Monday, April 23, 2012

Light And Shadow

I've been shooting photos as I've had the chance and lately there has been a lot of contrast in them. Light and shadow; color and neutral. I began thinking how this is sort of like life, and people, in general......
As above with the violet leaves, some people are able to glow deeply through any adversity. They seek that bright spot of light and grow. They are troopers. Their zest for life is infectious. 

Some are protected quite well but can only produce a single bloom. When the petals fall, they stand surrounded by what will envelope them and seldom seem to notice.
Rather than blossoming abundantly they limit themselves to one shot, and occasionally not even that. Their buds are nipped from a stray frost, they are swallowed from bound roots of their own making. The leaves close; the fruit withers.

Some are like the photo above, which for the most part describes my friends~~full, exuberant, putting joy into the world and just exploding with the delight of life. A group that, brought together, make a fragrant and exceptional addition to the path we all walk. (I would hope these for anyone!)
The brave, busting out even in the cold, they live their life in a state of grace. Their happiness is contagious. 

Those who seem to flourish the most beautifully may live in rocky soil, and never complain. They are so deeply grounded that all one sees is the delight of the blossom. Quiet and true, they don't intentionally draw undue attention nor intrude.
They just love.

And then there is me.....the stem that bends with the wind. Accepting the change and still standing, even as parts of the *old me* are gently being peeled away, flying off, not to be seen again.
But the root here is so deep~~blooms will come again.
Through sun and rain, hot and cold.
Waiting patiently with my face to the sky.
Happy in simplicity.
Wrapped in the tall grass.
Warmed by the sun.



Deborah said...

ANNE Anne ANNE!!! That is one of the most beautiful, profound writings I have ever encountered. **sigh** You are DeLovely. The photos are awe-inspiring, just like you. How odd and yet not strange that we found ourselves on the opposite sides of this journey through cancer...our human experience. Oh how I love you.
**blows kisses** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I love you too Deb~~cancer has a way of bringing into play a very diverse support system.
I'm like that dandelion; YOU CAN'T GET RID OF ME! :-)
Thanks for the very kind words on the post; it was a stream of consciousness thing when I gathered the photos.
Just meant to happen.
Maybe just for YOU.


Elena said...

Very nice.

Buttercup said...

Absolutely beautiful. I am so grateful for this post!

martinealison said...

Des mots sublimes pour illustrer de merveilleuse photos...
Gros bisous

Jan said...

I think your description of the violets, the Lily of the Valley, the fluff and the cherry blossoms all describe parts of you. Of the one and only beautiful you.

Glenn Stenson said...

Contrast makes the art of life so miraculously delicious.

Minerva Black said...

Your photos are wonderful - it's nice to see so much bright green, and the dandelion is beautiful. I think often the 'normal' is overlooked. Light and shade make all the difference to what we see. x

kj said...

anne, this is pure gold, what you have written here. your photos and analogies and metaphors and observations and simple lessons are priceless. i thank you for all of it. i was thinking i might be in the group that flourishes beautifully until i got to the part about no complaining. Being an expert complainer who has won many complainer contests, i will just have to say thank god at least i know i am not in that single bloom category! :^)

"some people are able to glow deeply through any adversity"

aw, hmmm, like...for

beautiful beautiful beautiful


Corrine at said...

Spectacular post Anne, brought tears to my eyes. xox

Silke said...

Ooooo, I love that!! The photos and the words... So true!! Love, Silke

Robin said...

Dear *Beautiful Dandelion*.... how can I add any more exsquisite adjectives to those posted above me? Ok....I'm gonna try... you have always been a woman in full bloom - full of passion, of joy...of LIFE. Always. Now, you have come through a dark tunnel, shadows flickering on your glowing person...into the bright, clear LIGHT. You now sparkle with pure joy. It shows in every word - in every photograph. You are an AWESOME friend....and it is a real gift to count you as someone I respect and love.

There....I did it! (Can you tell I loved this post!)

Love from your Lily of the Valley (my Mum's favourite) FBBBFF!!


Gloria said...

Yes, your descriptions do describe a part of who you are. Anne, I hope you are doing well and how wonderful to find happiness and light in the beautiful bounty of growth. Take care.

marianne said...

great shots, great insight. grateful to know you :)

marianne said...

ps- my last name means lily of the valley in czech- you may want to rethink that :)

yoborobo said...

I think you are all of them, Anne. An inspiring bouquet! :)) As for MOI, well, which of the flowers is a whiner? Which one grumbles a lot? Cuz that one is me!
Maybe I'm a stinkweed. Or a yucca. hahaha. Gorgeous photos and perfect words. xoxo!!

Gaby Bee said...

Beautiful photos and beautiful words, Anne.
Love especially the lily of the valley. I can almost smell that sweet fragrance here at my computer:) Thanks!

Happy Spring!
Gaby xo

studio lolo said...

Anne, what a wonderful post! I have always loved how you put things into words. Your photos always delight me, too.
I'm with KJ, your metaphors and analogies and observations are clearly heartfelt and come from a place of experience. Hard won! And I do see you as a tenacious dandelion, thank God. And I for one would never want to get rid of you ;)


Emma said...

Wow, deep, just like your roots ;)Lovely words x

Magpie's Mumblings said...

How fitting that the flowers you chose to enhance your words just happen to be a dandelion and a lily of the valley, two of the most tenacious. They are strong and survive against all odds - just like you're doing and will continue to do. Bless them, and you!

Diana Evans said...

Hello Anne!!!! gorgeous photos!!! so wonderful to be back here to see what you are sharing!!!

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