Monday, April 30, 2012

Rant, rant, rant....

Had a lovely post planned for today; photos, instructions, something to give you ideas on how to use a product I am quite fond of.
Cropped all the photos, have them ready to go, but BLOGGER, in it's infinite NON-WISDOM, has deemed I cannot load photos today.
That's right.
I am sans photos.
And I can't very well do a quasi-tutorial without photos.
It's Monday, and I know I should probably cut poor old Blogger some slack, but I'm not.
Here's the thing.
If you have a system that worked well, leave it alone.
If you want 1,000,000 chimps hammering out odd code, just for the sake of messing it all it with your OWN computer and not a platform the rest of us have to try and use.
Okay, enough.
I think I'll go watch paint dry, or see if the house cleaned itself, or snooze on the couch..........
Because I am channeling the guy from Seinfeld:
"No photos for YOU!!!"



Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Good Morning Anne Dahling....
Oh my gosh, I am so LOL. I feel exactly the same way. Why do they always try to fix something that is NOT broken. I loved our old ways. Give it back pleeeeeezzzzzzz.

Now I am really disappointed. A wonderful share by you that I am not going to get to see, and a product that you love. If you can please email me the instructions as I sooo want to know.

Oh and did your house clean itself? If so, could you email those instructions as well. Mine needs a little shove I believe.

Have a great Monday sweet friend. Love ya. Many hugs, Sherry

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

No,that blasted House Fairy did not stop by here....phooey!
I intend to try again TOMORROW to post the photos, or maybe later today. My brain needs to do it ONCE, so I am sure I did not miss anything...LOL!
I just love Blogger.....NOT. ;-D


Corrine at said...

But does it come with bread? Frustrating, uck, wasn't techology supposed to make life easier, more fun, more fascinating in what we could learn, ah well, there's the rub. I vote for napping, or Seinfeld reruns perhaps. xox

Corrine at said...

PS the scary part. Isn't this when Red Green begins to make sense? xox

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL! Corrine, on a daily basis I keep remembering how technology was the PROMISE of the future~~everything EASIER, more leisure time, blah, blah......
And yes, Red Green is making a LOT of sense.
I'm sure I just need to get out the duct tape and start *fixing* things.
"Remember, if it's not broken, you're not trying hard enough!"


Laura said...

Your a funny girl even when you a bit miffed about it.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh, this is really pulled in and subdued from one of my GOOD Blogger Rants! LOL!
I usually can go on at length, and with funny photos...NO! WAIT!

Rants-In-The-Pants, Anne

Deborah said...

Oh not a good start for the week :( Windows Live Writer does not work for you? Must everything be so complicated? I WANT TO SEE THE TUTORIAL!!!
May the rest of you day be BREEZY EASY. Big Love to my beautiful fuzzy one ♥♥♥ Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Deb, I told you I had no brain....never thought of trying Live Writer. I think the last time I did, I had some issues, but that was so long ago--yes, downloaded a newer update.
Well, maybe I'll try THAT tomorrow! ;-D


Gloria said...

I like your sense of humor and don't worry, you'll be able to upload your pix soon enough. You sound great and I hope you are doing wonderful. Have a great week.Me, I'm going to try to clean my house, I've gotten lazy this year, er...last year too...tee hee. Take care.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gloria,

I can't admit in public how long I've been lazy! Nuff said that things are BEGGING me to herd the dust bunnies and shoo them OUT! LOL!
I'm doing good~~full of ornery again... ;-D


NuminosityBeads said...

Didn't they tell you Anne, Life is no pic, nic!

....sorry, best I could do first thing in the morn....
best to you today this Monday!

xoxo Kim

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Good one Kim! I couldn't have managed that early in the a.m.
I did manage some creative swearing and name calling, but nothing FUNNY! ;-D
You rock....


kj said...

oh that i even know what windows live writer is!! you and deborah are ahead of me.

you deserve this rant. since blogger is run by google i cannot understand how they could botch up a new roll out more than they have. all the classic proven steps: engagement, training, buy-in, feedback, all of that is missing and rants are the result.

are you throwing avocados? are they bouncing?

looking forward to your tutorial. no impatience when the wait is worth it.

kiss kiss anne

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Not *throwing* avocados~~I am launching the frozen pits with a BAZOOKA!!!! >:-}
You're right~~they really messed things up big time.
Found out from a friend she had not been able to comment on here for I don't know how long; same issues I had~~embedded comment boxes don't come up, nor the link to *click here to comment*.
So they have issues.
And to that I say~~~PFFFFFFFTTTTT!!!!


Janet Ghio said...

Stupid blogger. I go through this all the time. I have to keep selecting a photo and then I try to upload it and it won't--then I click off of it and select it again--sometimes it loads onto the page--sometimes I have to browse for the photo again and then try to put it on my blog. Sometimes the photo completely disappears and I have to once again go find the photo and download and upload--it can take an hour to upload two photos--but I am stubborn and tenacious!! I am a double Taurus and we don't give up easily!! It is very FRUSTRATING!!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

I have been struggling with blogger also so I understand your frustrations. It takes so long now so I will have to be judicial in my choice of photos. I hate being reasonable :o)!!! Peace, Mary Helen

martinealison said...

Gros bisous, je vous souhaite beaucoup de bonheur et de santé en ce jour de 1 mai.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I'm telling you ladies.....this was one of those days that I thought, "Hmmmmmm, what would life be like WITHOUT Blogger???"
And I was having pleasant dreams about it.... ;-)
Of course, then I woke myself UP. LOL!!!


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