Thursday, June 9, 2011

What Is This Blog.......

It seems the current question floating about the blog world is *what makes an art blog*?
I respect the different answers, but here is the thing; the consensus is people just want to see art. They don't want to read, or find out the thoughts, or other information. Just put the photos up, take a peek and move on.
My blog will never be that way.

Because the top photo is as connected to the photo above as can be for me. I cannot have one without the other. What inspires me through photography comes into my custom design sewing.

This is completely connected to this:

 And in some way, they all connect to THIS:

For me, art is the ability to connect diverse things into something wonderful. It is a combination of spirituality-creativity-faith, and not necessarily in that order; they change wanes and the other is lifted to fill the void. I tried explaining this to someone who obviously had never felt it and discovered I was speaking a foreign and dead language. I am sure inspiration is not the same for all, but that is what lives and burns in my heart of hearts.
Art has always been a melange of life and everything I do. In one way or another, it connects the dots. And I think it is important to add text with the work, or otherwise important thoughts, processes and components of the whole are stripped and the parts are much less than the sum.
Yes, critics will say that art (GOOD art) should speak for itself, but if that is the case, why are artist's statements still relevant? Why do people ask how we do what we do? What inspired us? What does it all mean?
I don't have the answers~~I just know that my blog is, at any moment, what is going on in my life and head.
And THAT, my friends, always leads~~filtered through the spirituality-creativity-faith corridor~~to art.
And I think it is important to share it because too many people do not see what is around them in life. The hustle of this current age is seek the minimum while you pass the maximum that will fill your soul.
I am, perhaps then, a Luddite in respect to an art blog, but I remain such happily.
And I hope you have the time to read and ask and smile and enjoy.
Because the texture of life is so much richer with the combination of words and photos......



Marilyn said...

With your art/blog you are the common thread. I agree.... not many people really "see" the world around them. Sometimes I am startled at just what is out there no matter how large or how small.
Love Ya',

Gloria said...

I believe you have to have some form of text with art. A description of sorts and if there is a short story relating to the painting, so be it. I like your blog and all the creative work you do as well as what you say. Just keep doing what you are doing and God will be good to you. :DD Take care.

Sophia said...

I'm with you, Anne. For me, even a a self-taught artist, I LOVE to read about how the artist was influenced with each piece of their artwork. It's one thing to assume, but often the artist has an entirely different meaning/influence that what we guess. Great post. Hugs

cmoh said...

I always read what your write! Don't stop writing!

I love your blog and your musing and this post is a lovely as all your others. THanks for sharing your tallent and telling us what inspries you.

The art on my blog is well, some consider it crafting, but regardless there are people and things behind it that have insprited me and I want to tell them. I don't care if no one reads it, if they don't they are missing out, it makes me feel good to write it.

Have a great day and keep art writing :)

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

Fantastic post. Every word you writ inspires me, challenges my thinking and never fails to make me laugh most of the time...All of you is your art my friend and it is a continual joy to witness. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Marilyn, I learn as much from comments as I do from putting a post together. My readers see things I miss~~it is the DIALOG that makes it worthwhile..... ;-)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Gloria,

We are of like mind. I think art is so much more fulfilling when the artist speaks about it. We all learn in the process.
We may not always agree, but we learn....
And I know God is good to me! :-)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Sophia,

I have felt, in doing my blog, that many people read to see the backstory, or inspiration, or just *how* to get from point A to point B.
And for me, that is part of the joy; sharing what the road was.
Plus I'm wordy! LOL!!!


Georgina said...

Holy crap woman, this has got to be one of your better post, not that they all aren't great, but love this one!! Yep, I want to know what and's important to other artists also to know what makes them wag. As for artist's statements, ok, remember my blog about that??? LOL Don't get me started!!!

Loves ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Caroline,

I think you summed up a facet of art that is important~~that the inspiration or story needs telling. It doesn't matter what type of art one does, there is always some reason for the inspiration.
And heavens, me quit writing??? LOL! if I could quit talking.... ;-D
Thanks for the comments!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

WOOT on the laughter!!! Doesn't it make all of life better and more creative? I tell you, the glorious bombs, accepted with humor, are as worthwhile as the fabulous successes.
And you get it---I am my art; my art is me.
All of it....


Janine said...

Who affects who a blog shouls be like.
Just the one who runs that blog. And that makes it special, unique, funny,thoughtful and allways personal.
Go on like this.
I like it

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Georgina!

LOL!!! omg---you always make me laugh; you are the best medicine there is!
Glad I have the Mizz Diaz Seal Of Approval!!! ;-D
I think some of the whole issue of text VS non-text might be age related. Another thing is I wonder how many of the artists that don't want to read have any connection with people or are trolling for ideas....just sayin'. I do know some artists don't have time to really blog, but you can use Flickr just for photos...soooooo.....obviously I cannot get my pea-brain around the whole concept. Too cold and impersonal for me.
We learn so much from each other.
And I think you should repost the *artist statement* post for us all again!

