Monday, June 18, 2012

Life Is Weird, And This Week Is Weirder!

Don't just sort of fits the mood.....found on Weird Photos.

Would you like a little Monday WHINE with that cheese??? I was pretty sure I heard you say *yes*....... ;-D
And off we go!
  • First off, it is hotter than HADES here. And I do not do well in heat. Ever since I got my brains scrambled once sitting in the sun, ad infinitum, ad nauseaum, at an airshow, I literally have NOT been able to take the extreme heat.
  • Yes, 90+ degrees, plus humidity, is EXTREME to me. I am sick of inside, and too much of a wuss for OUTSIDE. Thank heavens the grass is dead. (insert evil laugh here)
  • I have three days this week of *normal*. After Wednesday, life goes into *medical-mayhem* again, and I am crabby. Yes, I'm tough, but I'm also tired of all my social calls involving a *procedure*. I'd rather have a few that involve coffee or wine and good conversation, but I seem to be getting the guys in white coats. (no hand-warmers, though, hahaha!)
  • Does the phrase *bowel cleanse* mean anything to you? (do not be in the area've been warned.....don't call, don't acknowledge I exist, because I am not sure what kind of response you'll get....just SAYIN'!!!)
  • Friday, providing the gods of medicine see fit to smile on me, I will be doing the heavy duty work of THE-NEXT-STEP in this cancer journey. I can't wait. I want it DONE.
  • Why is it they book you for afternoon surgery and then tell you that you can't have anything except liquids the WHOOOOLE day before??? (oh yes, the bowel cleanse......grrrrrr....)
  • Why is it I have no fear of having my guts split open, but worry myself silly about my Budgies while I will be gone? Eh---maybe you shouldn't answer that one. Let's leave it at rhetorical.....'kay?
  • Why is it when you KNOW you won't be able to be in your studio that the mind suddenly KICKS into gear and swamps you with ideas? I mean, come on! Can't we do this when I actually HAVE studio time??? (obviously not....)
  • Why is it when I'm not going to be around I find a couple of cool new blogs and want to read them from stem to stern? Or sign up for swaps, or...or...or...??? You get my drift? The timing issue again. Pfffft!
  • How can I be so lucky to have friends that actually show up to read this drivel AND comment too??? Seriously, I think y'all are just taking pity on me. (okay, at this point, pity is fine. I welcome it! LOL!)
  • How can I ever say *thank you* enough to everyone who has contributed to keeping me sane as I walk this odd and circuitous path? I think there is no answer to that one other than you all hold a special and dear place in my heart. (far away from the bowel cleansing)
  • How will I function until I can get back here and blog again??? 
Well, that sort of sums the craziness up here at Chateau Lockard.
I am not sure when I will post again, but until I do, seriously, I will miss all the mirth and madness that we find in our cyber-world. 
Blog friends are blessings.
And I am blessed.
And Friday, if you have a moment, please send kind thoughts my direction.
I am held aloft by love and prayer.
Until I see everyone on the flipside, I remain,

Your blogmistress & loving friend,


Janet Ghio said...

Hey Anne!! Love that photo! Aw--the bowel cleanse--such fun--at least in this wretched heat it gives you an excuse to stay inside--altho I can think of much better reasons! I'll be thinking of you this week my friend and sending good thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery!! Hugs!

Quilt Rat said...

Uber positive vibes on their way......kick ass girl!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

I've come to the conclusion that SOME THINGS in life are unavoidable.... ;-D
I'm just hanging tough and spending the morning making lists so I don't forget anything.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Jill~~I was considering Doc Marten's to head out in Friday, but think it's a *smidge* too hot for the boots! LOL!
I will indeed KICK ARSE!!!


Nancy said...

There are weeks, and then there are WEEKS. All the best to you for this one and beyond!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Nancy!
Yeah, this is one for the record books....but then when things go nuts, it's always in a humorous way here! It's never ONE thing but a bunch! hahahahaha!
So much to look forward to, I don't know where to start...hehehe!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh yes, the beloved bowel cleanse. I know it well. May everything go smoothly with your procedure on Friday and may your recovery be speedy.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Debra...a sister in the misery of the g.i. tract. ((O_○))
I just want it to be SATURDAY....if ya know what I mean! lol!


Magpie's Mumblings said...

