Sunday, February 15, 2009

What we did on Valentines Day....

.....we moved this massive, gut-wrenching desk downstairs. And then the kind man came and got it.
You have no idea of the weight of just the TOP, which Gary and I moved first (smart idea!) because after that, I wasn't sure if I could stand up straight. I swear, it weighed 200 pounds and nowhere to grasp it. Oy. Double OY.
On the super-up-side, the man had totally redone one of these before, so he was really happy with it.
I am happy it is done and I can still semi-waddle.
I had a few moments to work on a small box painting, took photos of the box painting going to the one show in Wabash for jurying, did paperwork, printed some goodies for Tristan, cooked, and then collapsed, with the new socks I am working on.
And now I'm off to lounge today (hahaha!) and try and get back to normal.
Or abnormal.
Or anything close there to!
And I need to get *naturally blond* again before the show opening Wednesday. If I do that TODAY, the blisters and burns should be healed by Wednesday.
Yes, beauty requires pain. But dang it, your head shouldn't have to feel like a blow-torch has been set off on it!
Ta-Ta from Hot Head...... :)


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

goodies! yay!!!

are you having the roll top refinished - or just getting rid of it?

those kinds of blisters and burns I am all too familiar with LOL

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