Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tagging Along.....

Nothing like a migraine and then a day of catch up work to get one behind on a project, eh? Thought I would give you a peek at the bedlam I am working in right now, which really, is enough to give any semi-sane soul a migraine. (the remnants of said headache are lingering...)

Yes, I am still doing the Sketchbook Challenge~~I have managed to keep my quasi-focus and have some nominal progress to show. I am thinking the next post I do (while working on this drawing) will be about an old working sketchbook I kept. It may be mostly photos. Not sure. But I think it is important to point out what I really work from, and how for me, this is to produce a finished product.
Well, last time I was mentioning about tinting a white page before use and I did the same again for this tag.

 Except, somehow, the color got a little darker than I had wanted. Working with black in a wash is always iffy at best. I have had them dry to faint greys and then sometimes to charcoal.....not my intended colors. 

The same here, a little too dark after I get the outline for the drawing on. I can barely see it, but I love-love-LOVE the other color in the background, sooooo......

Out comes my favorite weapon in my artist's arsenal; GESSO!
All I will have to do is give the area to be drawn a light wash and it will be ready to accept pencil and also let the background color show through. Funny, it just now struck me that I cover up the white to draw, then I cover it too much so I drag out the white again. Oh well. I can change my mind, right?  ;-)
Now I have to do another *odd things in my hand* photo.

Jan over at Laughing Dog Arts and I have commented on how artists are the original recyclers. We occasionally joke about things we save and save......and SAVE.....which is not necessarily a bad thing! This glass container is what I always turn to when I need a tidbit of *something* for texture or to finish out a little piece. It is full of all sorts of oddities and broken pieces of dried and stamped paperclay items, twigs, an odd shell. I love poking through it when I need a little extra. Occasionally it is not the Genie Jar I think it is and doesn't yield up the answer, but the time spent sorting generally is enough mental zen-time to figure out what I want to do.
Okay, off ye go.
Make art!



Silke said...

Hahahaha, your bedlam reminds me of mine! Amazing how creative we can still be while there's chaos around us. I guess creative chaos is ok, right?!? Your new tag will be beautiful - I can tell already!! And I love that container of goodies... Happy Sunday!! Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Silke, I think that the messier the studio, the more talented the artists! :D
Well, it sounds good.....
I am anxious to start this one. I have used that image sooo many times; I just love it!
Happy Sunday to you too!


Janet Ghio said...

I always use last years spiral bound calendar as my art journal for the new year. It's great-has a hard cover and nice size pages and that gesso comes in handy for making the pages more stable!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Janet,

That's a great idea! I am always doing little scrawls on whatever paper is handy at the moment, and have some old journals I have glued pages together and gessoed. (of course, I got bored after that much work...LOL!)
Love the ideas coming forth with the challenge! :-)


Rita A. said...

Looks like a normal day to me. It must be nice to have such a big flat, WHITE surface to work on.
I love the "genie jar" We should all have one.
And your description of gesso. It really is a TOOL.

Ima Weed said...

Love the pun in your post title. And the photo of your genie jar could just as well be your crystal ball. Waiting, waiting to see more from you.

dosfishes said...

You mean you only have one Genie jar! I would expect you would have more than that......hope the migraine clears up soon. I get em too and they just wreak havoc with all your plans. xox Corrine

audrey said...

Your glass container is a great idea not only for use of the little items in there, but just shaking it and moving things about would certainly give me some inspiration.
The tags you are working on are looking good - no doubt they'll be beautiful when you are done with them.

I think for now I'm going to have to live my creative dreams through watching what my artist friends are making. Had mom in ER yesterday ~ reaction to new medication. She is doing fine, but I am ready to drop ~ too much anxiety that just seems to be going on and on and on....

I hope your migraine stays low key and that you get to work on your art and/or enjoy the company of DH today.

♥ audrey

Jan said...

I like your tag just the way it is before you put the image on it! But I'm sure I will appreciate it even more when I see your final working.
Your table is just a creative mess. If it was all organized and proper it would tell me that you weren't working!

Your glass ball is pretty, I thought it was a sort of snow globe, a sealed ball with water inside. So you can open and take out or put in? Cool. That is what my window sill looks like.

Deborah said...

First thing I noticed was your awesomely organized paints!!! I have the gift of seeing only what I want to see. Which is why I rarely wear my glasses! It's a kinder, softer world. **big love** from your incurable disease, Deb

studio lolo said...

I'm lovin' the tags! And FYI, your mess is much smaller than mine!

I did a whimsical raven tag today which I may post later. She still needs a little somethin' somethin'.

I hope the headache leaves town completely :)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey all,

Thanks for coming by--I am at the point of being again reduced to the dark and the couch. Thought there might be studio time today but that is NOT going to happen!
More creativity when I can *see* and sit up to draw! LOL!!!
And yes, I have more than one container of junk. It's just that one is my favorite. ;-)


Terra said...

I enjoyed this visit to your studio and seeing a bit of your creative process, and hope your migraine is long gone.

Elena said...

Loving the process and beautiful pieces. But oh how cool that genie jar....sneaking a peek into your studio is like a kid in a candy store.

Gloria said...

I like your space. That genie jar is great. I like the idea of visiting the studios of fellow artist bloggers, tis fun. Have a great week.

