Monday, May 23, 2011

My Work In Action.....

I have to admit, getting to see a piece of my handwork *in action* makes me look at it in a whole new way.
You have to understand that when something leaves the studio, generally I have moved on to the new project or am in a state of collapse and am trying to dig out the house. This was timed perfect; delivery late last week and then use yesterday.

Pastor Steve, with the bowl used for water for Confirmation and Baptism.
I managed a few shots that were decent.......I did not want to disrupt service and frankly, I figured I would land flat on the floor with the foot being, ummmm, uncooperative to say the least.

During the children's moment, asking them if they wanted to touch the water in the bowl.
I also learned something about myself. 
I am a worry wart of monumental proportions, as the above photo had me freaking~~what if WATER gets on the stole????? (I don't have children; my WORKS are my children and I am way too over protective.....omgosh....yes I am!) But all went well, I was able to breathe without a paper bag being put to my mouth......   ;-D

And I suppose at the end of the day I have but one question:
Next time, Michele, can you distract your husband long enough so I can put some LIQUID NAILS on the bottom of his shoes so I can get some shots IN FOCUS???? 
Now I am off to clean and prep for the next project, and may be blog scarce. I beg your forgiveness~~I just do not have enough hours in the day right now, but I appreciate all of you who look and read and comment. I do; beyond words. You keep me going.



Dosfishes at Sparkle Days Studios said...

OMG it looks so fantastic. Wow. I hope you are okay and that your MIL is okay after the tornados, unreal weather happening
in Missouri and I don't know how close she is to what was going on. Keep creating such beauty and bringing it into the world. xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Corrine,

Yes, we were okay though last evening it looked pretty nasty here. MIL is in Eastern KY so I am hoping this all missed her.
I am off to get my table ready for the fabric prep~~that should keep me out of trouble for the majority of the day!
And I was STUNNED when I looked at photos online this a.m. of Missouri; I pray for the people who went through that hell.....


Manon Doyle said...

Wow, wow, and wow, Anne!! It looks absolutely amazing!! You did a wonderful job, girlfriend!! Btw....stop your worrying!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Manon!

Now, come on!
I WORRY...therefore I AM.... :-D
And yes, yes, yes, I need to put worrying aside and just enjoy the moments! (which I did, really!)


Silke said...

Wow, Anne, it is PERFECT seeing your work in action like that!! So beautiful - Steve was practically glowing in that last shot! Cannot WAIT to see the green one!! Love, Silke

Robin said...

First...I am glad you and yours are all ok...I was at my "Second Home" aka SF Opera, at rehearsals and didn't hear about the tornadoes until this morning.

Second, the beautiful, beautiful, unbelieveably beautiful vestment... your heart must have jumped with pride...I was proud for you!

Stay well...create more beautous things!


♥ Robin ♥

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke,

This one was different due to the delivery being so close to Confirmation. It was a fun day, to say the least!
And believe me, I can't wait to get seriously at work on the green one; awaiting the crosses still, but it will be super nice, I think.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robin,

Yes, thankfully we just had a heavy thunderstorm; the line broke just before it got here. (literally...)
It is always so *different* seeing your work being used---I guess it is like a costumer in the opera? The pulpit lights and light from the windows brought it to life....amazing.
I never can quite *get* how different they become after they leave my hands.
It's like they start a life of their own, which is good!


Jo Murray said...

Your stole is now in the hands of the Lord... and rightly so. It looks FABULOUS!!!!!! Have been seeing the Missouri storm on TV in Australia and am glad to hear that you are safe. Our hearts go out to those in its path.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Jo!

Yes, indeed it is...I can quit worrying! ;-)
I was stunned at Missouri~~but I know folks who live in these areas are always ready to help; we send our rural electric co-op linesmen to get power up, people from churches many are on the ground before the official process starts.
That is the thing that keeps the heart warm; those who just GO and DO.


Marie S said...

Wow, Steve looks great in that red one! ;-D
Anne it is so beautiful and it really is amazing and all that hand stiching to top it off.
I am truly in awe of your abilities.
Have a great week, I can hardly wait until the next project. ;-D

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Me either Marie!

I'm rounding up the supplies; the fabric is here and I'm trying to get all the little detail items close at hand so when I start, I don't have to stop and wait for a shipment.
Hope you have a good week too~~~♥♥♥


Robbie said...

The stole is BEAUTIFUL! I clicked on the last picture just to get a better look at it! Wonderful!!! just wonderful!

Jan said...

How wonderful to see this piece at work. A beautiful work of art, working. He must feel proud to wear it and you should be rightfully proud to have created it. I thought the photos were deliberately fuzzed at the edges to give them an ethereal quality. Well done, Anne! Gorgeous work.

