Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blogger Can Bite My........(rant follows)

(c) "Jason And The Argonauts"
 .....ummmm, you can figure the rest out.
Well, here we are with the *new and improved* Blogger dashboard, which, for all intents and purposes, is the same as the OTHER one they had tried to push down~~~AWFUL!
Let me get my rant out and then you can shake your head and never return to my blog and I totally understand.

  • First, I have bad vision and obviously the wonder-boys at Blogger think I have Clark Kent's Superman vision; I cannot SEE A THING on my layout to be able to make changes. SQUAT.

  •  Second, I absolutely DETEST, LOATH, want to SCRAPE OFF THE SCREEN that blasted *google +* up in the nav bar. It sticks out like a whore in church. (or me at church in my normal odd and colorful clothing of various styles.....)

  • Third, the instructional video really is not *instructional*, but they sure tell you how to make money with Google Ads!  AS IF. As if, not in this lifetime or the next. Ever.

  • Fourth, this isn't me just being the cantankerous old fart I usually am; trying to learn all this garbage that they have so eloquently HIDDEN, with chemo brain, is more than my poor gray matter is capable of at the moment. My thinking is rationed for important things like, "Did I leave the stove on?" or "Gee, that sounds like the water in the bath tub going full bore~~was I in there? Did I turn it ON? Did I turn it OFF???" (you get the picture.....)
  • Fifth, I am not a geek. I used to LOVE Blogger for it's non-geek enabled features. It was SIMPLE. You could easily SEE IT. It did not look like WORDPRESS. It was a warm and cozy friend that let you blog quickly and easily......not some great Hydra where you're trying to wrestle all the snake heads at once and pray you don't delete your formatting in the process! Seriously, I feel like I am in a Ray Harryhausen flick.....Jason and the Argonauts.
I'm stopping at five because I figure I have lost everyone at this point. 
Here's the thing; I do not consider this a lazy whine. I truly can't see. That's why there is a dark BG on the blog, so I can see it. I am sure I am not the only person with these problems, and somehow, to lock out a whole segment of bloggers to satisfy some ninny who is a wanna-be Wordpress geek really irks me.
I have, many times, threatened to quit blogging before but now I wonder how much I can continue, due to changes beyond my control.
Okay...*whew*.....not one of my better rants, but I FEEL better and can go try and get on with the day.
Which has a LOT of CONTRAST, and I can SEE.



Gloria said...

We all probably feel the same Anne. You are not alone. Hope all is going good with you and you are doing well. It's good that you are "irked" so to speak, that's a good sign. One can't keep Scythe Woman down! Take care and be well, I have to go nurse my knees with some biofreeze.:) take care.

Quilt Rat said...

oh yeah....well I too, was frustrated at first...but I guess I have become accustomed to the "new and improved" Just gotta roll with it I guess.

What is that google share+ crap anyway....I see it up on mine too but not certain what it is or why it is there LOL

I'll bet that you are like me, when they change everything all around at the grocery store. I HATE it. I know exactly where everything is and I can get in and out quickly.....I am NOT a shopper! Get what I need and get out! So the stores don't like that, they move it all around and usually organized in some strange way that only makes sense to them....they want to KEEP us there...wandering aimlessly trying to find those few essentials to make dinner...maybe it is amusement for them???? there is always take out :-)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gloria,

I am sure I'm not alone~~not that they care...LOL! I've got my feisty going; inner-Anne is just fine. ;-)
I could use a knee-ice too; wrenched my right knee and am hobbling like a very old woman....not pretty! hahaha!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jill,

Google + is their version of Face Book. FB is bad enough; I have NOOOOO intention of going onto another social media platform! I'm not that social.....obviously! hahaha!
And yes, when they change the grocery all around I go utterly berserk, because usually I am running short of time and don't HAVE the extra time to hunt for things.
Which is why I come home with half the groceries. :-)
And wonder how I spent that much.


Kimberly said...

The weird thing for me is when I got my new phone ALL of the pictures from my blog showed up on it...The Google thing I guess?

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Kimberly,

I've been looking at some of my HTML, trying to scope out stuff and just scratching my head.
I better not scratch too hard; brain might escape!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

I find it very hard to see that faint font as well. Clearly it was designed for young eyes, not ours.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Debra,

And those young eyes will be BLIND after hours looking at those fonts!
They will be wearing corrective lens.....soon....


Karen S said...

I just logged into my account and found the same thing. My father is nearly blind and it's likely hereditary. I am APPALLED at this new blogger development. I estimate that between the new "features" and the new crappy screen, I have not much time left here on blogger.

