Monday, June 20, 2011

Sweet Pea Here......

Hello followers of Mom's blog; Sweet Pea here. I'm probably not supposed to be doing this, and it was REALLY HARD for me to do without anyone finding out!
(plus I know Mom cusses at Blogger a lot, and I think it makes sense now....even though I don't cuss, I'd like to leave Blogger a little birdie *present*.....)
While Mom is still on blog break, I thought I would sneak in and give you a hint of what is going on in my studio home.
Mom has been on the computer A LOT. Pecking at the keys like I peck at seed, which is much nicer and tastier! She said she was making a *critique sheet* and I don't know what it is, but she worked hard to do it. So maybe it is really important.
She said she was going on a "Riki-Tiki-Recon-Mission" and I have no idea what THAT is. But it took a long time and she seemed happy afterward. (sometimes I think she needs to get out more, but she works in here EVERY DAY...well, she had to get human food, so that was when I got the computer) And I heard her saying something that she probably would be back on the blog by the end of the week, so I had to take my chance now!
I found a picture of what she's been doing......shhhhhhh! Don't tell I posted it!

I know she spent most of the day hand sewing the lining in, and I helped by singing a lot. (she likes that...) I think she got a lot done because it seemed she was happy by evening.
We listened to music I had not heard before but Mom really liked it....the Ramones? Have you heard of them? I sang along, but I think I prefer jazz. They were a pretty rambunctious bunch of birds. I'm still thinking though. It was fun.

I know this isn't like Mom's usual posts, but I did the best I could......I wanted everyone to know that really, she's okay, just very busy, and she's been a little crabby but that's from too much stress, she says. I don't have stress and don't think I want any! (I bet you don't either!) I'd rather have sweet seeds and a cool bowl of water.
Now I have to fly before I'm caught.

So this is signed with Mom's name, but really, it's ME,

Sweet Pea


Anonymous said...

Hey there Sweet Pea... Tell your Mom that I am having the Southern Belle Pillowcase Giveaway from now until Saturday ! !
Love Ya'!!

(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Well Sweet Pea I won't tell on you. Thanks for giving us a little peek at that beautiful piece she is working on. I am so glad she has you so she doesn't go wacky. You are a beauty.

Janet Ghio said...

Hi Sweet Pea--glad for the update and it's a lovely photo!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Sweet Pea, aren't you a clever birdie? Come back and visit again! And yes, give Blogger a great BIG *present* from all of us!

Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

I am glad you are singing to Mom, because we don't want her being crabby, it could mushroom into a whole big ball of wax and that wouldn't be good. The green looks awfully pretty from here. Tweet on! xox Corrine

audrey said...

Sweet Pea, I don't think Anne would be upset if she knew you showed us what she's working on. But, I won't tell. She is making another beautiful stole, isn't she? I know she enjoys your company while she works, so keep singing for her.
Thanks for sneaking in this post, Sweet Pea. You're such a pretty bird.
xxoo audrey

Nancy said...

Sweet Pea.. thanks for the update. You have brains as well as beauty!

Georgina said...

Sweet Pea, you poor little thang, The Ramones??? Oh my!! Oh well, I was listening to Metallica the other day in my studio, so who am I to judge!! LOL

Looks like you mommy is one busy lady and talking about stress, well, I'm expecting my little birdie to come back to the nest for about 6 days. She will be bring her littlest chick, also has a human egg in the tummy...hatchling due on my birthday, Feb. 1. Plus, the other 3 little chickies will be staying in the nest with the rest of us, so tell you mommy if she doesn't hear from me, tell her I'm REALLY stressed too and will get back to her as soon as my nerves are restored!!

Well, Sweet Pea, need to run...have to take the ol' hen out for more seed feed and btw, tell your mommy that I will be sending her the figurine with all you wonderful little budgies resting on her rack!!

Birdie kissies,

Elena said...

Hey Sweet Pea! Great to see you again. Just for me go give your mom one good peck on the head and tell her I miss her craziness but glad she's still creating. Keep rockin on to the Ramones Sweet Pea...your secret is safe with me.

Robin said...

Sweet Pea...not only are you gorgeous, you sing AND you blog delciously! I promise NOT to tell your Mum! You must be proud of her...she sews amazingly...she creates such beauty...

And hey...."Da Ramones"! I happen to really like them! (I don't JUST listen to Opera!)

You have a cool Mum....and she has an equally cool birdie -

Love to both,

♥ Robin ♥

Deborah said...

Oh Sweet Pea, what a lovely post! Quite impressive for a first timer. Keep a close eye on your Mombie ... and keep the beer fridge locked.
**kisskiss** Deb

Jo Murray said...

Sweet Pea... you are a clever bird. Enjoyed the post and hope you get a chance to do it again.

Cameron said...

Well aren't you indeed one sweet little Sweet Pea! Thanks for the sneak peek.....I won't tell...sssh!

Silke said...

Sweet Pea, it's wonderful to hear from you! You are so wonderful letting us know what your mom has been up to! If you can, snap a few more photos, ok?! You are the best!! Love, Silke

Robbie said...

Just keep singing, Sweet Pea! That will help 'mom' relax and work on her projects! You'll have to come visit my Gracie and NoName sometime. Actually, make that visit only would like him. gracie would just scream at you or try to bite you!

Bella Sinclair said...

Hehehehe, what a beautiful and invigorating shade of green that is! No wonder you are singing. Smart bird, you are. And sneaky too! And a MUCH better typist than I am! I'm sure your mother won't mind you posting. In fact, she might make you do it as a full time job!

One said...

I came over from Laura's blog. I'm not into sewing but yet I find your blog very interesting. Enjoyed going through your last few posts.

Carol said...

Thanks Sweet Pea, so good to know that Mum's okay, just a bit crabby. I'm sure you can handle that. Please tell her the stole is looking good - and that she deserves a rest to get unstressed. Love to you both, Carol xx

Anonymous said...

Ohhh what a cutie, i am so like that with my camera lol. I am loving your blog
hugs June xxxxx

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

Oh thank you for taking such loving good care of your mom...she is working to make the world a beautiful place with her beautiful stoles for ministers and priests. God Bless you both and stay cool you sweet bird. Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Jan said...

You are so very sweet, Pea! Take care of your mom, don't let her work too hard.

Gaby Bee said...

Hello Sweet Pea, what a lovely post. It's wonderful to meet you! Your mom is a busy bee, she always makes such fabulous things. I bet you are very proud of her. Thanks for sneak peak!

Enjoyed the visit today!
Gaby xo

studio lolo said...

jeez, you're a beauty!!

We know your mom's busy with creative projects and that's a good thing! We'll be here when she gets back

Thanks for the update Sweet Pea!♥

Teri C said...

What a beauty you are. I feel so good finding another bird lover. You and Sunshine could be best buds.

kj said...

hello sweet pea. i'm pleased to make your acquaintance. you are very very beautiful. do you sit on your Mom's finger or shoulder? does she let you fly in the kitchen?

i know you-know-who is steaming and gleaming and moving those hands and mental muscles. can you imagine if she were to make you a little green stole?

do you know any rabbits, sweet pea?


Lori ann said...

oh sweet pea, i love your post. you are a most endearing little bird to think of us and your mom. i wish there were some way for me to help, if i were nearby, i love to sew and i love little birds too.

take good care,
your friend,

LauraX said...

looking forward to photos of Mom's gorgeous handwork!

Barbara said...

Lovin' your playlist!

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