Monday, June 11, 2012

Life In Slow Motion

The start of Summer always brings with it a lethargy for work; my time is gravitating to the porch, the John Deere and a walk around to the flowers struggling to bloom through this drought.
I am, as well, in a creative drought. Things have gone dormant for the moment. I am in slow motion in the studio, if moving at all.
I wait for some spark to ignite ideas, but the most I manage is the putting together of pages in an old book, to make an art journal. Repetitive work, and mindless, it is good for times like these.
This Summer is more complex, and I wait for real life issues to get resolved. I am still ill with the remnants of a cold that seems to want to last forever and have phone calls to make today, possibly with the result of more waiting.
I feel like the Turks Cap Lily, one petal open and trying to get back to full bloom.
Patience has never been my strong point and complete rest and downtime are foreign to me, but I have become somewhat friendly with them. (through necessity only....)
I wait.
Life is slowed to an endless stream of days, all pretty much the same and tiring. This was, of course, NOT what I had planned.
But in the course of my life, I have learned that what *I* plan and the Divine Plan frequently are quite different.
Slow times are a time to gather strength, even when I haven't enough sense to do it myself.
I wait.
And like that little lily blossom, I know at some point I will be full and glowing again.
In the meantime, I may be blog scarce, and I beg your indulgence.
Sometimes the quiet thrust upon us is exactly what we need.
Even when we think it isn't.



Janet Ghio said...

Beautiful photo Anne! We are getting rain in Missouri today after a long time of no rain. Hope it is coming your way!! How life changes all the time and our bodies do things to us that we just aren't expecting. Rest and replenish--the muse will return. Hope all will be well. Hugs!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

TY on the photo~~I clicked off I don't know how many shots before getting the *right* one..LOL!
My joints are predicting rain here, if you know what I mean.
Ground is like concrete and the grass is brown. (which isn't all bad because I stay off the tractor!)
Seems like everyone's muse has gone on vacation; they must be having a conference somewhere! ;-)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Oh, I thought perhaps that lily was doing a strip tease!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL! Debra, you gave me a good belly laugh for the morning! TY! (I had not thought of that, which is proof I am moving in slow gear)
Now you realize I will have the ear-worm of "St. Louis Blues" the rest of the day...... ;-D


audrey said...

Hello Anne.
Sometimes "quiet time" is a gift from the Divine One. We may not think we need (or want) it, but He knows we need it. As long as you are on the road to recovery, take all the "quiet time" you need. Friends know and understand. We will ALWAYS be here.
Your photo is stunning. A gorgeous closeup.
Love you.
♥ audrey

Corrine at said...

Oh for sure, fill your days in a lazy way and contemplate all you need. We will be hear waiting when you feel like stopping by. xox

Deborah said...

Well, HELLO little turk!!! I LOVE this shot. I think he is peeping out, seeing if there is a reason to come out. I know this waiting game well. But for a while, I was not waiting, I was stuck by choice I think, because I did not want time to pass because I know what is to come. Grow strong, Oh Great Fuzzy One. I will still be here waiting for you to come back. BIG Love, Deb ♥♥♥

Lisa said...

Hi Anne.
Your body is probably getting ready for it's journey ahead... it will need lots of quite time to heal. I hope your phone calls end in the news you hope for. Go with the flow, take it easy and spend time in contemplation to renew your creative spirit. That's a great picture by the way. And I had to laugh at your comment about "planning". I've found that PLAN is a four letter word in the Divine's eyes... it proves that He/she/it has a sense of humor! LOL.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Audrey,

Oh, believe me, I know *quiet time* is a gift---I just seem to lack the sense to TAKE IT! ;-)
Chilling out, resting, plenty of fluids to send Mon. Cold bye-bye.
I shall be patient...


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

I'm trying to learn to love being a SLUG, but it hasn't happened yet! ;-D
But I'm working on it....hard!
Week is improving, so it's all good.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hello Oh Blond One!

Yep, I know the feeling of not wanting time to pass/wanting it to pass. It is a conundrum to say the least.
The Fuzzy One is working on getting back on her big feet, even as I type!
Chilling for the rest of the day, then good chicken for dinner....yum!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lisa,

Oh yes, *PLAN* is indeed a four letter word, and I should have learned years ago that *my* plans are never quite what is in store for me....LOL!
So I am enjoying the resting today, and will tomorrow as well.
And listen for the laugh...!


Jo Murray said...

Nothing wrong with a little quiet time Anne. There's music, books, and just thinking. Time to gather strength... and get well!

Robin said...

Dear *FBBBFF*...I've been so busy with Opera and with a few other things, I've not kept in close contact... BUT, you are ALWAYS in my prayers and in my heart. I am leaving for Santa Fe on Wednesday...back on the 18th...but not sure about e-mails etc....

I know you are in *Waiting Mode*....take it slowly...listen to your Drs. The photo is stunning...your yard must be a paradise for sure.

I have a special church in Santa I lt a candle for you in St. Patricks, I will be lighting one for you there too.

Will call you when I am back.

Love and Strength,

♥ Robin ♥

yoborobo said...

Anne, that photo is simply stunning. LOVE. Dear girlfriend, I am with you on the patience thing. Were we the last in line? They ran out before we got any - NOT OUR FAULT! lol! We need to catch up. I'm thinking of you. I have graduation stuff here for the next couple of days. xox!!

kj said...

that lily is a chatterbox. she can't keep her mouth closed! heeheehee

we learn these lessons. some of the most important have been the hardest. when i am venturing out and the universe insists on patience, i rail before i finally accept

you, anne. you are doing everything right and i wish you didn't have to wait a moment or endure a cold or an uncertainty. maybe it's my gain that at this time and place you have been able to become a dear friend. i am grateful for that.

and i look ahead to good times, hard times, crazy times, silly times.
love love

Lori ann said...

dear anne, i think you are the lily, at every stage of bloom and change, beautiful. sending love from california.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Anne, Thank you for visiting my blog(thru Pam). I am joyful that GOD is performing a MIRACLE in your LIFE as well! I am keeping you in my prayers(as I hope mine in yours) and just reading this POST, I know that your FAITH has HEALED YOU and KEPT you. Like myself, I only saw myself HEALTHY, never sick and when those around me would try to speak negative of my sickness, I would not be around them. GODS word is true, we must accept and receive it! Sorry, I wanted to comment to you sooner, been very busy.....from one HEALED SWEETIE TO ANOTHER....Roxie

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Roxie, you're on my *list*~~have found the most wonderful people since the dx, and I never see myself as anything but healthy, just waiting for the next step I have to take.
I am here thru Grace, and am ready for whatever is ahead.
Thanks for stopping by El Milagro (hmmmmm....that could be me, a little miracle...)


Laura said...

I could ramble on but that's not called for now...thinking of you.

sweetvintageofmine said...

I know exactly what you are going through....been there, done that! You're doing the right thing..patience is a virtue, I would tell myself. My prayers are still with you....and thank you for the comment on my hair. My hair is half as thick than it use to be but humbleness is a GOOD thing! From one sweetie to another.....PRAYERS & HUGS..Roxie

Debra said...

Hi Anne! I found your blog via Roxi. I want to tell you that like you, I have been there & done that with ovarian cancer. It sounds like the Lord has been carrying you thru this transition. Honestly, He allows these things to happen to draw us close to Him. And I DO know about the patience thing. That was the WORST. I'm keeping you in prayer. :)

Lorraine said...

enjoyed reading this post..we have continuous rain here instead of a drought!

Laura said...

thinking of you and holding you close in prayer:-)

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