Kicking the prayers into high gear, especially on Friday. My heart will be with you Anne - keep your kick arse attitude and give them hell! Love and big hugs....

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey M.A.

You *KNOW* that my attitude is solid! (and actually, I dread THURSDAY....Friday I'll be out of it...LOL!!!)
Will chat when I can after the great adventure!


Amalia K said...

Is it cruel for me to laugh out loud???? I swear to God, I want to! (and I will can't hear me anyway). I think YOU are a blessing for being so entertaining by just being you. Even if the sun is keeping you in with a prospect of bowel cleansing...

I hope everything goes well and smoothly. Hugs to you, my friend. OXOX

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Amalia,

I am sitting here thinking of all the off-color jokes I could make, but would REALLY like to keep my followers...hahahaha! So laugh, laugh, laugh! It is good for the body and soul.
And BTW....I can *hear* you all the way over here, oh yeah. hehehe!


Corrine at said...

You had me at bowel cleanse, I remember it - but was laughing all at the same time. I hate the freaking heat too and it's coming our way Wednesday and Thursday - then thuderstorms so the dog can freak out some more. I am wishing nothing but goodness for the surgery even though I know waiting until Friday sucks.....I want you to be well again and whole in spirit and my thoughts are with you. xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

Yeah, I really know all the necessary ingredients to put into a post to GRAB the reader, eh? HAR! HAR!
My spirit is whole, the brain is still somewhat in limbo upon occasion, and the body just needs to get it's tune-up Friday! And then things will be fine.
Time has flown, honestly....


Georgina said...

Oh, I know all about that bowl cleanse...can you spell, "colonoscopy??" Obviously, blogger's spell check can't either!! LOL When this is all over, I'm going to ship out the numerous St. Jude candles I've accumulated in my studio for the last several can refill them too!!

I have it on good authority you will be fine and back to your ol' fighting self in no time. As for all those ideas in your head, or what's left of it, don't forget to jot them down. You can go back later on, smack your forehead and say to yourself, "What in the hell was I thinking?? Really??" LOL So sending you good vibes now as always and will go light up another one...I mean a candle...wink, wink, nudge, nudge!!

Loves ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Lord, Georgina~~I am rolling laughing!
YES! I do want the St. Jude *empties*!!! (hey, I know I'm high maintenance....)
Yeah, and I have already forgot the ideas I had yesterday that I was SURE Would stick in the brain...oh no, far to easy to dribble out....
Need a notepad surgically attached to me somewhere.
And I know what you're lighting up too! :-D
Love you crazy woman!

Anne--other crazy woman...

Deborah said...

Oh Anne, you never leave my prayers. I can imagine how you just want Friday to be over with. It will be a relief, however, you will have big work to do then recovering. I wish I could fly out for a few days, tuck you in, keep your liquids up, take a ride on the John Deere. But I know what a warrior you are. Always keep in mind that you have that little added bonus belly fat removal! BIG LOVE to you, my Anne.
♥♥♥ Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

I know I'll have 6 weeks of down time, but still, I just want to get it started. It's all good.
And yes, I *would* like to see the Blond One on the J.D. :-) (not everyone gets that invitation...)
You both are always in my thoughts and prayers, and when I can't remember names--frequently--I figure God knows who I'm trying to pray for!


Laura said...

Oh Anne I know a whole lot of folks will be holding you in our hearts during this whole procedure and continued time of healing. It is not so strange the way the mind goes into overdrive with ideas for fun stuff when we need it to settle into an upcoming event that is not particularly appealing...even though on many levels we want it done and over...I guess that's the point, wanting it done and over so you can move on and live life the way you want to. If only it were always up to us, but it generally never is, that is a game we play with ourselves. Well you know. I have been sending healing prayers up out in for you and will do so for as long as you need those prayers my friend. We will hold you in the center of our circle this week as we meditate together.

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Dear sista you have my permission to "Let'er blow" from both ends if you want to. You are not whinning you are just stating the facts. I'm with you sista in heart and mind. "Never gonna leave your blogging side." This came to me from a song I used to love, of course cannot think of the name of it.

Jan said...