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

This all sounds normal to what is your point. I love tinting pages and I have some watercolor sprays to add a different texture. Lovely! We must all pray for peace in our country! Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey all,

Thanks for popping in.
I think my head is back in one piece today and hopefully I can get some studio time. ;D
@ Mary-Helen.....LOL! I knew you'd understand my creative clutter! But sometimes I feel like I'm drowning in it, especially when I have a good heat tool for wax here, and a massive chunk of beeswax, and can find neither!
They need to create Studio Organizers....people who clean it up and put everything where you can FIND it....LOL!!!


Ces said...

OUCH! OUCH! DARN $#@%^& &*()%^$ CRUD!!! I leave and disappear for weeks and what do I find? Everything has been rearranged. I just stubbed my toe on the sewing machine. CLAPDTSHRYSSSK!!! I hit my thigh on that protruding thing. OUCH!!!

Anne, my dear, I have not been by for a very long time. Very bad friend I am. Very mean to make you worry but things have been absolutely overwhelming here during the past several months. In the meantime I still have a project implementation this weekend. I get to work on Saturday night Sunday midnight-morning. So much for my exciting life.

I have been reading you as I have been reading everyone. Now and then I get the energy to visit and write a comment here and there and if someone scolded me privately through emails for not visiting. Ah see, I need to be a better blogger.

Take good care of yourself dear Anne. I hope the Blogger/Facebook/Internet/ATT weevils go away and you have nothing but fast and clear connections.


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ces,

I am of the opinion that I am the waiting ground for all the weevils in cyberspace; they like me and continue to visit, and take up residence! LOL!!!
Now I'm down to just FB being a stinker, but I really CAN function without it......
Yes, the sewing machine is getting moved out of the middle of the studio this morning and a few other things picked up so I don't have to worry about being flat on the floor.....and trying to call the medics!
You need to REST.
Yes??? :-D
And I need to work in here....*sigh* Pick up, put away.


Ces said...

P.S. I had to change my suit. Gesso spilled all over my sleeve. What a mess!!! A beautiful creative mess!!! Take care now. I am off to the world of RULES!!!

Everyone is moved in our new corporate office today and the wide open space in front of my office is filled with seven cubicles!!! UGH!!! I should not complain. I have a nice office. TSUP!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...


And double UGH on the cubicles. I think that is an inhumane way to have to work....
But, the RULES.

Have a good one Ces!


yoborobo said...

Here I am! Late, late, late! :) The tag is going to be transformed, I can tell! And the jar is super cool by itself. Wouldn't it look great on a coffee table? I would love to look at it. Okay, off to the races! Feel better - xox!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Pam,

I was just thinking about you! (and yes, it was GOOD...)
I am delightfully organizing some of my piles of creative JUNK this morning and trying to find some canvas panels I know I have...LOL!!! You know that story.....
Take care at the races! ;-)


freebird said...

Your room looks no messier than mine does! I love the look you have so far on the tag and I hope your migraine gets gone and stays there! I love the look of your tidbit jar too. I have too many little drawers to go through so tend to quit before I've found the right thing.

Bella Sinclair said...

Can't WAIT to see how this finishes! I love the little piece of architectural ornament you chose to draw. Beautiful detailing.

And you should NOT let me into your workroom. I want to open all the drawers and poke into every cubby and pull out everything all at once. Wow, it's like a candy store!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Freebird,

You know, I have put off going through things for two years, and it has hit critical mass. I have decided to spend a bit of time each day if humanly possible on sorting one little area.
In 10 years time, I might be through everything! LOL!!! (it really has to be done....really!)


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Bella,

Oh, I love letting people root through stuff---occasionally they unearth things I have been looking for! HA!
The piece I am drawing (or trying to find time to draw---we are getting 8" of snow AGAIN..) is from the side of a tomb in the cemetery in NOLA's Garden District. Of all the inverted torches I saw, this was by far the most fluid and beautiful. I've used it in work many times.
Hopefully I can do justice to it!
Off to meet the John Deere.....


Vanessa Brantley Newton said...

OOh shoot!! I left my door open again. Anne I'm hommmmmmmmmmmme!!!!!! he he he he he! Oh my goodness your studio looks just like mine. I love it. Thanks so much for letting us all have a peek! It's awesome Anne. These tags are genius! I love them. Thanks so much for being so candid about your up bringing. There are people, I believe, that God sends into your life for support and wisdom and laughter. You are all three for me. Your comment warmed my heart. Thanks so much Anne. You are the best!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Vanessa!

You need to come visit the studio along with everyone else and root around! I might unearth everything that is LOST!!!! LOL!!!
I think sometimes people are meant to meet---even through blogs. Was discussing this with a friend yesterday. We are blessed by friendships we would not otherwise have known.
And ditto on the depression issues---not going back there. Noooooo, no NO!
Art is a balm for the soul!
So *Balm me, Seymour, Balm me!" LOL!


*Ulrike* said...

I love the color on the tags, it has that worn loved look! Your room looks better than mine that's for sure. We have had 6+ inches of snow here with hubby being out from work for the past few days so I don't get a lot done. Oh well, time to finish reading and commenting some more!
Take Care,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Ulrike, the studio is better than it was, but it still needs a front loader run through! I am trying to clean just a BIT each day. Or organize for a few minutes.
Actually, I need to throw a whole lot away and just forget about it!
We've been hit hard with snow here--two rounds out there today and frozen and dead tired.
I wonder if DH knows how to cook???
Hmmmmmm....maybe I'm not up to that experiment! LOL!!!


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