Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo Art

While tinkering with a new program yesterday, in between trips to feed the birds and trying to decide if I would freeze solid to the ground while doing so, I produced the photo at the left. It is the photo in the "About Me" panel on the right. I chose it because it had high color contrast and figured it might produce something semi-interesting.
One of my girlfriends and I e-mail photos back and forth, working on them in our respective photo altering programs, and end up with very abstract images that are perfect for collage paper, or in some cases, a stand alone print. One was of a tree stump, with the focus on the exposed roots, bark and bare dirt. The final product was this amazing piece that literally looked like something from under a high power microscope! Maybe a thin slice of organic matter, living tissue---I was so excited!
I think this photo has more possibility after I send it to Val, to watch her work her magic on it. She is quite skilled at Photoshop. I am basically clueless and couldn't tell you how I got what I got. :) Hey, for me it's just a momentary diversion when I am trying to avoid real work or need to rest. And I do envy people who are proficient with digital manipulation. I am too lazy. Yes, I want to know how to do it, no, I can't seem to find the time to invest to learn. (read that: LAZY) I function better working on one thing at a time and I see too many possibilities with digital art. I am not ready to give up the fiber and paint and paper. I like the feel and the results and the surprises and the mess on my hands. The sound of the brush against the canvas and rushing to get the gel medium out of said brush before it becomes a sculptural piece itself! The meditative state I am in when working color glazes. Those are too dear to me.
So I will tinker for the present and be happy with the little triumphs.......maybe someday.......not now!


bernadette ostrozovich said...

could not have said it better myself! it would open up a whole new direction and there are only so many hours in a day! but part of you reeaally wants to! what in blazes are you and i doing up at this hour???

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, I'm watching it SNOW, but still in PJ's as I can't shake this feeling of a cold. So at some point I will have to get dressed and go plow.....whoopee.
I'd rather go to the cellar and paint but have computer work to do. That's why I'm up; this is a day to do a lot of paperwork and unfortunately, some housework.
Or maybe I should go sit in the snow! HA!
And yes, I would love to learn digital, but it would take over. The same reason I don't do all my fabric as hand dyes and paints. If I started, that would be all I did.
I know my limitations and can only give in so much to temptation!

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