Thursday, February 26, 2009

Busy Busy

I feel like I am running on empty--too much to do and all packed into too little time. But I can't gripe; everyone else I talk to is either going through the February blahs or waaaaaay too busy and can't get anything done.
Anyway, my day yesterday was wonderful. The Gratitude Ceremony was a very spiritual, meaningful time and there was much theological/philosophical discussion and we had a minor shower as the gratitude flags were burned---it was beautiful. I am so glad I went!
Photos. Yes. I promised them, but I am out the door early again today, so PUH---LEEEEEZEE bear with me again! I have some shot but not cropped and ready to upload. If I can manage this afternoon, I will. As I have said before, I think I need a double of myself to get more done.... ;)
Oh yes, the delights of Microsoft. Booted the computer up and EVERYTHING was different. Obviously it had deviously downloaded an *upgrade*. Hmmmph! I was not happy---I like my computer looking like it did in the dark ages and after tinkering, I thought, to heck with this and did a system restore. We'll see what I have tomorrow when I turn the evil machine on.
So I am out of here again, sans photo, and feeling like I have disappointed my faithful readers.
Or maybe you don't read---maybe you have REAL LIVES.......
That's rather frightening. LOL!


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