Friday, December 26, 2008


Yes, Idiot Stick is going to town to fight the masses and see what is left of Holiday decor at a very discounted price.

This is PROOF that your gentle author is completely and utterly mad. (those who know me already were aware of this fact, but I share it with you early on in the blogging you can run if you wish!) One of my friends had given me a sticker I have on my studio door that says;

"Scream and run away now. It will save you time later."

Somehow I think that quote applies to my venture today! (thanks Vicki! it's a gem!)

So if I survive and if there are any rants worthy of the time to sit and type, I will add to this later in the day. My traffic rants don't count........those are constant!

I did want to add one thing art related that is really cool. I subscribe to the Robert Genn Twice Weekly Newsletter and today he had a superior article about painting abstracts, which I am clueless to doing. But it is one of those niggling things that I want to do but cannot quite figure out where to start. I feel doing it, learning it could be beneficial from two aspects;

1. I learn a completely new technique, which always is beneficial to creative growth.

2. I can't help but feel that there is a buried link between abstract and quilting/fiber art, so there would be a definite benefit there.

You can go to the page through the "Clickback" section or you can go directly to the photos of painting the abstract here and it also includes the background of the *artist* doing a good portion of the work! A very interesting story, even for you nonpainting folks!

And now I'm off....any way you look at it.....


Leslie said...

So send me your address and maybe the journal fairy will visited you too. I gave away the choc as it was the milk kind and I AM A DARK chocolate only kind of girl. But yes, choc, wool and a clean page to use, nothing like it...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love you Journal Fairy!!!! <:)

I am shameless......

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