Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why yesterday's post was so late....or how I spent my day and please kill me!

Sometimes real life gets in the way. Yesterday was a good case of that. With an impending blizzard, DH and I decided a snowblade for the John Deere was just the thing and I hot footed it off to get the last one they had for my model tractor.
The girl working there says, and I quote "It takes some putting together.....but it's not overwhelming."
Okay. I'm a handy-chick and don't back down from a challenge. No problem! I've fixed, built, plumbed, mortared, plastered just about everything. Done concrete, done roofing......I've pretty much done it all so this wasn't anything I thought much about at the time of purchase.


Yes, six hours of physical HELL, I have the blade together, the mounts on, the deck off, the weights in place, my back out, my shoulder killing me, and hands not working. I literally can feel nothing other than PAIN.
And one more day away from the banners.
All I can say is it had BETTER snow!!!!!! ;)

P.S. It works.......went out in the dark and tried it on the driveway, and nothing fell off. But I do have a few left-over parts.......hmmmmmmmm..........


Jan said...

So this explains it. I was watching the TV weather last night and it said "Unexplained storm clouds over Northern Indiana" Be careful what you wish for.

Save the spare parts to make ART with;-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Smart aleck........ ;)
I am in soooooo much paim you should have a little pity on me!
(why, yes---a little wine would be good!)

bernadette ostrozovich said...

hmmm...bad moon risin"? yesterday, still sans car, none of the five dearhearts i called to beg a ride from to my first day of classes were available...and hell, it only took AN HOUR for me to walk to the bus stop, complete with cane...so, you're not alone in a wonky yesterday, but yes, i do believe you still win the big whine!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think the moon has risen and crashed.
So it's BAD!

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