Thursday, November 29, 2012

Following Yesterday's Post...♪ ♫ Sun Sets On Another Era ♪ ♫

Goodbye, era of Blogging fun.....Hello, corporate greed.......

Lately when I have been online with the blog, I've had the Jazz Player turned down as I stream WWOZ and listen to the going ons of New Orleans and a bunch of varied and excellent Jazz.
However, there was a stream interruption yesterday and I discovered while on my blog that there was NO MUSIC. 
Being the curious fool I am (and believe me, the second part of that is an excellent description!) I decided to check the Mixpod page, as I figured that maybe something had been reconfigured and I would need to put new code into the blog to get it up and running again. Overall, I had loved Mixpod for music as they had broad choices and I could actually FIND jazz there.
Instead, I get a blank page with this message:

"The time has come to shut down We'll have some information on exporting your playlist information soon. In the mean time, check out the app below."

The app being for an i-pod, which I do not own. And of course, everything is for PURCHASE.

Today I sit and wonder, okay, how much more of our blogs are going to be stripped in the interest of greed, greed, greed?
Other than DH, I don't think people realized how much work I put into building that list, and here's the kicker~~I have no copy of what was loaded on here, and have little faith that Mixpod will actually get the info to the people that had accounts.
The era of fun, creative blogging is sinking into the twilight.
The options, the delight of building content piece by piece, the excitement of trying a new widget.....gone.
My frustration level~~WAY UP.
My disgust level~~over the top.
Sometimes I think I need to close the blog and just keep it as a private whine-a-thon, as I know this CANNOT be entertaining for anyone else to read!
BUT~~if you do have a site for free music that is reliable, that can have a player imbedded, please let me know.
I don't function well without my music! (most of you are thinking, she doesn't function too well at ALL, music or not! lol!)
Sending LOVE instead of ♪ ♫ ♪.......


april said...

I noticed that too when I went on your music. Don't quit...I need someones else to listen to complain besides myself! Let's just hope enough of the complaints of others are getting through to them.

Janet Ghio said...

I noticed yesterday there was no music. I thought maybe you had turned it off for some reason. Keep blogging--I love to go to people's blogs. FB is okay for short thoughts, but it's not the same as a blog and I know I don't get all the notices there I should.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey April,

I am definitely the Queen of Snarky Whines!!!
I don't think a word I or anyone else says gets thru to these nincompoops, but yes, there is joy in having someone else to whine with that understands!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Janet, it IS the in-depth content/commentary that I like about blogs. And no, I don't get squat of the friends updates on FB due to how they push certain paid/promoted posts into the newsfeed.
You are encouraging a wild woman to keep up her bad habits, ya know? hahahaha!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I always keep my sound turned off when I visit blogs because often music can be distracting or annoying or both. But I always turn the sound on when I come to yours because I love the jazz selections on your player. So I noticed the other day when I came that there was no music and wondered why. Mystery solved! I hope you find a free player to use.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Debra,

I have a lot of folks who have written and said they keep the blog up in the BG for the jazz~~so while it's not on the schedule TODAY, I will be on the lookout for something else.
Jazz tracks are SO VERY HARD to find.....


Corrine at said...

Life is ruled by the almighty buck and give me give me these days...I am trying to keep those thoughts out of my head and keep the positive, happy, spirited thoughts in and spread them everywhere I go......sending some love to you. xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yeah Corrine, I try and just keep my old Punk sensibilities, but occasionally (like now) find that has gone by the wayside.
Found a site with GREAT JAZZ.
$30---yes THIRTY DOLLARS a song. ((O_○))
Just shaking my head.
Wish I could find something that would link with WWOZ as an alternative....still looking....


yoborobo said...

Sometimes I look at my blog and think, "You know this doesn't really reflect who I am." And then I think about what I would have to do to make it perfect, and I get overwhelmed - lol. Have you looked at I HEART RADIO or Spotify to see if they have something you can post on your blog? It won't be the same as selecting your own list, but I know both of them have 'free' stations, and you can select the type of music. Or we could get together, and record you and me singing The Chipmunks songs! Wait...that's probably copyright infringement. Back to the bat cave...xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No Pam, I had not checked either place but will. TY!
And yes, to make a blog reflect *you* (me) it is a H*** of a lot of hours and hours....and then you open it up one day and BA--ZANG! It's all changed.
I somehow do NOT think we would be sued for copyright infringement on our own rendition of songs from The Chipmunks~~tho at the moment, I'm all for our overwhelming rendition of "Mr. Grinch". That was STELLAR! ;-D


Amalia K said...

