now I think she IS decay!" Sounds like that might be true! Love ya bunches, call me if you need ANYTHING.

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

that all just sounds so damned miserable - so sorry you're going through it all.

isn't the level of care and information we get from the medical profession today just DREADFUL?!?!?

can you at least drink tequila?

Leslie said...

But a Harvest Moon is generally gold, you are talking about a total eclipse. God, woman, if it weren't for bad luck. Hurry up and get well and FYI:I never let them put tape on me anymore, as we age (REALLY BIG SIGH) our skin thins and becomes more fragile. Just say no to tape.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm telling you, this has been an experience for sure. I have a great primary doctor but it's the OTHER ONES that I question.
I guess I was just meant to have an exceptionally interesting and colorful recovery period...... ;)
Although I'm thinking a couple of dry Martinis, straight up, two olives would be a good addition to my therapy, yes?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Leslie, I'm laughing because I started thinking about all the songs with "Moon" in the title and I have decided that maybe CCR's "There's A Bad Moon On The Rise" might be the most appropriate!!!
If anyone has a better suggestion, post it! Let's have some fun with this misadventure!!!! And Blue Moon isn't going to cut it....

Jan said...

Your song choice seems most appropriate. I hope you are feeling better soon and that next week at this time you are out dancing. But pleeeze be careful if you do. We want no more falls.

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