Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Distracted, Delayed, deMenged! -or- Where The Sketching Posts Went

Yesterday's winter storm in progress....cold....snow....more snow.

I should know my world in January in Indiana well enough to know that trying to do one thing is impossible. I mean, just one thing. Like sketch. Or get a blog post up in a timely manner. I took all the photos of my old *thumbnail/scratchy* sketchbook and shoved them into the computer. This morning I got them into groups so that this post would not roll on forever.
A little background; I started this sketchbook probably 15 years ago. There are some sketches that turned into fiber art. I have no idea if I have photo reference of those pieces. Well....SOMEWHERE.....but I don't know where. So off we go!

I still favor the size of this book for rough sketches; it is a mere 3 1/2" x 4 3/4" and is perfect.
No's tiny. If you screw up, it's just a little bit of paper. I always have used a Sharpie for work like this, though I go back in with ballpoint or pencil for fine notes. The ink runs too much for me to read later.
You can see the odd assortment of things sketched~~some with a visual guide like the Ampeg  sticker (no, I never got an Ampeg amp....that sticker was as close as I got to one of those *to-lust-after* bass beauties....) and some things I just scribbled. The last photo is significant because those sketches turned into art quilts and were the start of my shrine series that did so well. I never did sketches once the series was started; it was enough to get the general idea down and run with it. One fed the next.
Other oddities; leaves from my Japanese Maple under a piece of contact paper, pictures from quilt catalogs glued over the bleed-thru, and my original *Anne-tangles*. For those of you who might not have believed I was surprised when these became all the rage.....this is why. Been there, tangled that.
Anyway, the CURRENT sketching project had a slight delay due to a SNOWSTORM that decided to deposit itself in our State, thus, quality time with the John Deere (waaaaay too much) and the beginning of my Michael deMeng class which I highly recommend to everyone with a desire to learn new art technique and for those with a sense of humor because the man is a riot!
First, I will show that I actually got the gesso on the previous tag....whoooo-hooooo!!!!! (insert sarcasm)

And then the books everyone needs, whether you're taking Michael's class or not because they are delightful and fun reading, plus amazing artwork.....

Somehow I don't think he would mind that I had a little fun with the photo....
Okay, there is no odd thing in my hand photo today because yesterday That plow was the odd thing in my hand all day, and I am doing good to type this morning.
But I do have e-mail Spam humor. As I live and breathe, this was the header:

Jamaica Awaits Me!

And I it.
Not happening......I can barely get to the mailbox.
And now it's off to studio land, to try and accomplish something while I sit and look out at the gloom and grey of the continuing snowfall.
No more plowing.
Jamaica awaits me, ya know!



Silke said...

Oh, I love your sketch books! So much fun to look at all those creations at once... And are you liking your class? And I hope you are not snowed in anymore... We are still freezing here! Love, Silke

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Silke,

Yes, I do like the class. Of course, I want to try everything all at once and (my usual state of existence) don't have the time so it's watch, pick and choose.
It was kinda fun looking at the sketches side be side---there were more in the book but I just grabbed this and that.
And yes, the snow is still here, and COLD. UGH.
Jamaica awaits me......LOL!!!


audrey said...

Hi Anne.
I love your sketchbook - it is great that you started that so long ago and still have it. I didn't start one until '08 and it still isn't full. hahaha
Once I get to Jamaica (didn't know I was going too, did you?) I'll find the TIME I've been searching for. hahahaha
LOVING Michael's class. Didn't get to delve into the videos until 11:00 pm. Eager to do stuff!!!!
I will think warm thoughts for you and send them through the airwaves.
♥♥ audrey

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Why do I feel like we're in one of those old *Road To....* movies???
♪ ♫ We're off on the road to Jamaica...♫ ♪
LOL! Well, glad I'll be meeting up with someone I know there! :D
I had a ball watching the videos, though the choke and gag out here in podunk. And I love his studio---why did I clean???
I am planning on some art today....


Ima Weed said...

Marvelous!! Just what is expected from you. Like it too, that these are small sketch books.

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

I like---really, really LIKE---small sketchbooks. These are still available, but sometimes hard to find. They usually have a generous amount of pages (80-100) and are big enough to record and small enough to not get carried away.
A win-win no matter what you use them for!


Georgina said...

Your sketch pad is amazing...puts mine to shame and I had to pay college tuition to get mine started!! LOL Sorry to hear about the "great white" at your door, but just remember how miserable you were during the summer!! Anyway, you have DeMeng to take your mind off all that is happening outside and your great talent and sense of humour!!

