Thursday, February 26, 2009

DONE!!! My creativity, in living color!!!

Okay, in an effort to behave better, I have deleted my earlier rant (which disappointed Tristan didn't live up to some of my previous ones....) and got it together getting the pics cropped.
I am very pleased with the back of this piece---it is just what I want, which doesn't happen too often! I did not adjust color, so the bottom is a bit dark, but I think you get a feel for what is going on.
A close up of the top---the color of the shell seemed perfect for the blues used in the piece and also the Abita beer bottle caps with the butterfly images. How I love could glue the planet back together!
And then a sort-of-three-quarter of the front and top. Now I need a name for it that fits with the rest of the "Duality" series. Names are for the most part difficult. They either instantly appear or think and think and nothing happens. The second is much more common!
An aside---the class I want to do will show how to build up the base and color for these pieces. I usually do several canvasses at once to save time. I need to photograph before and after pics of them. The deep ones are what I use due to the space provided on the back. Dick Blick and Cheap Joe's (both the least expensive kind) work wonderful. The only thing I am very specific about is gesso and that is Demco, which can be ordered from Hobby Lobby. If you do anything that uses gesso, I highly recommend trying it.
I know I had promised to explain some things and I need to look back through comments or e-mails to see *what* it was I was going to explain......yikes.....
I guess that will be tomorrows post.
Sorry for being such a lame brain; old age is definitely taking a toll! ;)


Leslie said...

That is so fabulous. I WANT IT!!!!! Now you can go look at my pathetic attempt...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No attempt is pathetic......remember, I've been doing this for a long time and you just get to see the *good* ones! ;)

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