I guess now we know who deserves the "Scrooge" title this year! I hope you get that playlist back, Anne. I understand too well about "not functioning" without music. Bah! Humbug!! :(


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I think, Amalia, there are going to be a LOT of people on Santa's *naughty* list this year!
I've spent most of the day trying to find something that will synch with a scrap of HTML I found, but so far, no dice.
I suppose I should do some REAL work... :-D


Caio Fern said...

beautiful images everywhere, it is so refreshing to visit you.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Caio,

I too am complaining! :-D
We do it so well!
Good to *see* you here again...


Ima Weed said...

Geez Anne, I did miss the music when I got to your place but had not even realized that the 'birdsong' was gone from mine!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

And I would play your birdsong over and over for my little Budgie out here in the studio~~she would sing back!
These places are rotten.....
But I'm still LOOKING!


Bella Sinclair said...

Whoa, that looks like a big ol' rainbow sunset!

Aww phooey. If it helps, I am humming a jazzy tune right now. It's Pavlovian, I think. Anne's blog = jazz.

Hey, I made cheese bread sticks today! What a coinkydink. I haven't made brownies in a long time...what an excellent idea. And homemade noodles! Wow, I'm impressed!!!!

Good luck with da music. :)

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I am sorry for your loss is a special guide while we work and type...but maybe someone more generous will find a way to step up ...Peace sister!!!Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Gloria said...

Hey, it's quiet over here??? :) Either way, it's a great blog Ann. Sorry about you losing your music. There are other online free music places. I used to have Playlist. Enjoy your weekend Ann. Take care and nice to see you.

kj said...

so something you constructed was destructed, without notice or care. that is reason to blow.

i too hate that changes are made so blatantly. but i also think it's a miracle that i get to have a blog and i get to visit blogs and in a way it's a free for all!

i am always impressed with what you know about all this.

love love

Anonymous said...

There are times when I miss my blog but most of the time not-so-much. I don't miss the frustration & that seems to be at an all time high. I too love "my" music & I can understand your angst!!
Have a Great Day anyway.....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well, here is my take on what I am able to find. I used to use Playlist, and it is strictly on-site only now, with the ability to send a link to someone to listen thru their site.
Mixpod is totally gone, selling apps for I-pods and other mobile gear.
I found sites that build a player for your OWN MP3s, that you have hosted off-site, soooooo I am assuming that the whole issue of copyright has emerged, or, since a lot of that was in public domain and ownership was questionable, people have found a good way to profit off the goods.
DH had tried and tried from my previous Jazz list to build a compilation of Mp3's for me, but so very much of it is not available in that manner.
I think I'll be learning to love the QUIET, unless I can find affordable downloads.
And yes, I spent the whole day yesterday trying to figure it out, in between working on half a dozen things..... <:-)


Jan said...

Sorry this has happened. Seems like we were just talking about it the other day, how much you enjoy jazz yet how hard it is to find the songs you enjoy most. I guess we jinxed it! You might check out Pandora for jazz. I don't listen to much jazz myself so don't know what they offer, but it's free. Don't know that you can put it on your blog though, but you can play it at home.

Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

This is breathtaking! How awesome! This is beautiful. Just like you I might add. Hoping that you are doing well. Sending you much love!

marianne said...

a) do not stop blogging! i will miss you too much! b) i got so much crap for my embedded playlist on my blog that i did let it fade away. but when one wants a soundtrack to one's art, and if music is as important as it is to us it doesn't seem like it should be so hard. i'm sorry.

Jo Murray said...

I do miss your music...but I'd miss you more. Just keep on keeping on Anne.

Laura said...

oh Anne, I hope you keep your blog going... I love jazz (my husbands a jazz pianist)... but honestly, I always turn the sound off when there is music playing on a blog... I cannot read and listen to music at the same time... my brain can't do that. So while I understand your disappointment and frustration, esp. about loosing that list (you did have some GREAT stuff playing...I listened SOMETIMES)... don't stop expressing yourself here... please... and that photo? Gorgeous!!!

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