Friday, February 6, 2009

February Dumps

This happens every February; I just go straight into the dumps, and frankly I should plan it on the calender so I could work around it! HA! On the up side, I have diligently stitched on the banners and have a few more feet of braid to do, so that will be finished this morning. And that means they are ONE BIG STEP CLOSER to DONE!!!!
To strictly poke fun at myself, I am posting this pic that was taken a couple years ago at a friends studio. I had brought lunch up, got to the door and slopped a huge cup of tea down my jeans! Soaked. And it was winter, and in an old building with nominal radiator heat and I couldn't sit there in wet pants, sooooo....So that is why I am wearing the "shirt and apron"---so charming, especially with those winter legs and my Chucks and anklets! Sex goddess I am not. Anyway--I am pointing to a little guy on the door that says "Let the art out" and I think that is all I need to do:


We all need that, don't we?
Let your art out today and think of me.


Jan said...

I noticed you had on some black tights or something to cover those "winter legs" in the Jack sparrow photo. I remember seeing this photo before, it's cute! I'll let some art out today in your honor.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You let a LOT out!!!!!
MORE!!! MORE!!!!
Obviously I have no shame....posting that pic....but you know that!

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