Monday, June 13, 2011


Poor darlings...awaiting my attention.....*sigh*......

What a way to start the week....sidelined from a work in progress. I'll explain in a moment.
First thing; manners.
Welcome to the intrepid souls who signed on as followers of late, mainly in my *extremely well-mannered thoughts* (snarf!) about my blog and blogs in general! I did not scare you off. GOOD. You'll love it here!!!
Okay back to my work.
I have on my flannel padded work table a liturgical stole half done. Perhaps past the halfway point. It has received extra gold threads because I don't sit still well when I wait. (boon to the recipient) But never the less, I cannot move forward. 
I am waiting for the metal-work crosses to arrive so I can proceed. These  have to be sewn on at a certain stage in the process, and before that, they are encrusted with pearls and gold beads.
Everything else is in place, even the lining cut, basted and ready to sew in.
And I sit.
And sit.
I have cleaned and rearranged the studio with my paint supplies back in my basement studio, I have purged, I am putting together a box for donation......I am not a good *waiter*. I want those crosses NOW and am about to throw a hissy fit. (they were ordered in time that I should have had this DONE and OUT, but the monastery that runs the company is civilized and works on a European schedule--they take a months vacation and anything ordered then? can you say LIMBO???)
I can't yell at a priest......*sigh*
So I suppose I may be either blogging about NOTHING to fill my time, or more than likely, redrafting some stole patterns to accommodate different fabric lengths. More than one pattern is good, although when these are done, they all look so very different. I make them and I still can't believe how the fabric transforms, and then more so when worn in the pulpit.
Perception is everything.
Now I am off to see what I can start this week to get myself into trouble or check off my list and say *WHOOOOO-HOOOO!!!! ACCOMPLISHED!*
Thank you all for the input on the blog~~it is interesting to see I am not the only one who has a somewhat evolving blog, and that it is sufficient to interest others to read.
And I do hope you learn something here, even if it's get your cross appliques ordered before the Order goes on vacation!!!
And with that, I bid you



kj said...

good morning anne.

hahaha: patience is good for you!!!!

not to mention your flowers and weather and incredible poetry.


Luthien said...

"but the monastery that runs the company is civilized and works on a European schedule--they take a months vacation"

Wahahahahaha!!!!! i can't stop laughing at this ... me BAD!!! wahahahahaha!!!

i know what you can do ... fly to Malaysia, we have a blast ... i think by the time you get home, the crosses will be waiting for you ;)

Lori ann said...

that delicate thread, those tiny beads, a pattern? that you created? and how did you come to make liturgical stoles? it sounds completely fascinating, and you multitalented (to say the least).
i do hope your crosses come soon (i had been sitting here waiting for my wool to arrive, days late too! and needing to begin work. i love noro too, it's a brilliant yarn).

Karen S said...

Oh wow -- those little beads look like candy -- I want them. I like the Malaysia idea -- let's organize a trip!

I didn't read the comments for the previous post, but my blog (and most others that I read) are always evolving. And criticism comes to those who are brave enough to put themselves out there (not quite the same as putting out, but you understand :-)...). Take it with a grain of salt or ignore it. Doesn't matter. The important thing is to create. And you do.

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I don't sit and wait well either!!!!! Love your shot of the beads in jars. Your work is so lovely, and yet, you have so much patience to do all this hand work, but not to wait, interesting!!! Glad you blog is exactly what it is, what can we be if not ourselves. Certainly we can be invented, but then how can we be authentic? xox Corrine

freebird said...

Lol, patience is a virtue and all that. I guess the Church feels it their duty to help us learn that one!

I am an early commenter for a change. I went to scroll down the comments really quickly knowing how I always am way, way down past so many but today there are only a few so far. I am the early bird today!

Hope your crosses come in soon. We are such an instant society anymore. I signed up and paid for, Amazon's Prime just so I could get things faster! Boy-oh-boy, paying so I can order when I want rather than waiting till I have enough to qualify for free shipping!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Oh Phooey Karen!

