Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tassel Tutorial

I am not the best at doing a tutorial, because I just *do* things. But it was brought to my attention that it might be interesting to do one with the rosettes and tassels, so here goes!
You need commercial tassel fringe, tape to secure the pieces when cutting apart, beads or pearls and ribbon or braid. The length will have to be tinkered with to work with the width you purchased. When you get a length that makes a nice rosette with a hole in the middle when gathered, you're ready to go.
Stitch the ends together with a thread that is doubled or heavy and a sturdy needle. Stitch over the end, then begin the gathering. Note that the stitches used to gather are LONG. That allows a specific look to the rosette, plus it will let you pull it in closer when all the stitching is done.

Turned right side out,
and with the thread pulled
up partially
(take your time or it will break)
this is what it should look like.

The rosette will have to be pinned somewhat flat--coax it down. Some of the waviness will work out with the stitching.

I pin heavily to keep it where I want it and close to flat. Sometimes this works better than others....

Again, with a heavy or doubled thread that matches the rosette---NOT the background fabric!---begin doing a backstitch that is small on the top and large on the back side. Work slowly and ease in the braid. Take your time and be inventive if you must---no two of these ever work the same for me.

Once that is stitched, you are ready to insert the tassels into the center hole. How many you use is up to you, also the length and fullness.

Two are stitched in here, the third awaits. I wanted them sort of splayed to each side, so that was how I stitched them. Make sure they are secured well.

The third tassel stitched in, and needle still in place. I match the thread here to the color of the tassel trim.

And the finished product with a large, baroque pearl in place, to cover the stitching on the tassels! You could get creative and use more pearls, or a little bow or other ribbon flourish---this is just a jumping off point.

One of these with a more masculine look would be super for a Pirate's Hat!


bernadette ostrozovich said...

jeez i love your work AND your work ethic! i am so appreciative of the layers and layers of passion and attention you put into everything! you are one of my heros and this tutorial is great! the finished product is awesome!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, at least it must make SENSE. I do this work so much I often cannot be sure I have not left out a vital step, and the harder I try and think, the more the grey matter shuts down.....
They are soooooo much closer to being done! Get that rosary out for me!

Jan said...

Always nice to learn something new. This is why your art is so wonderful, you put so much detail into everything you do, even if it won't show in the final piece. Thanks for the tutorial.

Leslie said...

SEE, I TOLD YOU! Thanks, now some of it makes more sense.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

(bowing to Leslie)
Yes Ma' were right!
It is just that I never take the TIME to document process, and since this thing is so close to being due, the thought of those FEW EXTRA MINUTES to shoot pix, well, you know....

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