Bella Sinclair said...

Oh goodness gracious! This is gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS! Standing O! Wow, the detail. That tatting on the collar! The fringe! You are incredible, Anne. THIS is rapture!

Good luck on your next project!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Robbie!

Thought of you when I was doing those beads....which are a fraction of what you do in YOUR work! ;-D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Jan,

Well, the slight blur makes up for some things not quite being in focus, but it all works good!
I am delighted.
And I'm ready for the next!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bella!

Thanks! It was what I hoped it would be, so that has me stoked for the green. Hopefully tomorrow~~have had storm central here this afternoon and didn't want to try and THINK and CUT while scared stiff! LOL!!!


studio lolo said...

Oh ye of GREAT!!!!! It came out wonderful, he wears it well (and proudly, I do think he's in strut mode)and all in the congregation get to admire it.

bang-up job Missy! Proud to be your friend, I am ;)

Stay safe from the nasty storms!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo,

Well, I feel like the Divine parted the storms here....and I am NOT joking. The massive mess split, and we got heavy rain and some thunder while the system is still spawning tornado warnings, etc.
I am thankful.....
And hey! I am proud to have YOU as a friend! (not everyone sends my parakeet cards to enjoy!)
Seriously cannot wait to get going on the green one; life is conspiring against me at the moment.... ;-D


Sophia said...

Awwwww....Anne it looks FABULOUS! Very nice job. :)

kj said...

i've read all these comments so what else can i say? it's a work of art and you and everyone knows it. and to think you get to do it again in another vibrant color!

for the record, and i'm not saying this because i'm a trained highly skilled know it all counselor, i see a mighty change in you these days. kind of like, joy.... :^)

1....2....3....: YAY!!!!

freebird said...

It sure looks nice in action! Very nice job!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Sophia!

Hope you are feeling better; headaches, be gone!
Take care Sweetie~~


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey KJ,

Yes, I think you're right! So all those years of study has highly paid off....and you could see it through the blog even! ;-D
It's nice to embrace joy deeply again. Sometimes it flits off. This time it seems more rooted.
And I welcome that.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Freebird!

Thanks! I need to visit your blog....humble apologies. Lately my time has not been my own~~my social media time has been cut into about a third and I grab whatever blog is in the dash when it is seeing fit to work.....
Appreciate your visit!


yoborobo said...

It looks perfect on him, doesn't it? :)) Well done, Anne. You guys in the middle of the country are all in my prayers. Stay safe! xoxo Pam

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Pam!

Yes, it did turn out just perfecto! (okay, there are a few items I could pick apart but we all do that, right?)
Yesterday was certainly interesting....tomorrow more of it. I am weary. I just want this crazy storm season over, but I've nothing to complain about in respect to others....


Amalia K said...

(O_O) !!!! Now, that baby of yours is a stunner, Anne! No wonder you're being over protective. Hehehe... Satisfaction of seeing your finished work is always addictive, isn't it? Makes you want to go back to the studio and create some more. Well, I have no doubt the next one will be just as great. oxx

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Yes Amalia, it DOES!
I'm gathering the *parts*...LOL...for the next one and most impatiently awaiting the arrival of orders. Funny how we are so attached to our work.... ;-D


(Queenmothermamaw) Peggy said...

Well Annie there is nothing left to say, except it is beautiful. He looks good in it too. I know how you feel about the storms. I am in central Ky. and so far we are not in too bad shape right up to our western border. I feel like you MIL is okay in eastern Ky. Blessings gal.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thank you dear!
I'm just getting my steam up to start again, plus putting together a new blog site....which is grating the nerves...LOL!
I figure is we all make it through tomorrow,life will be wonderful!
Appreciate you stopping by!


Carol said...

The stole is a marvel, you really made something wonderful there. I'm shocked at the dreadful scenes we are seeing of the storms and I'm relieved to hear that you're okay - but like everyone else, I just wish it would stop now so that you don't have that fear and worry. I'm thinking of you heaps. Stay safe, look after that toe (falling down the stairs is not good) and I look forward to seeing the green stole in the fullness of time. xxx

Elena said...

The work looks gorgeous! I know I've sent you email but I'm also testing blogger. Have had trouble leaving comments and having people leave comments for me. Hee hee or so I tell myself and not that nobody wants to talk to me anymore. Bwah-ha-na!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks ELena!

No, it's Blogger at the moment. Since they are transitioning over to the new dashboard, everyone is having the same issues as the code gets shoved down. It seems to rotate from area to area. I had it a while big time, then I had a couple of blogs I could not get to load at all, so assume it is at their end.
This too shall pass! ;-)


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