Sunday, February 8, 2009

Studio Vignettes

Yesterday evening I was puttering in the wet studio downstairs and the light was low (I did not have my painting lights on) and it was one of those moments of epiphany. I looked around at the everyday things I had collected, and grouped---basically for ease of work, and saw all these interesting little vignettes. None are intentional; they just ended up where they are because I was trying to maximize workspace and have things where I could find them---i.e. in plain view. If it is hidden away, forget it. I don't remember I own it.
I like a combination of neutral balanced by in-your-face color, and it shows. Things I save and use are things that make me happy and some of the odds and ends I purchase are strictly for visual stimulation. I know they have a slim to none chance of ending up in a mixed media piece, but there they are, sharing color and texture and who knows what else stimulating the creative side of my brain.
Click on the photos if you want to see more detail; the first photo is probably the best for that.
Brushes, scissors, painting knives, wire, pieces of twigs, all where I can grab them quickly without thought. I know where they are and I can be looking at the work on the table and reach without moving my eyes. That's why I had not seen the interesting arrangement that they made until I was doing something completely different.
A partial package of shells from a discount store; I picked out all the dyed ones and arranged them in the little basket. They sit on the painting table to my upper right, near my water bucket. I see their color all the time, and the texture. I just enjoy looking at them, especially the pinkish-salmon ones. Who knows what that will inspire down the road......
Directly to my right, as I sit, are two banks of craft paint, a bank of fluid acrylics and an old glass microwave plate which serves as a palette. Any brushes in the Old Bay tin are brushes that have been washed with water only but not cleaned with paint soap and reshaped with a brush stabilizer. I look in the tin and know exactly what I have that needs final cleaning. The brush laying in front is for gel mediums , and is almost ready for the scrap heap. But I clean it diligently, use a brush comb on it and keep getting one more use from it. (tight wad.....)
Tomorrow I will post an accidental composition that I really, really LOVE. It needs a bit of highlighting on it's own, so I shall acquiesce.
Have a creative day folks!
I intend to!


Jan said...

I love these peeks inside your studio. The brush you use for the gel medium, I'd have expected it to be bigger. Probably it was at one point. It must be wonderful to be getting so organized. My studio looks like a cyclone went through just now because I have been fooling around with so many projects.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jan, it is a small brush---one from those cheap-o craft assortments they sell for $5-7 and have a foam chip brush and usually a 1" bristle. Then lots of the nylon brushes. I have found, with what I work with, that the cheap ones are fine, and have had to only invest in a couple of good liners and one or two wider, higher quality flats.
Most of the work I do is fairly small now, so the smaller brushes are fine.
And the *cheap* is fine too!

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