Thursday, January 15, 2009

Digital Dementia

This is it Kiddies; my *art* for the day. Seeing as how both hands are completely numb this a.m. (and I am assuming it was from my winter-wonderland-removal-from-driveway yesterday....twice....) all I can muster is some more tinkering with the previous photo.
I have a weak spot for lens refractions. Used judiciously they are delicate, lovely things and used the way I use them they are pretty much a weapon! I apply them the same as I apply makeup----the more the merrier! It's like lipstick; if it isn't BRIGHT why bother??? I'm pretty sure the make up selection is a Southern thing.....
One refraction did little other than look like a sore thumb amidst the other cacophony of color, but TWO, well, that was a bit more interesting, and then a third one seemed to balance everything out. This is not a portrait or anything for competition. This is for fun and at most, something to print out and cut up for collage. So I want COLOR and TEXTURE and VISUAL STIMULI. Actually, what I want is a glorified peacock's nightmare, and I think I have managed that. :)
I tried to find the *spiky effect thingy* I had done yesterday but could not, nor could I remember the technical term for it, so it was lens refractions instead. Hey, maybe it was supposed to be.
Now to haul my frozen-slug self off for the daily rounds, and work on banners, and do paperwork and disassemble Christmas. Yeah, I'm still celebrating.........(just haven't had time to take it down!)
Have a hot toddy and think of me!


Jan said...

This is very spacey looking. I thought I'd drop in for a peek here between coughing bouts. Looks like you are certainly more arty than I am today. Well, there is still time for me. It is a sunny day and I just got back from a lovely walk. There were light refractions all around; on bits of ice and snow and water drops.

bernadette ostrozovich said...

i don't care what you say, miss anne, it's RADIANT! and i, for one, can use all the radiance i can absorb! now what you need to follow up with is the rock album this would be the perfect cover for...a la the fab four! tee hee!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jan hit it on the head with *spacey*----well, it's ME so that automatically goes along with it!
Bernadette, yes, it would make a great album cover (oh my we just dated ourselves using the word ALBUM!!!!!) but it would have to be for a punk group. I'm thinking the Ramones "Acid Eaters" album they put out numerous years ago.
Yep, both our eras collide in THAT one!
Thanks girls!

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