And Jill is right -- I HATE it when they change things at the grocery store -- what a waste of time. I feel like a ...sorry... rat (ahem) in a maze (getting out the file folder of take-out menus....)!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

Yeah, my eyes are like my Dad's~~poor man was in tri-focals and still could not see. I sent them hot feedback about people with eye problems not being able to use their product. (grrrr)
I will have to see how much of a strain it is to use---is the time/frustration worth the product. I have a guess about the answer already....
LOL on the rat in a maze....yep, they moved my CHEESE!!! Me too. ;-)


Robin said...

I confess I hadn't been on Blogger to make any new updates in a while...but after reading your comments, of course, I *peeked* in...and oh yes, I see what you are referring to. Wish I knew WHY they did such stupid things!!!(I happen to know a lot of *youngsters* in their 30's - who already have vision problems...) This does not bode well for any of us...

And..oh yes, I HATE it when the my market changes the location of my favourite items!!!!!

Hey....saw the first rehearsal for Moby Dick....(yes, an opera has finally been written about it)....and it's GLORIOUS!

Miss you.

Love and Love and LOVE,


Magpie's Mumblings said...

I've seen the google + thingie too and decided that I would just stay far far away from it! The other changes they made in the blog not too long ago flummoxed me for a bit, but now it's okay. I wonder if behind all these changes their real agenda is to try to force us to end up purchasing (at a significant cost of course) what will end up being their 'new and improved model' that will feature ALL the things we have complained about losing through all their current changes. If that made a whit of sense to you, obviously your chemo brain isn't as bad as you think!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robin,

They do it just to ANNOY US. (or maybe just!) I think they enjoy making things difficult and UGLY.
Moby Dick as an Opera??? Wow---that would be cool to see and I bet the sets are fab!
Miss you too....see ya after Opera Season. :-)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

I think you probably have hit the nail on the head; if you want a non-crappy blog, that you can control, they'll offer it for sale.
Still find it hilarious that the *intro* video was basically a big push for putting ads on your blog......NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
And yes, it all made sense, but then we tend to frequent the same wave lengths...hehehe!


Robbie said...

Sorry...I'm laughing so hard at your post...especially about the "whore in church" that i can't even comment ya, Annie!!

yoborobo said...

HAHAHAHA! I'm sorry, but I love your rants. And you are so right. I feel like I need a magnifying glass (a la Sherlock!) when I edit my blog, which probably explains the lack of...artistic will see when visiting. lol! I just let IT (as in Stephen King) decide what it wants to look like. Oh, Anne, you do crack me up. Okay, off to find something. Or lose something. xoxo!

Pam @ Frippery said...

I am glad you feel better Anne. I have one more issue. I can't seem to get music on my blog anymore. That was one of my favorite parts!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robbie,

My mission is accomplished~~I have made someone laugh while thumbing my nose at Blogger.
Can it get any better???


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam~1,

(yes, as in Dr. Seuss! I have two Pam's in a row!)
There's nothing like a good rant to cleanse the head.
Not that my brain needs cleansing as it's pretty much a wiped slate, but if you're going to complain, do it well!
Oh, I have now lost the headset for my phone.
And I NEED that....really....more than the knitting needles! ah-hahahahaha!


studio lolo said...

I'm not surprised to see a post from you because I've been thinking about you for the past few days and what a terrible friend I've been :(

I don't have Blogger issues of late, but then again I haven't been posting much!

Don't wuit blogging! We'd miss you.

I hope other wise you are doing great!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam~2,

E-mail me about the music. I might be able to help trouble shoot that part. (might...we're working with cooked brain cells, so I don't promise anything!)
It's ridiculous that we have to have things disappear that we take time to put together! DANG!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo!

You are NOT a bad friend~~you are waaaaay overworked and need rest and time for yourself, 'kay???
I'm doing pretty good; have to take my one birdie to the vet tomorrow~~all day trip (ack!) but she needs her beak trimmed bad and I can't do it. This is a vet job!
Hope you're doing okay and glad you popped in!


Corrine at said...

Well you know I got frustrated with blogger quite a while ago and while wordpress was at first a challenge, now I am getting used to it. (Also my son is now writing and designing blogs, so he helps when I get stuck. but for just simpel blogging, it's actually pretty easy to use. Carry on oh brave rant at the blogger changes. xox

Leslie said...

I get it.

kj said...

hello there! how is life today and tomorrow? i am dense, anne. i just did a new post and i didn't see anything different, which probably means i wasn't paying attention to begin with!

it's hard to be so dependent on blogger and google. things just keep changing and too often not for the better. makes me think of weight watchers. they change the program and they change the handouts just bout every year and half the time i'm thinking, 'but it's not as good this way!'

keep roaring. the world needs you :^)


Terra said...

Darling, go ahead and rant away, I understand and get what you are saying. Please keep on blogging here, cuz I would miss you if you stop. Have a lovely Sunday, friend. (I am typing this on a Saturday).

Vicki & her Vagabond Heart said...

I just went head to head with the changes. I too have sight problems, chemo brain and general CRS Syndrome. Rant on Girlfriend!

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