Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Pirate's Sock For Me.......

Ahoy Mateys!!!! They be done; the Cap'n Jack socks! (insert extreme beaming grin here!!!)
Last night, after far too long a day sewing and doing so till my thumb split open from hitting beads and pulling the needle, I said to heck with this, pick up the needles and clicked onto the site with the tutorial on the top I wanted. I now humbly---or, as a smarmy Pirate---NOT so humbly post my hard fought for booty! (no, not THAT booty........sickko......)

First thing I learned? Don't shoot a sock with a black heel and toe against a black backdrop. Oh well, those look good but are not entertaining! It's the body that counts! I switched up from size 1's to 2's to do the intarsia, and when the sock is on, there is minimal distortion. Changed needle sizes two or three rows before the band began. Then worked with the 2's for a couple rows afterwards, went back to the 1's for the remainder.
Now, as I said, a simple ribbed cuff wasn't going to cut it, so I got online to look for the Latvian Braid instructions. I think it gives the sock a nice crown---something special.
And I believe I promised a bit of drivel---a story behind the socks so here is all I am capable of this morning.

Knit for Cap'n Jack by some poor Latvian girl he won in a game of chance on Tortuga, and safely returned to a decent port. Within his black heart was a soft spot for the lass as she sat dyeing hanks of wool on the deck of the Black Pearl and avoiding the crew. They were sure she was a witch, to take white yarn and produce such color. She would spend hours under deck by herself and they all were perplexed by her activity.
Before departing at her destination, she handed the stockings to him, much to his amazement and puzzlement. (after all, Pirates know little about anything but plundering and good rum....)
He scratched his head, then with a sway of his fingers, extended his hand to receive the gift.
"But Luv, how do they stay UP? There's no garters or anythin' "
She smiled and shook her head.
"Ah, Captain Sparrow, they are topped with a special knit braid from my home country. For each thread that crosses, that is a broken heart you left in Tortuga. And those threads bind tight, and they shall service you well.........for these stockings shall cling to you, as each of those women you left tried.
"And now, farewell." And she left, neither to see each other again.
Jack stood holding the stockings, musing her words.
"Bloody Hell," he said under his voice. "It's a good thing I didn't leave more women. She'd of knit me some knickers!"

And that, kiddies, is my story of the Jack Sparrows that I own. And that's all for the day because I have to get cleaned up to hit town at lunch, then off to a grant writing class, then home and collapse.
Enjoy the socks---I certainly am! But I think I will make a small black and white tassel for each, to pin at the band level. They just seem to call for it.....


Jan said...

They are even better than I had imagined! The top band is perfect. Fits great too, looks like. The story bit explains it all well, I don't remember that part of the story;-)

Dijanne Cevaal said...

Great Socks!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And they are soooo warm; I wore them out today in 5 degree weather over a pair of tights and was comfy.
Long day......not fun.
Back to the grindstone!
Thanks girls!

Leslie said...

Gods and Goddesses, they are beautious!! Now I do have to make me a pair. You are so an enabler!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah........ >:) heeheehee!!!!!!
If you do make them, e-mail me for suggestions on how to shape them good. I used Kroy for all of it because it was on sale and got it at a fraction of the suggested hand dye. I changed a few other things too.....

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