Anne.......still blithering......

Robin said...

I love how you connect all that encompasses your passions, your life. What I enjoy about the blogs I read IS that there ARE words to accompany the art/photos.... I like to know what inspired someone to "make this" or "photograph that"... we are all different but blogging does weave us all together in a bond.

The new stole is coming along so takes my breath away......


♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Janine!

I have no intention of changing; I guess I am, as usual, trying to process the thoughts of how others see things, and what is necessary for *me* to do my work, and the insight I want to share with others.
An artists life is ordinary/extraordinary~~all rolled into one.
That's what I want other artists to know. We function differently, but the same.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robin,

I think we both enjoy blogs with some substance. It is like seeing and reading about the S.F. Opera on your blog~~the words take me there; it's not just a blogpost but a short trip in my mind to a grand, visually spectacular production. I learn about how things work from your text.
I love it! :-)


Lost Aussie said...

As you know, I think it's all connected too. And that's the way I like it! hugs Marie

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Marie......I think without the myriad of connections that an artist puts together, things are colder and less inviting. (both in terms of our blogs, and in terms of our art)
It takes many parts to make what seems a completely unrelated whole.
I like the journey.... :-)


Janet Ghio said...

Anne-you have put it so beautifully!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Janet!

Sometimes I wonder, after I write, if I've hit the target or am out blithering in left field...LOL!
Both happen! ;-)


yoborobo said...

I agree, Anne. It's much more interesting to see the 'why' unfold. It's more personal, too. I can enjoy your art without the words, but when I 'hear' you talk about it, I connect to it in a different way. I think art is what saves my sanity. It is a meditation, which is funny because normal meditation has never worked for me. Keep doing whatcha doing, girl. xox Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

Yep, it is meditation of a different sort for me too. Being in the zone...losing track of time, that wonderful sense of accomplishment. Occasionally looking back and wondering how I got there.
Without words, it's all just a pretty (or not pretty as the case may be!) picture.
And so it goes.
And so *I* continue.....always did buck the system...LOL!!!
Keep doing what YOU do!


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Gosh Annie, did someone complain? Your blog is you. I want to know you not just look at some pictures. If a person wants that kind of blog they just move on. My blog is all about my life what is my art. It is a journal for my children and grands. Don't stop we way you do it. Loving the sneak looks at the new project. Blessings

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

oops that should say "don't stop the way you do it."

Deborah said...

**clapping of many hands** Splendidly expressed! Beautiful beautiful beautiful. **Big Love** Deb

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Peggy,

No, no one complained--it was just part of a large survey, and of course I always feel there is more to a piece of art that a photo. I hope people learn here, or at least laugh!!!
And yes, I shall proceed on as I have! ;-D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hello Oh Blond One!!!

Thank you~~thank you!!! Glad to see your smiling avatar here! Miss you BIG!


Whimsey Creations said...

I totally agree with you!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Jill!

I'm going to have to check OWOA~~of course, I fell so far behind this year on OWOH it was painful but met SOOOO many nice creative folks!


Cathy Bueti said...

Great post Anne! I do like to read as much as I like to look and of course it is also about the connection and interaction with others that makes it all worthwhile!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Cathy~~

It's the same for me; I like hearing the *excitement* in a post about a new piece, seeing what the other person is doing, thinking, and keeping the dialog going.
So much RICHER.....


Robbie said...

I wouldn't say your are a "Luddite to the art blog world"...I think you have the perfect 'art blog'! now as long as you don't try to destroy the Internet, I'd say we are safe! :)
I love you blog just the way it is!!! You're my hero!

kj said...

anne, this is a gem about art from the heart. at first i wasn't sure what you were going to say and i thought, "oh shoot, i write so many WORDS..."

your ability to connect the dots is why you live so vibrantly and so large. i think it is your willingness to live and feel and see it all that somehow guides your hands in the intricate making of that incredible stole.

it is my pleasure to come here. i appreciate your energy and thank you for your friendship


freebird said...

I've heard this too but I don't know anyone who just wants to see picture after picture. If they do, they can go to flickr! Blogs are about telling, explaining, complaining and exclaiming! I like to know why someone made something, what struggle they encountered, the joy they felt on completion, or not, and so on. Maybe the question on the poll led to the conclusion they got and maybe it's the truth and maybe it's not.

Amalia K said...

Someone wise once told me that sometimes underneath the most playful of people, you'll discover the deepest thoughts there are. And I don't think I could agree with him more after this post, my lovely friend. I like coming to your blog because you know when to make us laugh and when to make us think.