Well, it's Miss Daisy Day and I don't know what she has in store for me...turns out my 90 year old uncle has Alzheimers...yea, ya think and is causing a ruckus at the house by disrobing in front of the help!! My mother is bummed....he's the last of her siblings, so maybe will have to take her across town to visit my "nekked" uncle!!

Love ya,

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

OMG!!!!! Georgina, I am unabashedly LMFAO here!!! And I shouldn't but my gosh---that is hilarious the way you wrote it!
I have to admit my sketchbooks from H.S. were awful---I think it is the bull headed Anne that revolts against HAVING to do something versus WANTING to do something. I am so stubborn.
You absolutely MUST sign up for one of Michael's classes online sometime---you would roar and I know you would love the process.
Okay, off to Anne-Land to see what has exploded, decayed, fallen apart or in need of immediate attention.
Besides me. ;-)


dosfishes said...

Love the thought of that tiny little sketchbook and your organic works. Snowing, plowing(kawasaki mule and truck), lots and lots of shoveling, ugh. Mr. Michael is indeed a riot. I have had the pleasure of two classes with him and he is just a genuine nice guy not to mention uber talented fellow. Uuuuge on! xox Corrine

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

LOL Corrine!!!

You can tell from his videos that there is zip in ego and FUN out the yaya! I think the video of the studio was proof of that~~heehee!
I'm going to try and get a couple more substrates done to dry today, well, weather permitting. Maybe I'll get out my hard bonnet hairdryer; I've used it more than once for art!
Uszhhhhhhhhing away!!!
(and snow really is getting to the *suck* point...)


Deborah said...

I LOVE that photo of the snow! Did you add the scratchy affect along with the border? Beautiful. Haunting. OMGoodness, your sketch book!!! I cannot even draw a button. True story: In Jr. High I had a mandatory art class and was very upset, as my brother was the artist, not me, and to be graded on a talent I did not possess seemed entirely unfair and would bring my perfect GPA down, so I had a boy named George Falcon do my assignments for me!!! Thank you George for saving my GPA!!! Hence, my fascination and obsession with artists! **happy smiles** Deb

Ces said...

My favorites are the colored pieces and the liquidambar styriciflua specimen. As for your comment on my blog, I totally agree. Hmn, not just large canvases, but a room or a bed displayed complete with stained underwear or a photograph of a man urinating on a crucifix, and to boot, our tax dollars supporting these types of so called art display! I have in my possession a thimble-sized matrjoschka that cradles in its nest a very tiny Russian cossack. I consider it a work of art. Quality, people will argue, is in the eyes of the beholder. What you consider "quality" may be alien to another. I still think there is an unspoken, unwritten standard, but that too, is relative. Take more snow pictures, please!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Deb,

Yes, I have Photoscape which has some cool *vintage photo* actions; it just seems so appropriate for the cold blah day....
I always felt sorry for kids that were forced to take art that tried and just were not artists. It seemed grossly unfair to grade them; I always felt unless you were taking as an elective an advanced class, it should be pass/fail. You show up and work? Pass. You skip the class all the time or cause trouble? Fail.
And yes, Thank you George! LOL!!!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Ces!
I am NOT going out in the snow!!! I had enough yesterday! LOL!!
I have come to really dislike this current hyper-realism that seems to be sweeping the art magazines (and professional publications too). I mean, I have a camera for that. One artist looking like another. I can't tell them apart. Where is the artists mark? No soul.
Ultimately, it is an issue of galleries deciding what is *art*---what they can push and sell. NEA funding has been cut so much, I am sure there are more exhibits where you are that receive it, but in the hinterlands, we see little. I'd rather have my taxes go to bad art than war..... ;-)


Diana Evans said...

oh you sketches are fabulous Anne!!! and I love the snow storm photo...we just had an awesome storm lastnight and everything is white and bright today!!!!

Happy Creating!!!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Thanks Diana!

I've been tinkering with the tag drawing...I think I am still too tired from yesterday.
The snow must have become more wet overnight as the trees are *iced* with it---looks like cake icing, very pretty!
Everything is white here too, just the tall dry grasses peeking out. :-)


studio lolo said...

"been there, tangled that!" I love that line! I can't believe there's a website that charges people money to learn to doodle!

I have a friend who has sketchbook after sketchbook of some of the most amazing ones, and when I pointed her to the direction of the zentangle site she said "Oh, there's a name for what I've been doing forever? I thought I was just doodling." Oy.

