Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Sock Update--or--Jack Sparrow Is Almost On My Feet!

Since HD works late this evening, I will be working in the studio all day sewing. I am quite disappointed in myself as I was hoping to have the Jack Sparrows done. I knit like a madwoman last evening and then, when I got to the point of the ribbing, I decided the sock needed something different. Would Captain Jack wear a sock with common ribbing? Wouldn't he have something a bit different? The whole discussion is ridiculous but I was remembering the extras on the DVD about the trouble they went through when designing the costume and that got me on the internet looking for a tutorial for a particular idea that flitted through the swiss-cheese-grey-matter.
I am by no means a knitting designer, because it requires too much math. But I do frequently change things midstream (needle size, stitch, toe construction, etc) so this little last minute quirk is normal for me.
I always like a long area of ribbing and I knew there wasn't enough black yarn left to do what I wanted. And the body color, well, there was enough of THAT already and I couldn't see Captain Jack with WHITE ribbing........yes, I was having a mental moment. ;)
SO! Hopefully tomorrow, I will have a photo to post of the socks on me, with the lovely ending and a good story to go along with it!
In the mean time I am posting a couple of shots of the detail work on the banners. As previously posted, they are loooooooooong, and the little bit of trim you see along the edge of the photo goes almost the full length of the work, and it is all sewn on BY HAND. Both sides. That's four long stitchings, BY HAND. Couldn't remember if I mentioned that. Yep, that's why I'm in the state I'm in......
(tiny trim, full of beads and sequins to catch your every thread....)
(tassel cluster which I only have to make a few of......thankfully!)
So it is sew-sew-sew today, and see how much of the other banner I can complete, and hopefully be limber enough to be doing some odd form of happy-dance this time tomorrow!
You don't want a picture of that......
And then, it is back to ART!!! WHOOOOO---HOOOOOO!!!!!


Leslie said...

Wow, the banners are amazing they way they are turning out. I love the tassel clusters, they are lovely.

I want to see some pirates...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

You just want to see THE pirate!!!!!
I can't wait to get the socks done...... :)

Jan said...

Show off! I can't believe how fast you can whip those socks out! I do believe it, but am just jealous, can't wait to see them! I guess I'll go work on mine, hope to finish the heel one of these days. The yarn is likely to rot away before I finish mine.

I hope the church appreciates those banners. Of course they will, how can they not? They are gorgeous!!

bernadette ostrozovich said...

have i told you lately that i love you??? congrats on getting the show up! it looks fabulous! i love the way it's hung! it's so much more engaging than the standard gallery stripe! also, the banners, yeeessss! how gorgeous! as for the jack sparrows, i'm with jan, you are a big show off! (jealous jealous jealous!!!) how many more things can you do at once! i can't wait to see them on your feets! rock on, queenie!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

(sits smirking and looking quite smug and supreme)
Why, thank ye girls!!!!!
Do either of you want to come clean my HOUSE? Becuase something gets left by th wayside to do all the other things..... ;)

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