Saturday, December 27, 2008


....I guess I should call it "B-Day" because I will be in the basement all day working on trying to get mountains of JUNK moved so I can get new shelving up and the old stuff out and dispose of things that I have collected for heaven only knows what reason. (because my alter-ego is "PACK RAT WOMAN---SAVER OF EVERYTHING!!!!) Sadly, that is true and something I have been working to correct. So believe me, this is major trauma doing the basement. But, I need the space more than the junk and hopefully it will look nice and be usable when finished.

Here is where I work now:

Here is what I am up against:

(click the photos if you would like to see anything close up, though why, I don't know.....)

I think I would just like to run screaming naked through the yard and get arrested and then maybe the Basement Fairy would have pity on me and come clean up my mess. Do I hear someone say "Fat chance"???
I thought so.
If I don't re-emerge to post in a couple of days, please send Law Enforcement to look for me.


Leslie said...

Throw away 50 things, LOL It is indeed a challenge and if you have any family make sure they are out of the house when you do so they can say, BUT. The best of luck with getting your space where you want it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Leslie, I think I went through more than that today; two shelves are empty and they're GONE. DH helped put the new metal shelves together. We sort of came to a grinding halt to keep a watch on the severe weather here.
But will be hard at it tomorrow.
I have a bag for Goodwill, one for church, one big bag of garbage......and I am sooooo tired!

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