We're snowed in completely! But my dear hubby shoveled me out so I could buy wine! Now that's love. Or enabling, but I'm not going there ;)

I love your sketches but wish I could have "embiggened" them more! The chestnut is awesome and the jack-in-the-pulpit made me smile.

It's all good Anne!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Lolo,

Sorry on the photo size--the program I did them in defaulted to that size; I was not paying a whole lot of attention this morning as I shoved the photos into the little boxes and saved! (too early, not enough coffee!!!)
Yes, it is interesting how someone took the concept of doodling and now is making money off it, but then, this is America and....okay....I'm not going there. Some of the junk for sale....*sigh* Remember "Alien In A Can"??? LOL!
As per your hubby~~TRUE LUV!!! ;D

Anne...who doesn't even want to walk to the end of the drive to check the mail....Brrrrrrr!

Robbie said...

Enjoyed the 'look back' at your work. Now just make sure you look 'forward' to get the mail. So far, no snow here in Florida! But that could change! We had snow last year!!

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hey Robbie!

I hope you DON'T get snow! I finally waddled down the drive after I was sure it had run.....2 pieces of junk. *sigh* LOL!!!
Managed a little art time today, plus have warm sugar cookies iced and waiting for hubby.....


Bella Sinclair said...

Ooh! Terrific sketchbook! I'm loving all the ink and the intricate details! I love empty books and journals, but I can never bring myself to draw in them. Just dreaming about drawing in them is enough to sustain me.

The gesso on the tag is making me excited to see more!

Sophia said...

It's been quite the winter here as well, lovely Anne, including several days in a row of very frigid temps threatening to freeze pipes, etc. Oy!

I love your sketchbook. I feel honoured to get to view it!! :) How inspiring! And I never thought to use a sharpie marker. I will have to try it and get busy finishing at least ONE of my stacks of sketchbooks. Hee :D

Love you!

Mary Helen-Art Saves Lives said...

What an incredible gift to return to this small treasure of sketches....we must never throw things away...we always need them later. The calm blue waters of warmth....wouldn't it be lovely! Imagine and live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Bella!

I have a *ahem* collection of books that I enjoy for their blank pages...LOL!!! Then I have the ones I use. Oddly enough, a lot of sketching and planning is in lined notebooks---I should post those sometime. I guess I just LIKE PAPER! :D
The gessoed tag got work yesterday and will be in the next post; it has taken a few unexpected turns, but I am letting it decide it's own life. I do like it.
Fly by again!


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Sophia!

I started using a Sharpie because it limited how *anal* I could get in work sketchbooks. And then I just got used to it, mistakes and all. It was okay. It is a good way to get past trying to make everything perfect. (old age is too--hahahahaha!)
Find one of these tiny sketch books, or if you can't pop me an e-mail with your addy and I think I have a spare tucked away. I love them.
And yes it is too cold here.
Jamaica awaits me.
It awaits YOU TOO!!!! ;-D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Mary-Helen!

Hope you are feeling better!
I am lucky to still have this sketchbook; someday I will have to do a post on the body of my sketching work and where it resides now......
I hear that water lapping the sand! I'll wear a grass skirt if you will!!! :-D


Amalia K said... have so many cool stuff in your sketchbook! Never really liked the blasted things, so don't have one meself. I guess I doodle on just about anything. Tissue, cereal boxes, memo pads, even on my girl's book cover once! Well, she had a go at me, which is probably why I should have one? Heheh.

Anyway, your tag looks curiously vundervul! And the book? Secrets of Rusty Things...hhm, my head is imagining things. Ones that are probably not in the book! :D :D


Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Amalia!

I have a hard time keeping them...I go by spells and then do as you do, grab whatever is available (which I promptly LOSE!).
I am going to try and dig up some of the *other* things I use...the ones that really need deciphering by the time I get back to them....hahaha!
Rusty Things has a wealth of hilarious secrets! Besides cool art! (he's a heck of a writer---most humorous)
I'm back at the tag today---it is pleasing me. Which is nice! ;D


Cathy Bueti said...

Anne I love your photo. . . especially the aged look it has to it! Very cool!

Your sketchbook looks great! :)

Anne Huskey-Lockard said...

Hi Cathy!

Download Photoscape; it is free, is an easy photo program with some cool filters. Not tons, but has a great range for little stuff like the vintage look. If you want a quick border, etc, there are lots.
I enjoy it because it is quick to use in relation to the other programs I have.
I so need to sketch today and doubt anything artsy will be happening...groceries, house, etc.


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