I do believe that an art blog should be more than just a show of art, it's always good to know the thought processes and even the artist's personality. We're humans too, right? (*_^) oxx

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robbie~~

Oooooooooo, destroy the internet! There's a thought! MUW-HAHAHAHAHA!!!! *insert maniacal look here*
No--I wouldn't do that because I couldn't talk with y'all....AT LENGTH! ;-D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey KAren,

No, sadly, I think those of us that APPRECIATE the written word are dwindling in some areas. On the other hand, I have no idea how many people were actually in the survey, but I would venture to say in respect to the number of artists of all media out there, it probably is small. (and that includes writers of course)
I like your blog posts because I have something to chew over in my head (or laugh at when a certain rabbit shows up...ahem!)
I think at the end of the day, all our blogs are about connecting the dots in our lives.....and adding words to image, well, it is so relevant!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Timaree,

No, with some of the comments people left, it was pretty clear they wanted things HOW *THEY* WANTED them.... The questions are set up good, in that there are a variety of answers, so it removes a good percentage of margin of error.
I agree~~if you just want photos, go to Flickr. That is what it's built for.
The rest of us want a fuller experience than the majority, so I am guessing we have a bit more wisdom in what we seek in art/life/etc. It is so much richer when there is a look behind the artist/process than just posting a photo of the latest work and then moving on....
And I *DO* so like words... ;-)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Amalia!

I sure HOPE that I am indeed human! (of course, that is AFTER enough coffee...LOL!)
Thank you~~I do think sometimes all our lives need the balance of reading the pick me up and then the serious thought. Otherwise, it all becomes a prepackaged blur.
And since we are artists, that isn't what we really it?
Not me! (or you either...)


audrey said...

Lovely words, Anne. Good words. There are times when words alone are a work of art. I find this many times with YOUR words.
There are times when a work of art seems obvious as to the inspiration behind it. Never! One never knows what lies in the mind of the artist and gave him the inspiration to paint even the most realistic simple apple. I can enjoy art without words, but the explanation tells so much more. The words you write with your paintings, your mixed media, your photographs... they are always meaningful, beautiful, they are Anne. OMG, what we would miss if those words were not there along side your work.
I say let every individual's Blog be what it may. Let it be what the individual wants to put out there. After all, blogs are a little part of each of us, a diary of sorts. I am positive there are some wonderful artists out there who post their work with few words only because they can't express their feelings. Nonetheless, their work is appreciated. It is beauty that we enjoy seeing.
As for you... your work is outstanding. Your words are inspirational. You are a true artist, Anne. You see beauty everywhere, you pull inspiration from it, and then you post it on your blog, giving us a gift in the form of art!
Thank you for that. For your art, your words, and your friendship.
xxoo audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Aw Audrey....

See that red glow???
I'm blushing....thanks so much. What a lovely summary of the enjoyment of art as a whole! There is nothing I can add, but I appreciate your thoughts. And yes, we can see art and like it, but loving it is deeper.


studio lolo said...

Were you in my head? I completely agree with you on every point. Sometimes I do let an image speak for itself by saying very little. Other times I really love getting into explaining the hows and whys. If some folks don't like the post du jour, then they should move along. But I think the friends who keep coming back religiously love us whether we're silent or wordy.
I've lost 2 or 3 followers this week. They must hate cats! LOL!!! But really, I know I didn't truly have 179 people following me. I have a handful of true-blues and they're who I value.
And you, oh talented one are among them.

The new (robe?) is looking stunning! You do such lovely work.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


Yes, I'm in your head~~can't you feel the pressure??? LOL!
First, on followers, I lost two, but picked up three. I am not sure if we really are losing people or if Blogger is performing.....
Second, yes, I love reading about the hows and whys, especially with your work.
I know people are fickle, and that's fine. Some are not, and those are the BEST! (all us crazies need somewhere to hang out...)

Anne....digging thru Lolo's gray-matter....hmmmmmm....... ;-D

Elena said...

Awesome post. First, I love when artists include a word(s) with their work because it gives me an idea of their mindset at point of creation. Secondly, it's people like you who inspired me to proceed with creating. I had only seen the finished works in magazines, websites, etc and was blindly unaware that they also experienced self-doubt, questionned, saw the world through 'other' eyes. I value people like you who realize that life experience is what fuels artistic expressions. I'd like to think of that high you feel when creating artistically as a blending of my physical and spiritual sides...and it's intoxicating. One cannot exist without the other. Or it can but you can see the difference. Think of 'flat soul-less' art. And boy does it piss me off that people think they can dictate what is the right way of doing things. We weren't created the same for a reason. It's our diversity, our voice, that adds to the beauty in this world. Ok now that I'm on a whole other tangent...hee hee...Basically, rock on Anne you're heading in the right direction and don't need anyone's stamp of approval. What do they know...

