Monday, March 16, 2009

It's the little things....

....that make life worthwhile. You don't know, until you have been unable to care for yourself how good it feels to wake, make your own coffee (slowly!), brush your teeth, do a few dishes and then rest.
No self-slamming because you did not accomplish more; just the pure delight of doing something for yourself.
This has made me take a hard look at Art. How often do we become so wound up in the process of finishing pieces that we have lost the joy of the journey along the way? How often have we hurried to the point that there is no joy what so ever in what we produce, though it may be technically perfect? Why is it always something BAD that causes us to stop dead in our tracks and say...wait a minute.....this isn't right......

I challenge all of you to do one simple task today and slow down long enough to savor what you do. Be in the moment. If it's dishes, wash them well, feel the water and the suds, look at the clean surface when you are done. Be proud of your work. Then apply that to your creativity. One thing, one moment, one enjoyable process.
You truly will not realize what you've been missing in all the hustle and bustle of outside demands, demands we place upon ourselves, demands placed upon us by others.
Our world we live in makes us feel we must gladly accept more demands. What if you were free of that?
Just slow down and do one small thing incredibly WELL.
You cannot imagine how good that can be!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

you are so right - I know that I tend to be more product than process oriented. Yet I do enjoy what I do and should take more time to enjoy it.

Jan said...

If I slowed down much more I'd be at a standstill! But your advice is good and I will keep it in mind. I'm glad you are looking at the bright side.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah but Tristan, you seem to have a ball with what you do---at least that is what comes through with your blog posts.
And Jan, if I just could have had an infusion of whatever makes you YOU, instead of the fall, wouldn't that have been better????
By the way, don't let any moss grow when you're at a standstill.... ;)

Leslie said...

Anne, process is always interesting and that's why I made you tell us yours for making the rosettes for the banners. I get tho, what you are saying. And like your friend Jan, if I slowed down much more I would be dead stopped. At least you don't seem to fogged by the experience and you can think and plan and process. Love you and if you need anything, holler!

valmay208 said...

Anne, you know I work SLOW, start with an idea or 1 something that inspires me, put something on canvas, then sometimes look at it for hours, days or weeks until it speaks to me and tells me what it needs to be finished, to be WHOLE, to express the idea or EMOTION. What is art without that but a cold exercise in skill.
And people--Do not worry if your art is not "perfect". There is beauty also in imperfection, if that is what the work calls for.
Slow down. Trust your ability, trust your artworks to communicate to you, trust your brain.
That's why if I have art to enter a show fine, and if not, that's fine too. Maybe there's a good reason it doesn't get done when I originally wanted it done.
That's my 2 cents :>)

Stitchwhiz said...

Hi Anne,
Good advice. You're absolutely right joy is found in the process. It's real meditative for me to be in the moment whatever I'm doing. And it doesn't hurt when the sun is shining on a warm almost-spring Texas day. Cheers to you and all the Peruvians!

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