Patience is NOT good for me....I tend to get into mischief when my hands are idle and this brain isn't thinking three steps ahead of whatever I'm doing.....
Trust me.
It gets dangerous!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Luthien, no, you're NOT bad, because after I wrote it, I realized how stinking DRIVEN Americans have become, wanting instant everything which is NOT healthy at all!!!
I do believe a long vacation time is necessary to stay sane.
Which probably describes why I am such a mess....LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lori,

To condense how I came to stole making; 12' long church banners, next size down, altar cloths, then pulpit paraments, then the stoles.
I always knew how to sew and had done tailoring, so to do *this* was fairly easy after I did my first one, cut from the minister's existing stole. (can't find the patterns anymore unless you come across a vintage sewing pattern)
Now I just wing it; see the finished product in my head and away I go.....
Oh I soooooooooo love NORO......I lust after that yarn! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Karen,

I vote for a trip!!!
Yep, I think that putting out (blog posts of course...ah-hahahahaha!!!!) leaves everyone open to critique. I don't mind the healthy kind.
In the end, I do what I do.
It's Anne.
She's stubborn..... >:-)
But likable!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

You know, everyone makes the same observation about my work requiring patience, and what is so odd for me is it does not FEEL like it. I think, due to the fact that you get in the zone and the whole is coming together~~there is visible progress and the end becomes near.
I always *fear* that on projects where I have to wait due to whatever circumstance, I will somehow not get back in the flow and produce a lesser project. (which really isn't true, it's just a phobia I endure....)
Okay, that's as intellectual as I can get for the day...LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Timarree,

I know....the whole issue is how we have become a society that has to have our wants met instantly. Which is not healthy. (says she who can't wait....)
I need to readjust my whole attitude and realize that by NOT being able to work this morning, I took a nice long drive up to deliver some donations to my church, came home through the country a different route, stopped for lunch and enjoyed a BEAUTIFUL day.
So sometimes, just perhaps, waiting has it's upside. (says she who can't wait....LOL!!!)


Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

YES you can yell at a priest...but not in the same room! You go girl! You can do it! Love ! Mary Helen

p.s. We had a simply beautiful day today!

Carol said...

Someone thought YOU were "unprofessional"!!! (See, I'm still getting over your last post). Crikey! as we say (sometimes) in Australia. If what you do and say is unprofessional then I want to be like that too. Enough.

It's not just priests, it's Europeans. Summer = holidays and we bemoan it too. You have to order so far ahead, though I think my boss is finally getting the hang of it and knows how his Italian suppliers work. Yelling makes no difference because they're not there to hear you.

Enjoy your waiting time. Look at Michael's videos. I'm barely finding time but I'm enjoying what I've seen so far. Peace to you...

yoborobo said...

Patience is a virtue, Anne. Or it can drive you crazy. One or the other - hahaha! I am betting they come today. I'll bet a nickel. That's about what I can afford. GORGEOUS beads and thread. I could come over and steal...I mean...borrow some! xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Of course since I took the time to WRITE this, I received a box all the way from Moscow, Russia yesterday afternoon in the post. And inside were the desired crosses.
I, being the junker I am, was as excited with the box with Cyrillic lettering all over it as I was with the contents!
(I've said before, it takes so little to make me happy......)
As for virtues or patience, I think perhaps I have never had any, but I have a lot of beads and thread---does that count??? :-D


Clare said...

we have a saying where i live - african time - and boy does it go slowly sometimes. waiting - waiting - waiting - its the african thing - we always seem to be waiting for something. ah its a hard cross to bear at times.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes Clare,

And then I write, and they mysteriously appear. Like the universe is waiting for me to get my thoughts out, give me a day off then deliver the product!
I know I am too driven.
I cannot relax on vacations. I can't take days off. I just have a hard time shutting it down.
I think I could do with some *african time* to teach me to slooooooow down a bit and things would STILL get done! ;-)


studio lolo said...

See, maybe just griping about the slow delivery in a blog post made them arrive post haste!!

I think it's going to be another stunner, Anne. In fact, you're making it so I guess that's a guarantee :)

I've been creatively blank lately. I hate it when that happens!

I guess I'll just stop back for a little inspiration.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Well Lolo, I had no idea they were coming from RUSSIA.....LOL!
It is very nice~~I'm happy with how things are going together; some things have changed after getting the crosses (always does) as they have to be the only focal point, but it still works very well.
I've sewn a lot today; was supposed to go to town but it's not happening. Will get the cross on the back of the neck and then get all the beads out and THINK. ;-)
I'm always afraid I'll lose the vision when I get stalled on a project, but this one is okay....


K9 said...

i dont know whats going on, but i will give an low road travelers a fine rotty thrashing if need be. you bark, i'll roll. hang in there baby.

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