Friday, March 20, 2009

The last good ME!!! (and ART!)

(Photo by Megan Mirro, copyright 2009)
I am posting this for two reasons; first, it is a reminder of how I was before the great adventure....and it wasn't that LONG before it either. Granted, I look fat as a tick wrapped in that luscious sari, which I did my own twist on so I could wear a sweater and skirt under. It was a glorious piece of fabric to wear; to cocoon yourself in and move the folds about until they were just right. It was a small luxury.
Second, it shows some of my art that I have not posted before. My red series, that mainly deal with hearts and Frida and Diego. They are the most obnoxious things to photograph due to a heavy coat of triple thick gloss finish on the hearts, leaves, and the built up ground of heavy gel medium.
Since this was taken from a slight angle with indirect light, it works.
I love these paintings; they are bright, cheery, have dimension, use mixed media techniques and overall, please me. Sure there are things that might be improved---I'm not blind to that. It's just that occasionally you make something that so emotionally pleases you that the thought of selling
it is not the issue. Having them in my house brightens the walls and reminds me of the fun of making them, trying out the built up gel that the printed pics were gently pushed into, so there would be a bit of dip in the center for more variety of texture. It was an experimenting process that worked well (well enough to show) and something I want to get back to at some point, or at least incorporate some of the technique into my box canvas series. They appear to have nothing in common but there is a connection between the two.
It is interesting to see how artists can move in a flow from two separate series that seem unconnected but when they are discussed, the step from one to the other is quite clear.
These actually would be a good class to teach; they are not hard if doing the heart piece and can be done on any size canvas, though the small deep ones are for the most part, more impressive. Some things just work better visually smaller.
So that is it for today kiddies. Actually, it took longer to tinker with the photo and I apologize profusely for the bad photo manipulation. No contacts in and lack of patience....not a good combination!
Your humble authoress begs forgiveness...... ;)
Now go make something wonderful, try something new or just be creative in your day and enjoy that! That's what you've been put here for!


bernadette ostrozovich said...

oh dahling, you and your work are both gorgeous! good grief if that is fat i must look like a manatee!!! i really like the color of these paintings. am a sucker for red and a greyed sage-y green and you've used them beautifully!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think red is just the life-blood of the universe. The right touch, the perfect shade.....and then LOTS of the right shade is fun!
These paintings are deceptively easy to do; it's getting over the fear factor of "OH MY GOD! What do I do with all that RED????" Amazingly, with the right colors added to it, it almost becomes a neutral to offset the other colors and make them shine.
And my dear, you are NOT a manatee.....wait till I get my leg going so I can kick your shins!!! ;)

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

fat? please. do you wanna get smacked?

you look fabulous!

now - the paintings are wonderful.I especially like the long rectangular piece that has Frida and Diego intertwined, yet separate roots. Very nice take! And, of course, those colours are to die for! Love them. I hope you can take some other photos at a later time so they can be enlarged.

Hope you're feeling new mendings every single day!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Smacked.....SMACKED????? Are you putting the leather and studs on first??? >:)
Glad you noticed the two stems on Frida and Diego; it wasn't an accident. Entertwined completely, yet seperate.
I probably need to take some of the work to a professional photographer and get some quality shots. I think these would test them to the ends of their abilities!
Doing better today--each day I see a bit of progress. Sore muscles! That's good! it means I'm moving more.
Will have PT today, so wonder what that entails. You think they'll bring an Iron Maiden and The Rack? (oh wait, that was the hospital......) LOL!!!

Leslie said...

How cool that you can make happy art from Diego and Frieda, did think it would have been possible.

I'm with Tristan, you look fabulous, Dahlin!

Leslie said...

That should say, DIDN'T think it was possible. Sigh, early am typing, not the best.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey, it was a struggle to THINK this morning to do the post!!! I kept having to hit the backspace to correct errors and had to read and reread to make sure everything was right, made some sort of sense, etc....
Of course, that's a normal morning around here without a lot of coffee!!!!

Jan said...

Its been so nice to be able to see more of your art work since you began your blog. You might consider having a secondary blog with your pieces for sale on it. Of course, then you would have to be willing to let them go. If I had created these I would find it hard to let them go. Didn't I see one of these in yesterday's post with the red lamp? I am off to the gallery today to deliver some of my own pieces for their grand reopening after extensive remodeling. Wish me luck! And good luck to you on your PT today. You big fatty you...NOT!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Sharp eye girl! It is similiar---they are tiny little hearts I do in these fancy plaster frames. Same technique though and they are lovely under light as the little ones have some of the very extra fine glitter in the center of them.
I hope your trip to the gallery goes great and I am sure it will be fun seeing what they have done with the new space. Pop me an e-mail on how it went!

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