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Elena, dear, LOL!!!!

You sound like *ME* today....hahaha!
I do think, that at the end of the day, there is a lot of *flat soulless art* as you said. Maybe that is because the artists never take the time to consider that there is more to art than sticking things together.
It was like our class with Michael~~you *knew* he had a passion for his work and even though he was paid for the class, we all gleaned a sense of the fun/excitement/frustration he has with his work. While it stands alone as extremely interesting, it is SO MUCH MORE SO by getting to know the artist too.
Art has an amazingly spiritual side~~some people completely miss that. Sadly.


Lori ann said...

dear anne, i came here to say hi and tell you what a brilliant poem you left to emily rabbit, and what i found in this post is even more lovely.

i have to tell you, i've been enjoying your heartfelt comments i've seen out in blogland and i've wanted to come by and introduce myself. you seem like such a lovely and extremely talented person and so nice too.

and your blog seems the perfect mix.

xo lori

Carol said...

Don't change a thing, Anne, you've got an excellent mix of words and art. I agree that Flickr and now Tumblr are great places to see beautiful pictures but I'd rather be able to read about how the artist got to the end point. I read a criticism the other day that if you have an art blog then you shouldn't write about gardening and grand children - I felt as if she was speaking directly to me - but after a moment's thought decided that my blog is MY blog and I'll say what is important to me at that particular time. By the way, your "little one" is gorgeous.

Cameron said...

I 100% completely agree! ...and anyways, it's YOUR should be able to make it about anything and everything that moves you :D

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Lori!

I feel like I know you from seeing your comments elsewhere too! (and that Emily Rabbit.....OH!...what SHALL become of her???)
Welcome~~I am not normally so deep and thoughtful; things can get pretty shallow sometimes and occasionally the entertaining rant, when I have the energy and humor to put one in the can! LOL!!!
Stick just gets crazier!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Carol,

You know, all of a sudden, the *Blog Police* seem to be out in full force...hahaha! Like I listen to them. Pfffft!
Here is the thing:
Our blogs are our own, and sadly, I can honestly say some of the DRIEST BLOGS that I have ever encountered are art blogs with nothing but a photo.
And who is it that is making up all these rules anyway? My blog is about *my life* as yours is about yours, and I think by adding depth of subject matter to it, emerging artists are exposed to all that happens in an artists life, as opposed to the impression that every day one creates a masterpiece and there is nothing else.
Pfffft again!
Maybe though, that is why there is a lot of art that has no soul to it, no real feeling, just slapped out there and never ever infused with the love of words.
Hmmmm....I think there is a blog post in THAT!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Cameron,

As per my previous post, I am left wondering how, suddenly, the Blog Police came to the forefront....we used to be a pretty happy-go-lucky bunch without the interference of know it alls.
Not that I listen; I never listen!
But honestly, my question would be, Why blog if it is like everyone else's blog? WHY BOTHER? Why be part of the same old-same old? Why?
Hey, I'm as popular as I need to be...nuff said! LOL!!!!


Aimee Jeffries said...

It used to be mostly unheard of to get to know an artist or know anything about them more than maybe a peek at the motivation of a piece. Now with all of the social networking it has become a requirement of sorts. I'm very happy about this, being able to virtually bond with an artist after I've already fallen for their art. It's an odd kind of courting don't you think? Sometimes it happens the other way around, like Facebook. A stranger becomes a friend, then you discover their art. It was quite unfamiliar ground for awhile, but when I quit dragging my feet about getting on Facebook I found I really enjoyed seeing an artist's life, pets, garden, new recipe etc. It endears me to them in a sea of their competitors. Art is such a personal thing, coming to live in my home, on my walls etc it's nice to get a feel for the person behind it. It can be a catch 22 though, I've loved an art piece that became rather unattractive after the artist when on some religious or political rant. Shopping is driven by emotion. Boy I'm rambling on..good topic!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Aimee,

I've had the same thing happen; not too often, but occasionally you get someone who does a 360 on you and then it's one of those, "What the heck...?" moments!
Overall, I think it has been fun to peek behind the curtains of other artists~~I've been lucky to meet some people who not only are extremely talented, but have become very good friends too.
That, of course, is the same in the real world, but with social media, I think we are able to find *our tribe* easier! Or maybe find MORE of them!
Hey, rambling is welcomed here~~I do it a lot!


Shelley Whiting said...

I really love that piece of artwork above. It is very haunting and thought provoking.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Shelley,

It's a favorite of mine~~lots of ties of art/science/medicine before everything became so separate and at odds with each other, and of course, pondering life in general.....our humanity.
Glad you stopped by!


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