I have total confidence in your full recovery and am looking forward to seeing what great art comes from your hands once you are back in the studio. Keep making notes and sketches so you won't forget those great ideas you are having now, you know you won't remember them after the surgery. and it is easier to worry about your beloved birds than it is to worry about yourself. Transference? I keep you always in my heart and in my prayers. Drink up, now;-)

yoborobo said...

Hey Anne! I am thinking all sorts of good thoughts and winging prayers of all good things your way. I don't know what it is about WAITING that is so damn hard, or WHY they make us starve to death and dehydrate before surgery. I usually cheat and sip water. :)) Love love love Pam

kj said...

What can I say that hasn't been said? A cleansing saves a stitch in nine? Or idle hands screw up dinner plans? :-)

I love all the obvious warmth and friendship in these many comments. You deserve all of it. I am tickled pink and orange that we are friends. And a splash of green too

Waiting is harder than doing. I hope this is the hardest part and come Saturday you are dreaming of kicking up and kicking ass

Love your friend

martinealison said...

Il faut toujours penser positivement...
la vie nous fait tant de blagues.

Gros bisous à vous.

Debra said...

Keeping you in my prayers this week Anne. Hang in there girlfriend!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks All!!!
I'm a bit stymied in replies due to computer issues and Yahoo e-mail just plain being MEAN!
I shall hang TOUGH this week and be back wreaking havoc here as soon as I can.... :-)


Robin said...

Back from Santa Fe....and catching KNOW I will be there with you on Friday....(and Wednesday and Thursday too...) Wish I could come and visit and just be there if you need me!

STAY's the next chapter will fly through it... *Girlfriend* - you are one tough, beautiful, Doc-Martin-wearing lady!!!! Don't ever forget that!

Saying prayers..sending strength and love......


Your *FBBBFF*! That's me!


♥ Robin ♥

Robbie said...

You'll be in my thoughts for sure!! I'm so far behind in blog reading!!! Keep up the 'right attitude'!!!

marianne said...

anne- heat sucks, period, over & out, end of story. as does the bowel cleanse and, i assume associated surgery. however, i have a good friend on the other side of that mess and the other side most assuredly doesn't suck. here's hoping that you enter a time warp where the other side gets here sooner rather than later, and you can get into the studio and play with all of that inspiration! sending positive energy & good thoughts-

Laura said...

All the good cleansing and purging going on from all sides..hahaha..leaves the door open for new and exciting...You will do find and all is in order and all will be taken care of.. You've got an army of supporters honey..and were backing you up. May peace be with you now

tallboy said...

Simply remember that fasting is a spiritual discipline, designed to bring enlightenment and spiritual health! Blessings, love and prayers, always and all ways.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well my friend, I should be extremely enlightened and spiritually healthy on FRIDAY..... ;-)
TY! From she who tends to be undisciplined....which I noticed that word has--basically--*disciple* in it.
Okay, looking at this in a better frame of mind...


kj said...

Hello! Well did it show up??

Deborah said...


Clare said...

I love the 'humor' that you are taking with you on this journey - I send you lots of healing light and above all love and laughter.

studio lolo said...

I've been offline for a week!! KJ has sent an email to many of us who will be praying for you at the time of your surgery. I know you'll feel them ;)

You're always in my thoughts and prayers Anne. A client came in the other day who sounded like you and looked a bit like you. I told her she reminded me of my friend in Indiana...and she was from Indiana! No consequence there :)

Stay strong my friend.


kj said...

I'm pretty sure Anne won't mind a jubilant comment here to say her surgery went well!

Giant yay!

*Ulrike* said...

Your post had me giggling as I think of those things too when I am away. I have been gone to Florida up to Connecticut and back home again. I thought about you along the way and wondered how your day with the doctor went. Now I know you had surgery this past Friday, and I hope now you are in the healing process so you will be back blogging again. Sending well wishes, big hugs and prayers to you, and oh yes, my daughter informed me while I was away that Captain Jack is available! That ought to put you on the mend!
Take Care,

Mim said...

I am thinking of you, heard things went well and hope you are feeling good. sending hugs and smiles, Mim

justexpressingmyself said...

Sending much love and many good vibes from NYC. My Juan did really well with his operat - so will you!

Janine said...

Lots of love and positive thoughs for you. Be back soon.
Take care

Bunny said...

Oh Anne I hope all Is well. I have been thinking about you. It has been a while since I have visited. Hugs and prayers.

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